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John Scott Yarn Lane and Sewing Street - Nazi Connections?
by Anon
A sadistic Nazi police informer has used the staff at Yarn Lane / Sewing Street attack an anti-racist whistleblower.
John Scott Yarn Lane and Sewing Street - Nazi Connections?

A Yarn Lane and Sewing Street employee, made an misogynistic 'joke' about my wife. This obscene comment concerned a particular sexual practice and suggested she would get carpet burns on her knees. Yarn Lane and Sewing Street have a mainly female client base, so it is particularly of concern that this vile little man should have a place on the Yarn Lane / Sewing Street sales team.

Various members in the production suite are involved in this campaign of cruelty and ridicule, targeted at an innocent middle-aged woman. These gullible idiots are not at present aware of the fact that they are being exploited by a particularly cowardly Nazi, called David Wulstan Myatt.

Myatt controls a group criminals called 'Combat18' (or latterly 'The National Socialist Movement [NSM]). 'Combat18' is a collection of agent provocateurs and police informers, employed by MI5 and The Metropolitan Police.

Combat18's [NSM] most serious publicised crime, is the murder of Andrea Dykes and her unborn child. Combat18 [NSM] published a nail bomb construction manual, then recruited the gullible David Copeland, to plant the bombs and take the blame.

I suspect most people's understanding of agent provocateurs' activities, is that they are used to infiltrate and destroy various illegal political groups. Unfortunately, with certain amoral sections of the security services controlling 'Combat18' [NSM], it is somewhat of a free-for-all. 'Combat18' murders people, they attack disabled women and they smear innocent people behind their backs. These inadequates have the complete support of the police, which is why certain employees of Yarn Lane and Sewing Street were willing to cooperate with and take part in what amounts to, organised bullying and defamation.

When I first came across Combat18 [NSM] they were carrying out frequent attacks on a disabled woman, at that time living in Coventry. She had a black African boyfriend, which appeared to enrage the thoroughly deranged David Myatt. Her windows were smashed, her car destroyed and she was smeared in her local community as a prostitute. The police did nothing. Eventually the woman was driven from her home and is now living in hiding. Combat18 has a history of violent attacks on innocent people as can be seen from this extract which also mentions one of Myatt's underlings, Steve Sargeant:

"The local Combat18 “cell” subjected an Asian family to several months of attacks and racial harassment. A boulder was thrown through the family’s front door, graffiti was sprayed on the outside of their house, wheel nuts were loosened, and a corrosive liquid was thrown into the wife’s face. When asked about this incident, Steve Sargent was coy but eventually said with a guttural laugh: “I only heard that the family dog was thrown through the front window - dead.”

Murder is also within Combat18's remit:

"Together with his close friend Martin Cross, [Charlie] Sargent had lured Christopher ‘Catford Chris’ Castle, aged 28, to a mobile home in Harlow, Essex, on 10 February last year. There, Castle was ambushed and stabbed in the back. Acting as a go-between for two rival C18 factions, he had come to exchange Sargent’s plastering tools for membership lists and £1,000 in cash.

The pathologist Dr Michael Heath noted how the 22cm wound which penetrated Castle’s lungs and heart was caused by a 20cm knife. This required “severe force”. The court heard that immediately after the attack, Cross had referred to Castle as “a casualty of war”.

It is rumoured that, despite the life sentence handed down to him, Charlie Sergeant never went to prison and was smuggled out to Spain by the security services, where he is now living at the tax payers expense.

The usual response from people who get their world view from the BBC the Daily Mail and the Guardian newspaper is, 'conspiracy theorist'. However, the people who run our country are becoming far less coy about their contempt for our legal system and the innocent people they so horribly traduce. Hillsborough; bereaved families lied to for over 20 years. John Charles de Menzes; shot in cold blood by the Met then smeared by the tabloids. And perhaps most starkly of all, unarmed civilians being gleefully murdered by U.S. servicemen from the safety of their helicopter. No arrests of the murderers, but the man who exposed these monsters (Julian Assange) is, as I write, dying in Belmarsh prison.

