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SAVE HOWARD TERMINAL! Press Conference 6/30/22 375 Beale St. SF 8:30 AM
by Schools & Labor Against Privatization
SLAP is supporting the campaign to stop the San Francisco Bay Conservation Commission from voting for the approval of billionaire GAP A's owner stadium on Howard Terminal in the Port of Oakland There will be a press conference opposing this on Thursday June 30, 2022 at 375 Beale St. SF at 8:30 AM
On June 30, the Bay Conservation & Development Commission (BCDC) will vote on whether or not to amend the SF Bay and Seaport Plans by removing the port priority use designation from Howard Terminal. If this amendment passes, the A’s will be able to apply for a permit to construct the new ballpark and condos.
Some commissioners are bought out, including the chair Zack Wasserman, an attorney who represented the A’s until October 2021. But others can be swayed - their names are on the right. If we can get 10 commissioners to vote against removing the port priority designation, we can stop this privatization scheme that will destroy many union jobs and further gentrify the city.
What are BCDC and SPAC?
Dave Pine
San Mateo, Board of Supervisors (D1) (650) 368-3012 dpine [at]
Brad Wagenknecht
Napa County Supervisor, teacher
(707) 253-4828 brad.wagenknecht [at]
John Vasquez
Solano County Board of Supervisors (D4) (707) 784-6129 jmvasquez [at]
Eddie Ahn
Brightline Defense ED (415) 252-9700 eddie.ahn.bcdc [at]
Jesse Arreguin
City of Berkeley Mayor
(510) 981-7100 JArreguin [at]
John Gioia
Contra Costa County Supervisor (D1) (510) 231-8686 john.gioia [at]
Otto Lee
County of Santa Clara, Supervisor (D3) (408)-299-5030 otto.lee [at]
See talking points on back side.
Please contact the commissioners by phone and/or email and tell them why they should vote to keep the use designation of Howard Terminal. Also, tune in June 30 at 9am to give public comment before the vote:
The Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) is a California state commission dedicated to the protection, enhancement, and responsible use of the San Francisco Bay. It has 27 members representing port, regional and state stakeholders appointed by agencies throughout the Bay Area.
The Seaport Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC) considers amendments to the Seaport Plan and provides recommendations to BCDC based on technical expertise. Members include representatives from Bay Area ports and environmental and economic development interest groups.
The SPAC recommendation regarding Howard Terminal:
On March 16, 2022, the SPAC voted to retain the Port Priority Use designation for Howard Terminal - reinforcing that Howard Terminal is critical to the port’s maritime operations and the region’s projected demand for cargo growth. We join the SPAC in urging the full BCDC commissioner to protect this critical piece of land and to reject the A’s efforts to privative the Port of Oakland and displace thousands of maritime jobs.
Talking points from Community Members
The longshoremen, shipping, trucking, import/export, logistics, and ag company workers are all are sounding the alarm about the dangerous plan to replace Howard Terminal with a ballpark and luxury housing.
Conflict of interest in the BCDC:
Zack Wasserman, the chair of the BCDC, is also a partner at Wendel Rosen LLP, the law firm that represented the Oakland A’s until October 2021. For this reason Wasserman has recused himself from BCDC meetings regarding the Howard Terminal’s Port Priority Use Area (PPUA) designation three times including most recently in February 2022. Wasserman cannot be impartial in this process and so should recuse himself immediately from the vote.
Why Howard Terminal must remain open:
Howard Terminal is critical to the Port of Oakland and is used to keep thousands of idling trucks off neighborhood streets. Currently, the port has trucks spilling out into the surrounding streets and cargo containers piled high. This is a real crisis due to insufficient space, and it will become much worse if Howard Terminal is shut down to make way for a stadium and luxury housing.
We must retain Howard Terminal’s port priority use designation and reject any changes that pave the way for the land’s permanent removal as a critical hub for truckers, training, cargo containers, and logistics.
Even as well-paying industrial careers are disappearing throughout in the Bay Area, but are still flourishing at the Port of Oakland due to its important waterfront. The port is the region’s largest industrial base and thousands of working-class union jobs would be lost if they are displaced by the stadium and luxury housing development.
The SPAC has advised against the removal of Howard Terminal’s Port Priority Use Area (PPUA) status. This means that the SPAC is concerned that without Howard Terminal, there could one day be a need to use bay fill (dumping artificial filler that extends the coast) to meet cargo demands. But artificial bay fill is very bad for the environment.
We should be preserving as much port space as possible to allow for future growth – creating more well-paying union jobs at the port for Oakland residents. Increases in shipping demand are expected and this means Howard Terminal’s port activities would have to expand.
Howard Terminal is one of the only sites capable of expanding to support all three classifications of cargo: Container, Ro-Ro, Dry Bulk. BCDC staff has asked the Port of Oakland and the A’s to identify where these necessary supplementary services would go without Howard Terminal. The Port has not provided a response.
The ILWU Local 10 is one of the only majority-Black longshore unions and prides itself on providing opportunities for Black people (in particular Black women and other women of color) to earn good wages.
The Oakland A’s Environmental Impact Report for the proposed project fails to address significant environmental concerns around traffic, air quality, and toxic remediation at the proposed ballpark site at Howard Terminal.
The Oakland A’s ballpark project will commit nearly $1 billion in Oakland taxpayer money to private, for-profit development that benefits billionaire John Fisher and his wealthy associates. Meanwhile our public schools are being closed and we have thousands of people living on the streets.
Urge the BCDC to vote to keep Howard Terminal’s port priority use designation, so that the A’s billionaire boondoggle project can be stopped.
§Fisher's Stadium Will Destroy The Working Port Of Oakland
by Schools & Labor Against Privatization
Fisher's A stadium proposal will turn the maritime port into a private development project of million dollar luxury condos and hotels.
§John Fisher & His Mother Doris Fisher Control KIPP Charter School Chain
by Schools & Labor Against Privatization
Billionaires John Fisher and his mother Doris Fisher control the KIPP charter school chain and she is on the Boad of KIPP in San Francisco. They are suing the school district to take more rooms from the the public school Malcom X Academy in Hunters Point.
§Fisher's Land Property Lawyer Zachery Wasserman Is Chair Of the F
by Schools & Labor Against Privatization
Wasserman has recused himself 3 times before including February 2022. Yet now the FPCC is citing October 2021 as the last time Wasserman's firm Wendel Rosen was contracted with the A's and using this as a justification that there is no reason for him to recuse himself now because he no longer benefits financially from the A's. If this is the case then why did Wasserman elect to recuse himself in February 2022? What was the abundance of caution that applied then but not now?
§Mr. Conflict of Interest Zack Wasserman
by Schools & Labor Against Privatization
Although BCDC chair Wasserman has been representing the same developer billionaire John Fisher for years including on the negotiations on the Oakland Coliseum Wasserman has been allowed by the California Fair Political Practices Commission which itself is run by lobbyists and corporate shills appointed former governor Brown and Governor Gavin Newsom. Both of them have received funding and support from the Fisher family.
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