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US Gaslights the West — Ukraine's History

by Nayvin Gordon

Gas lighting—social powers of domination insist on their own reality, utilizing denial, distortion, and disorientation along with attacks on the victim’s credibility while preventing any counter-narrative.

1990— U.S. and Germany promised Russia not to expand NATO one inch eastward in 1990, in exchange for the unification of Germany, documented in the U.S. National Archive.

1991—under secretary of defense for policy, Paul Wolfowitz stated, “Our policy… must now refocus on precluding the emergence of any potential future global competitor.”

1997---National security advisor Zbigniew BRZEZINSKI articulated U.S. imperial strategy for global dominance, to make the U.S. “the world’s paramount power”.

1999—Gaslighter/dominator: History with Russia is distorted or denied, and NATO begins twenty-year expansion, doubling its size and massively increasing arms to member states while placing offensive missiles close to Russia’s border.

Alternative narrative: Russia is the victim of broken agreements and military aggression NATO is an aggressive military alliance threatening Russia’s security while carrying out a brutal twenty-year war in Afghanistan.

2014— Coup occurs in Ukraine.

Gaslighter/dominator: Protesters and demonstrators engage in street demonstrations against the government’s refusal to make a trade deal with the European Union. They accuse the government of corruption, abuse of power, and the influence of oligarchs.

Alternative Narrative: U.S. government spent billions to organize against a democratically elected Ukrainian government, by supporting Ultra nationalists and neo-fascist groups like Svoboda and the Right sector. These groups denounced the “Russian scum” and the “Muscovite Jewish mafia”, attacked unarmed security guards, and fired sniper shots into the crowds. They then threw firebombs as they took the Kyiv Parliament building by force and hung American Confederate flags and KKK symbols from the building. This Violent seizure of power led to demonstrations and the takeover of buildings by mostly Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine who were immediately labeled as terrorists by the Kyiv regime.

This was followed by a march in Odessa of extreme nationalists and neo-Nazis chanting, “out with the Jews”, then they set fire to a trade union building killing and burning some 50 people. The Russian language was then stripped of its status as a regional language and removed from all passports by the Kyiv regime.

2015---Minsk agreement by France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine--—eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk were to be given the right to self-government.

2016---US begins pouring arms and intelligence into Ukraine as the Ukrainian army carries out a war against the east of Ukraine killing more than 17,000 over the next 8 years.

2018---Stephan Bandera’s birthday is declared a Ukrainian national holiday. Bandera is known as an extreme Ukrainian nationalist and Nazi collaborator who killed thousands of Jews and Poles including women and children during World War Two

2/2022--- Ukraine declares martial law

Gaslighter/dominator: U.S./NATO-backed Ukraine sent an army into eastern Ukraine where 130,000 Ukrainian troops were besieging and firing on eastern regions of Luhansk and Donestk—tearing up the Minsk Agreement.

Alternative narrative: Russia is the victim.
The RAND report of 2019 proves the US had spent years provoking war with Russia, and that Russia was not a threat but was provoked by US/NATO. (“Extending Russia -- Competing From Advantageous Ground.”)

3/2022-- Russia invasion.

Gaslighter/dominator: Russia launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine, and seeks to attack Europe.

Alternative narrative: Russia is protecting the Russian-speaking people of eastern Ukraine from genocidal ethnic cleansing, thus launching a defensive military action into Eastern Ukraine.

War Crimes---

Gaslighter/dominator: Russia must be held accountable for indiscriminate atrocities and war crimes.

Alternative narrative: War crimes are denied as unsubstantiated allegations. The U.S. is in no position to make accusations of war crimes due to U.S. refusal to sign the1954 Geneva Accords which defined war crimes and has also refused to recognize the International Criminal Court. The U.S. has for decades committed brutal wars of aggression and war crimes including torture in Iraq, Guantanamo prison, and Afghanistan.

Gaslighter/dominator: Ukraine and members of the U.S. Congress want Russia to be labeled a state sponsor of terrorism.

Alternative narrative: US/NATO/Ukraine is perpetuating terrorism by sponsoring an internet web page assassination hit list.

Nazis in Ukraine---

Gaslighter/dominator: The New York Times writes, “ Russia Media spreads false claims about Ukrainian Nazis”.

