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Bernal Litterati [sic]

Wednesday, April 27, 2022
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Event Type:
David Giesen
Location Details:
outside amphitheater, corner of Cortland and Moultrie
500 Cortland Avenue
San Francisco

San Francisco authors read from their work. That means you, too.
San Francisco located stories given preference.
Mic-less open-mic.

Loose-leaf authors
words in
the wind sha
of a library

There's a complementary/complimentary full-on meal after the open mic. Join us!

I've got an electric bi-i-eek
I've got an electric bi-eek
Sometimes I don't switch it on
It's still easy to ride;
I listen closely to the talk I cruise by
Most everyone has something
Somewhere they're going
Then I pass by the mortuary;
The nomads in tents face the statutory
Propane camp tanks feeding Fentanyl to the masses
Russian oil splattered roadkill debris;
I hit every red light when I ride this street
But still I only hear half that I meet
I'm still too fast for the others;
Listen now, sisters and brothers
I ride an electric bi-i-eek
I ride an electric bi-eek


There are murals around town painted by XXXXX YYYY,
The faces of public places,
Such as, for instance, the Bernal Branch library's eastern wall.

It strikes me, though, that in Women's History Month
Women muralists ought to get half the space, don't you think?
Every year we ought to put the vertical places up for auction
So that who does the talkin' isn't just who got there first.

Yeah, let the boys pay the girls not to put up stuff if
The boys want to keep that public view shed theirs.
I mean, if the girls like the stuff already there,
Don't bid for the space. Let it ride.

But humdinger, if Benioff wants to shout to the world
With that great big Omphallo thing, but some gal with a brush
And a can of paint has something to say,
I say, make him have to pay her not to splash her story in the air.
It's our sky, isn't it?
Well isn't it?

Passover, 2022 according to the Christian calendar

"The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone"
Really means the rest of it--the walls, roof, and plumbing are our business--
Except we were the first builders, you see.
We smacked MLK and non-violent resistance in the face
Upside the head
Ten ways to Sunday.
The foundation we've built features knives and grenades, and stones for throwing.

There's this video going 'round of Trump telling Zelensky (in 2019) to sit down with Putin and talk it out
Meant to illustrate how tone deaf Trump was to Putin's evil intentions to take the Holy Land with mass graves,
But the smug, smart narrative of us all seeing "the despair in Zelensky's face" is our shame in
Wedging the stone in place at the mouth of the sepulcher so the truth wouldn't get out.
It was Trump's obligation as our representative as a city on a hill
To invite Zelensky and Putin to an open forum on The Ellipse, cameras rolling, to work it on out
Through the human gift of language and consensus.

I suppose it's never too late to take
Non-violence down from the rood
To use as the cornerstone,
But the martyrs keep piling up
While we gape silently

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