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Drug Use- Addictive & Deadly

by Zakayya Nichols
Drugs are being misused everyday by people of age and people underage. They continue to use these drugs not for the initial purpose of the drug but to get that good feeling or "booze." This is with over the counter drugs, prescription drugs and street drugs. The drugs that they consume may have some overall effects and become addicting or even deadly. There is damage being done to their brain and body.
The purpose for drug use, of any substance, is to cure those who have been prescribed, or referred to, diagnosed with diseases, disorders, etc, by a doctor. Drugs that are pain killers, “numbing”, make you sleep/calm down or make you stay awake. Although there are substances out there that may become addictive and deadly there initial purpose was not for them to be misused. Repeated use of drugs can lead to dependency and one can become addicted. So addicted they don’t know the damage that the drugs are having on their body.

Over the counter drugs are non prescription drugs. Medicine that you can buy without a prescription. Over the counter drugs are often seen out and available at almost any stores: gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores and pharmacies. With proper usage of over the counter drugs things can go well. On the other hand we often see small writings saying,”ask your doctor if ____ is right for you. It may cause cancers, irritations, heart problems, etc.” Which is another reason why consulting with a doctor would be important because mixing different drugs or taking them at the same time can have a bad effect on you. It could be deadly or stop another medication from properly working as it should.

Prescription drugs aren’t usually one to worry about since one goes through evaluation and appointments, with a doctor, to be prescribed a prescription. The medicine prescribed is intended to be a solution for one's mental, physical or emotional health. Though there are cases where one may become addicted to the drug they are prescribed because of the effect of the drug and the feeling they get from it. There are also cases where patients who are prescribed strong medicine will prolong and fake their pain just to get prescribed more drugs. But… not that they do this for themselves but to sell these drugs illegally which is when it becomes a street drug.

Drugs become street drugs when they are being sold to one under age, illegally sold, meaning they are not prescribed to the consumer, and hard core drugs that are not prescribed but they are floating around being sold. We find this with weed, nicotine/devices, cocaine, crack cocaine, fentanyl, alcohol, heroin, meth. Many people who are on the streets tend to have addictions to drugs like such and as we often see how they may appear that they aren’t aware of their surroundings, their thoughts or feelings. Those who are on street drugs are more likely to become addicted or even take the chance of overdosing which can result in death.

Too many people are misusing drugs and not realizing the damage that they put on their brain and bodies. Specific substances should not be used unless it is needed. Meaning that the doctor has prescribed it to cure something one is struggling with. Those who get addicted to these substances need to know that the amount of substance/drugs that they are consuming is more than what would be prescribed for a patient and leads to overdose which can result in death. Besides seeing less addicts in the streets if they stay off drugs and don’t overdo their “cure” there will be less drug related deaths.
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