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Aliens Tried to Save Planet Loco (A parable)

by Nayvin Gordon (gordonnayvin [at]
Global Warming, the human-animal and aliens--a parable
Aliens Tried to Save Planet Loco (A parable)
Yes, aliens really did visit planet Loco. After monitoring the planet for years, they observed atmospheric toxic changes leading to planetary poisoning. Perhaps this was caused by a form of intelligent life. The aliens decided to pay a visit to Planet Loco. Members of the Milky Way Fellowship had been monitoring the Galaxy for the last one million years, helping intelligent life forms learn how to sustain life within planetary boundaries. If intelligent life existed on Planet Loco, the Fellowship wanted to know if this life form was aware of the dangerous road they were traveling and what if anything they were doing to reverse the poison rising on their planet. Ten years ago the Milky Way Fellowship arrived to study the planet, transported by entanglement higher order reality.
To avoid discovery, the aliens took on the outer appearance of Loco’s intelligent life and began their research. They learned that this particular life form had made use of subterranean rivers of a honey-like substance, which when brought to the surface gave off heat and energy. This was the power that drove their civilization. An unfortunate side effect was the release of a poisonous toxin into their atmosphere. Over time this toxin would cripple most existing forms of life on Planet Loco.
The aliens were glad to notice that Loco’s intelligent life was aware of the toxic danger to their existence and had come together on a planetary basis to solve the problem. Various remedies had been agreed upon, to be instituted over the next decade. Satisfied that Planet Loco had a plan to sustain life, the aliens returned to their interstellar travel with one last visit scheduled in ten years.
True to their word, the aliens of the Milky Way Fellowship returned to Planet Loco, to confirm that intelligent life was on a path to sustainability. Sadly, they were shocked to see that very little change had been made to reduce the poison building up in the atmosphere. In fact, the level of toxins was rising rapidly. All talk and no action for ten years! The aliens discussed what must be done.
Out of concern for their important life-saving work throughout the Milky Way, the aliens would not be able to return again to Planet Loco. This was their final chance to help Loco’s intelligent life avert the dangers that would befall them if they continued in their ways. Due to the urgency of the situation, the aliens decided to reveal themselves to Loco’s inhabitants, in the hope that they would make a serious, radical change to avert the catastrophe heading their way.
Concluding that Loco was in planetary crisis, the aliens interrupted all news communications with a planetary emergency announcement. They informed the audience of their mission and presented life forms from other planets that sent their greetings to Planet Loco and confirmed the life-saving advice offered by the Milky Way Fellowship. The alien communication ended with the following Galactic Wisdom necessary to sustain Loco’s rich biosphere:
Abandon the domination of fellow beings and the natural world to live in cooperative harmony.
Abandon endless growth and exploitation by nourishing ecological complexity and respecting planetary balance.
Abandon the paper and metal you call “money”, the transformer of life into the lifeless.
With those words, the aliens were gone.
Dr. Nayvin Gordon, gordonnayvin [at]
Dr. Gordon is a California Family Physician who writes about health and politics. His articles have appeared in: The Mercury News, Counterpunch, Z magazine, Countercurrents, Scoop Independent News, Anderson Valley Advertiser, Socialist Viewpoint, Multiracial Unity Blog, Scientific American, The Oakland Tribune, The Journal of Family Practice, and Dissident Voice.

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