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Pacifica Members Voted for the New Bylaws
by Akio Tanaka
Pacifica should accept the democratic vote of its members.
Pacifica Counsel Arthur Schwartz made the following disingenuous comments at the 2-8-22 Listener Forum:

“I am not a member of any faction. I am for Pacifica.”

“They [New Day Pacifica] are appealing to factional interest, and I think we have to tell these people that factional fight has to stop. Pacifica is moving forward, our new ED and our new general counsel have no interest in the fight of the past.”

“People should put pressure on Jan Goodman, who is really the force behind that lawsuit, and New Day to stop attacking Pacifica, and stop costing us money in that litigation.”

Arthur is being disingenuous in several ways

1. He has been a vocal opponent of New Day from the very beginning, and in repeated on-air statements and in other forums he misinformed both the PNB and members alike about the contents of the New Day Amendments, saying things like:

“[W]hat bothers me most about these [New Day] bylaws is that, for—whether it’s 1-1/2 months or 3 month I’m not sure—there would be four people running Pacifica, no Board. They could do whatever they want, ... And it somehow hits me in the gut that WBAI would be back off the air, if these four people just got to run it, without a Board, without representation from anybody else in the United States from any of the stations...a total dictatorship.”

What the new bylaws actually say is that the 5 Station Representative Directors will attend the first PNB meeting which “shall be between 10 and 15 days after the approval of the Bylaws”. Thus, there would never be a time -- let alone 1 ½ to 3 months - -when the new officers would serve alone. Mr. Schwartz's repeated comments were part of an ongoing false narrative that were used to sway people into voting against the bylaws.

Lastly, given the clear majority that voted for the new bylaws, Mr. Schwartz was and is not only a "member of a faction," but -- and perhaps most importantly -- a member of a minority faction.

2. As the Pacifica Counsel, he declined to accept the majority YES vote by members because of his disputed interpretation of California law, and then initiated the current lawsuit against New Day.

How Pacifica Claimed a Dubious Victory

Pacifica members voted for the New Day Bylaws by solid majority of 6820 to 5471.

Pacifica should stop using member donated funds to pursue their litigation.

Pacifica is a network of the members, by the members, and for the members.

Pacifica should accept the democratic vote of its members.

by Peace Witch
After 25+ years of being a paid member of KPFA, I am done with them. They have been the sponsors of many putin apologists over many programs since the illegal invasion of Ukraine. They are on the wrong side of this issue. And save your specious argument that putin is afraid of being next to a NATO nation. If he manages, Goddess forbid, to take over Ukraine, he will be next to a NATO nation-Poland. Next time KPFA needs money maybe they can ask putin for a donation.
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