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China did not "blink" on Blinken's threats before the Biden-Xi phone call
by DLi
Prior to the March 18 phone meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the US mainstream media(MSM) widely highlighted US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's sharply-worded "warning" to China on "consequences" if China did not commit to stop the alleged "military aid to Russia" on its Ukraine war. To any fair and balanced observer, this hypocritical "warning" before an important meetings between the leaders of the world's two largest political and economic countries, is a sure sign that the USA empire--desperate in its bumbling handling of the disastrous Ukraine war crisis--is trying to pin the blame on China, which had actually acted with a balanced and aptly nuanced policy, i.e., encouraging a negotiated end to the violence based on the legitimate concerns for security on all sides. In other words, China did not "blink," just because Uncle Sam is screaming threats at a supposed meeting of two equal powers.
The US media spin of the 2-hour meeting is exposed by the fact that Washington--vacillating for more than 4 hours after the meeting, refused to divulge the detailed contents of the talks, while China promptly and transparently released an official and detailed readout, reflecting that China has done a deliberate and careful work in managing relations with the US, according to Li Haidong, professor from the institute of International Relations of China Foreign Affairs University. In contrast, the US government tried to ramp up the US/NATO Imperial narrative of being a blameless victim of Russian aggression.

The bottom line is, the 21st-century world is no longer the same Uni-polar world where Uncle Sam reigns supreme and simply bosses other countries around. What right does the world's # war aggressor--the USA--have in lecturing others when it routinely bombs and invades other countries, without ever bothering to go thru UN approval? The world is becoming multi-polar, but war hawks in Washington are still stubbornly trying to be the self-appointed "World Policeman". What a joke!
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