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Research Dogs, War Dogs, Shelter Dogs, Eaten Dogs, Vegan Dogs Etc

by Dog Rights
many areas in which dogs need better protection
Why are so many dogs loved. They give their hearts forever in exchange for a few meals. They never criticize. They protect their human companions from perceived threats. They know their human's feelings. There are many instances of dogs grieving for years after the deaths of their humans. Some never leave the gravesite. Some die of a broken heart.

War Dogs
Dogs are forced into war to be mine sniffers, risk their lives as messengers during combat, again risk their lives as watchdogs subjected to the violence of those who want permanently to silence them. When the war is over, they are often left behind, often to be killed for food or convenience.

Police Dogs
Police as well as the military subject dogs to danger from gunshots
and other causes.

Dogs in Research
Dogs are tortured in thousands of research studies which have little relevance to humans. They are confined and virtually never have pain relievers. Tufts broke dog legs in research.
Johns Hopkins' Dr Blalock developed the Blalock Press which tested how many pounds of
pressure a dog's legs could take before breaking.
Drug companies gave them thalidomide. Beagles are the most abused of all dog species

Perhaps the very worst research was the primates and dogs shot into space, often alone, to circle in the void until death from hunger and thirst happened.

Shelter Dogs
Shelter dogs have been abandoned because a baby was coming, people were moving, neighbor complaints re barking, humans claiming poverty re dog food costs, dogs chewing furniture or late in being housebroken, problems with biting usually provoked, running away when discovering an escape route, or in some cases because of the death of the human companion. Juveniles and in some cases adults tortured dogs. Some have been chained at short length, given water and food only occasionally. Some had no dog house. Many dogs and cats die each summer in their fur coats as do birds in their feathered coats in 3 digit heat. Unspayed mothers and their puppies are often discarded. Some have been hit by cars and left unhelped. Some are so neglected with mange or other that when they walk they leave pawprints of blood. Seldom have any escaped research labs unless with the help of outraged humans. Some abandoned dogs have waited for days where dumped by cars, chasing each new car looking for reunion with those who left them. In cities like New York dogs can have as few as 2 days to be adopted before they are killed. There are fewer killing 'shelters' than there used to be. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites as well as thousands of humane societies and animal rights groups are involved in dog and other animal rescue. Some including a
senator supply research labs with dogs they have pretended to adopt as pets.

Dog Pounds
Some states still allow pound seizure, the claimed right of vivisecting drug company, vaccine company, hospital, corporate, university, and government vivisection labs to the seizure of unadopted dog pound animals for vivisection.

Many homeowners and commercial properties such as junk yards use dogs
as watchdogs. They are often chained. Their entire world is what 3 feet of chain can reach. They suffer from thirst. Despite their fur coats they are often subjected to 3 digit heat. Dogs are social animals. Watchdogs are isolated, lonely and bored.

Eaten Dogs
In some Asian countries dogs are kidnapped or raised for consumption and then eaten. This is no different ethically from the eating of cows, sheep, pigs, but because more dogs are loved, the end of the practice is a more popular cause. The S. Korean president has called for an end to dog slaughter.

Vegan Dogs
In the past before search engines began more decimation of link listing, there were millions of vegan dog site listings. Vegan dogs are smarter stronger gentler and live longer.
Cats too can be vegan if there is a taurine supplement.
Dogs love avocado. Some dogs love oranges. Howard Lyman sued twice by Amarillo cattlemen
(along with Oprah Winfrey who had him on her show) for allegedly libeling meat won twice in
the 5th Cicrcit courts. Besides the prevalence of unreported Mad Cow in the food supply, he had written that commercial dog food is entirely unregulated and can contain
roadkill. Others write that commercial dog food can contain the cadavers of euthanized shelter dogs and a host of other filthy foods.

Dog Racing
Greyhound dogs are still forced to race in some areas, a practice involving many cruelties.
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