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Prisoners of Temporary Lockdown or Prisoners of Permanent Covid19? OPEN LETTER TO THE NEW

by Nayvin Gordon
Dr. Nayvin Gordon a public healthcare doctor challenges the falsifications by the New York Times in covid and China.
Prisoners of Temporary Lockdown or Prisoners of Permanent Covid19? OPEN LETTER TO THE NEW YORK TIMES

In a response to the falsifications in the New York Times about Covid and Covid-Zero, Dr. Nayvin Gordon challenged their
acceptance of the Covid-19 pandemic as "something here to stay".
This was produced on January 7, 2022
Prisoners of temporary Lockdown or Prisoners of Permanent Covid-19?
Today’s New York Times, 1/7/22, has two front-page articles on Covid -19. Both include perpetuating bold-faced lies.
The article “China’s Latest Lockdown…,” states that China’s Zero-Covid strategy is “the last in the world”.
This is bold-faced lie #1. Zero- Covid, the strategy of viral elimination, is the present successful
strategy in CHINA, TAIWAN, and CUBA. The strategy relies on centuries of experience in Public
Health mandates plus new vaccines to stop viral transmission.
The second bold-faced lie is that China’s Zero Covid national strategy has “put the pursuit of
eliminating the outbreak above the well-being of citizens”. The aim of Zero Covid is precisely to
protect the health and well-being of all its’ citizens. If China had followed the U.S. and European deadly, unscientific policy of phony “herd immunity”, allowing the uncontrolled spread of a deadly virus, then China would have some 3 million deaths and millions more sick, hospitalized or disabled.

The second front-page article, “Ex-Aides Urge U.S. to Remake Covid Strategy.”
urges Biden to adopt a “new normal of living with the virus indefinitely, not wiping it out.” The article written by several medical experts begins with a political decision, not a scientific truth, thus a lie—“As the Omicron variant of SARS CoV-2 demonstrates, Covid-19 is here to stay.”…”
The goal for the “new normal” with Covid-19 does not include eradication or elimination, e.g., the Zero Covid strategy.”
While acknowledging the vast weaknesses of the vaccine-only strategy, the U.S. will not follow the science and success of China, Taiwan, and Cuba, but will allow Covid to circulate permanently, and leave everyone at permanent risk of disease and death, from a PREVENTABLE disease.
How far is this political decision to intentionally allow millions to be infected with a dangerous virus, from the intentional infection of Guatemalans with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases
in 1946, or the Tuskegee syphilis experiments on Black Americans, or intentionally infecting
concentration camp victims with Tuberculosis in World War Two?
Neither the politicians nor their faithful scientists will protect us from a preventable disease. Our Public Health infrastructure has been underfunded for decades and allowed to collapse. We
must protect ourselves. We must organize to save ourselves and our families by demanding
the protections we need at work, at school, at home and everywhere NOW.
Dr. Nayvin Gordon
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Angela Hart
gordonnayvin [at]
Production of Labor Video Project
§Capitalists Put Profits Over Life As Workers Die
by Nayvin Gordon
The US corporate media defend the right of the capitalists to drive workers to their deaths for profit. Teachers, healthcare workers and millions of others are being driven to work without proper PPE and mass protocal for testing. The Democrats and Republicans both put corporations above workers lives.
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