Alternative narrative: The neo-Nazi Azov battalion has been integrated into the Ukrainian army and has used civilians as human shields. The well-known World War Two Nazi collaborator Stephan Bandera is a national Ukrainian hero.

8/2022--- Ukraine’s Nuclear plant occupation by the Russian army

Gaslighter/dominator: The Russians are firing artillery shells at the nuclear plant that they themselves occupy to trigger a nuclear disaster.

9/2022---Explosions in Russian Nord Stream pipelines under the Baltic Sea, an act of economic terrorism.

Gaslighter/dominator: Immediately, and without any evidence, the corporate mass media carried news of Ukraine/NATO members who blamed Russia for destroying its own pipeline worth billions of dollars

Alternative narrative: President Biden said the pipeline would be destroyed if Russia invades Ukraine. “I promise you we will be able to do that.”(2/7/22) The most likely perpetrators of such violent acts of terrorism are the US/Ukraine and its allies. Russia says they are the victim.

Gaslighter/dominator: Antony Blinkin, Secretary of State, in response to Russia’s claim that they are the victim said, “This is like Alice in Wonderland, …white is black…truth is false.” “All their words are totally hollow”.

9/2922---Referendum—Russia holds a pacific in predominantly Russian-speaking Eastern Ukraine.

Gaslighter/dominator: U.S. states that the referendum in eastern Ukraine to join Russia is a sham and against international law.

Alternative narrative: The right to self-determination is an acknowledged part of international law.

9/30/22 --- Gaslighter/dominator: The U.S. clarifies that it is in control of the Ukrainian army and will continue to pour Billions worth of arms into Ukraine as it continues its stated goal of economic and military war to weaken Russia, a nuclear power, and drive it out of Ukraine and Crimea. President Biden stated that we choose liberty and stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes.

Alternative narrative: In the desperate and dangerous attempt to control the resources of Ukraine and dominate the world, U.S. bankers, billionaires, and Wall Street will continue the slaughter in Ukraine, risk nuclear war and the lives of billions of people rather than negotiate a truce. U.S. National security advisor said, “any use of nuclear weapons will be met with catastrophic consequences.”


Flashpoint in Ukraine, 2014, edited by Stephen Lendman,

Monthly Review, April 2022, notes from the editors.

Understanding Gaslighting, Scientific American, October 2022


10/5/22 Nayvin Gordon, gordonnayvin [at]

Gordon writes about health and politics. His articles have appeared in: The Mercury News, Counterpunch, and Z magazine, Countercurrents, Scoop Independent News, Anderson Valley Advertiser, Socialist Viewpoint, Multiracial Unity Blog, Scientific American, The Oakland Tribune, The Journal of Family Practice, American Family Physician and Dissident Voice.
by huh
"NATO is an aggressive military alliance threatening Russia’s security"

NATO has never attacked Russia, never taken an inch of Russian territory, never even threatened to do so. That's just a ruse to rationalize Russian aggression in Ukraine. "They looked at me mean, so I invaded a sovereign county." Get real.

As for Russia protecting ethnic Russians in Ukraine, that's utter bullshit. Russia bombed the hell out of cities in the east and forced hundreds of thousands to migrate to Russia. Do you really think 90+% of those in the occupied territories voted to become Russian satellites? Can you honestly say that those votes had the slightest bit of integrity? Do you truly believe that Putin is a liberator of anyone?

One thing you forgot to mention in your history lesson is that when Ukraine gave up its nukes after the fall of the USSR, the West promised to defend it from any possible future Russian aggression. Sure enough, they gave up their nukes and Russia came for their territory.

Is NATO perfect? No, far from it. Is Russia perfect? Absolutely not.

So tired of reading these tankie takes where because one power center supposedly did something bad, it automatically means everything another power center did is good or justified. It's embarrassingly oversimplistic. Did you ever consider that there's no such thing as a "good" superpower?
by Retired Union Worker
Ukraine and Russia are two capitalist nations fighting who controls the land they are fighting over. Workers in both countries are under the heels of reactionary leaders who have no interest in protecting or advancing the workers interests. As Lenin so famously said during the 1st World War the duty of all class-conscious workers was to turn the guns around "The many enemy is at home!"
The U.S. & NATO have brokered the war and Russia took the bait.

Now the workers of the west are paying through the nose to fuel this war with energy price gouging and rampant inflation. This is one worker who will not lick the ass of some capitalist pig to get a pat on the head, at best.
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