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17 News Items Re Elon Musk
by Veritas
Elon Musk 's involvement in a coup to overthrow elected socialist
President Morales of Boliva, his 300 billion dollar fortune, his
takeover of Twitter, his discussed plans to monetize Twitter
charging for each Tweet etc.
Musk is to be commended for his vegetarian diet and his production of electric cars. He has his own account on Twitter.

Elon Musk got the US government to stage a coup in Bolivia, illegally removing elected Socialist president Morales. Then the government gave Musk all the 'white gold' lithium while US taxpayer were charged for the cost of the criminal action.
2 Musk controls 1/3 of all space satellites, violating US sovereignty over industries involving national safety.
3. Musk was investigated by the SEC for insider trading.
4. Musk objected that Twitter removed a platform from traitor Trump whose treason included plotting a coup in which martial law would be declared allowing him to stay in office.
5. He is being sued by the state of California. His subcontractor was
involved in alleged discrimination against blacks and women.
6. Musk is in bed with the Chinese which would give the Chinese access to American satellites. Musk's Asian Teslas are made in China.
7. Musk is the richest man in the world of those whose wealth is not
secret. He has captured over 300 billion dollars.
8. He is expected to re-enable Trumo's treason, violence, racism,
sexism, support of the trophy hunting carried on by the Safari Club and his own 2 serial killers of mammals. Trump charged the Secret Service
rent to follow him around on golf carts and work to protect him.
9. Musk's actions benefit Republicans, not Libertarians, Greens, Socialists or Democrats.
10. Muak ia unionbuster.
11. Musk was critiized by a man and responded by cancelling the man'sTesla order, indicating that free speech is a one way street as far as Musk is concerned.
12. No billionaire should have the power to buy elections because ofwealth.
13. Musk is expected to remove Twitter from public trading to cement further his control of the social platform which has censored far less than Zuckerberg's Facebook and Instagram.
14 Musk has plans to charge for tweets
15. That would reduce the membership, reduce the number of tweets and lessen Twitter's free speech power while adding to Musk's fortune of over
300 billion $.
16 Musk has apparently initiated 3 new kinds of censorship on Twitter the first is a 'retry' (to tweet) button which never results in a tweet.
The second is constant requirement to log in when before one could stay logged in all day. In addition the password doesn't work and one must go through the time consuming task of creating a new one..
17. Obviously if Musk charges for each tweet, that is not free
speech. Free speech is a one way street for Musk
18 Musk was apparently involved in arranging for the ACLU writer
of a piece on battered women to interview Amber Heard, perhaps as
a quid pro quo for his $500,000 contribution to the ACLU. The piece was carried in the Washington Post. Neither the writer nor the POST
did any factchecking. It became apparent in the subsequent defamation trial that Amber Heard lied repeatedly, a case of projection since she
was charged with violence for punching her wife in a 1st marriage in the face. Depp has never been charged and says he has never hit a woman in his life, something verified by 2 previous relationship women.
Elon Musk Confesses to Lithium Coup in Bolivia | News ...

Seen on Twitter: if Elon Musk were to be involved in scandal, it
would be Elongate.
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