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4 Animal Rights Stories

by SNS
Stories involving mass murder of kangaroos, animals skinned alive, the link between slaughterhouses in neighborhoods and the rise in violent crime,, Minnesota slaughterhouse paralyzing workers.
1. Mass Murder of Kangaroos

In 2021, Australia's New South Wales saw the murder of 417,000 kangaroos, prompted by the pressure of massive sheep ranch owners, pushed by the desire of Nike, Adidas and others to use the leather, and of certain restaurants and groceries in which the flesh of dead kangaroos was sold. A true kangaroo court would vote against these atrocities.
2. Skinned Alive

12% of animals in slaughterhouses are not stunned into unconsciosness by a metal bolt which slams them on the skull.

These even more unlucky victims are skinned alive.

3. Link Between Slaughterhouses And Crime

Commendations to the Toronto Star for a 2010 article
'Probing the link between slaughterhouses and violent crime'..
... but the title should read
'Probing the link between slaughterhouses and OTHER violent crime'..

In a previous century, butchers were not permitted on British juries. It was known that killing animals desensitized people to violence against humans. It has also been reported that the rate or spousal abuse is higher among military men who have killed in combat. Some blamed the antimalarial drug Lariam.

Sarah Barmak in the Toronto Star writes that
Socialist Upton Sinclair’s abattoir labourers got so desensitized to violence rates of murder, rape and brawls among them rose. She interviewed a University of Windsor criminology professor Amy Fitzgerald who reported that statistics show the link between slaughterhouses and brutal crime is empirical fact. Fitzgerald had analyzed data from the FBI's Uniform

Crime Report data base and other data between 1994 and 2002. Abbatoir owners blamed the immigrant workers they exploit with low wages. It is the work they are required to do which creates a situation in which the laborers are absorbing the terror, agony, and anger of of the animals they are murdering.

4. Hormel Factory In Austin Minnesota is Paralyzing Workers

Ted Genoways writes that 'Every hour, more than 1,300 severed pork heads go sliding along the belt. Workers slice off the ears, clip the snouts, chisel the cheek meat.They scoop out the eyes, carve out the tongue, and scrape the palate meat from the roofs of their mouths.' He writes that the brains are processed into a pink slurry and shipped to
a factory in Asis which adds it to a stirfry product.
Workers can be literally paralyzed from inhaling the blood mist in the room in which pigs' heads are processed.

They stand 8 hours a day, get carpal tunnel from the repetitive motion and the cold,ear problems from the deafening shrieks of animal screams all day long. They are often
kicked as terrorized animals fight for life.
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