Even the bullies at Yarn Lane and Sewing Street should now acknowledge that a monstrous enterprise like Combat18 might actually exist and that by assisting these Nazis, Yarn Lane and Sewing Street are engaging in a criminal enterprise.

When I first discovered existence of Combat18 and their activities, I wrote to my M.P. in the hope of getting the Government to review the use of agent provocateurs. That is when my troubles really started. The local police began harassing me, frequently attempting to use entrapment and false allegations to criminalise me. As with the Coventry woman, the police refused to investigate the frequent crimes carried out against my wife and I.

The following extract from MI5 victim, Philip Kerr, shows the petty minded vindictiveness of our supposedly 'heroic' security services.

"organising countless incidents in my everyday life, more-or-less right up to the present day, which incidents continually remind me that my privacy is still being invaded, and which sometimes taunt me in other ways."

This epitomizes the culture of MI5. Mr. Kerr refused to become a spy for MI5, so he will be harassed for the rest of his life.

In my own case, the penalty for common decency is pretty much the same. I found the needless murder of Andrea Dykes and her unborn child utterly repugnant. I felt this because I am a normal human being. Yet MI5 and the police are punishing my wife and I for even trying to discuss their ghastly activities in public. Philip Kerr again:

"I believe that MI5’s motive for harassing me was, in the past, to coerce me into behaving as they wanted me to behave at the time. They wanted me NOT to disclose what I had come to know about MI5’s activities...."


"I am continually subjected to privacy-invasive surveillance at home, in my car, in hotel rooms, and elsewhere. This isn’t COVERT surveillance, that is used discreetly. It is OVERT surveillance. I am intended to realise that this surveillance is still happening."

Finally, with particular relevance to the obscene activities of Yarn Lane and Sewing Street:

" maliciously intended to engage the victim’s attention, suggesting to the victim that the harasser’s purpose is to make the victim aware that the manifestation or display is intentional, conducted on the part of the perpetrator, and (most importantly!) informed by up-to-date information about the victim’s private life which the harasser could only have obtained by means of privacy-invasive surveillance of the victim."

The gutless behavior of Yarn Lane and Sewing Street employees highlight two important facts.

Firstly, most of these people feel they can make an informed descision about the guilt or innocence of a targeteted individual, without giving the victim any chance to defend themselves at all.

They fundamentally believe that the accused person should never be present when allegations are being made by their detractors and that whilst the accusers should retain complete anonymity, the victim's identity should be widely distributed to potential tormentors. In short, employees of Yarn Lane and Sewing Street don't believe in open justice available - at least in theory - via the British court system. They want open justice replaced by secret trials overseen by a police state and facilitated by ignorant, uninformed bullies.

Secondly, the victim blamers at Yarn Lane and Sewing Street must now face their own inner cowardice. Regardless of what they believe about my wife and I, they now know of the existance of David Wulstan Myatt and Combat18. Whatever we have been accused of in our absence, it cannot be worse than engineering the slaughter of a mother and her unborn child in a pitiless nail bomb attack.

The above two facts go to the very heart of the bully's pschye. Whatever my wife and I are alleged to have done is largely irrelevent to Yarn Lane and Sewing Street employees. What matters is my wifes vulnerability. The ease with which the poor specimins at Yarn Lane and Sewing Street, can humiliate an innocent woman with no consequences.

Yarn Lane and Sewing Street employees wont be writing any letters to their M.P.s about Combat18, or complaining to the police or the Home Office about Government sponsored terrorism. The reason is fairly basic and disgusting. Yarn Lane and Sewing Street employees don't have any sympathy in their hearts for victims like Andrea Dykes and the baby who never had a chance of life. They simply enjoy bullying.

For Yarn Lane and Sewing Street employees, the first steps in becoming truely human, will be to face these rather unpleasant facets of their own damaged personalities.
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