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Defend Argentina Political Activists Cesar Arakaki & Daniel Ruiz-Drop The Charges!

Thursday, December 02, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Event Type:
United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCL
Location Details:
San Francisco Federal Building
90 7th St.
San Francisco

12/2/21 SF & Global Actions & Rallies To Defend Argentina Political Activists Cesar Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz
Drop The Charges & End The Political Repression

Defend the lives of Argentinian political activists!

Two Argentinian socialist and human rights activists,Cesar Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz,have been framed in false accusations of intimidation,and rioting for being at a rally protesting against a neoliberal pension reform legislation by the neo colonial regime back by the U.S.A.,E.U. and the I.M.F.

They have been sentenced by a court in Buenos Aires to three years and a half imprisonment.They are free on appeal and they are in danger of imprisonment in the Argentinian dungeons where the could be tortured and possibly killed.

As part of global day of action in solidarity with them there will be an action in San Francisco on Thursday December 2, 2021 12:00 Noon at the SF Federal Building.

The US and the AFL-CIO through the AIFLD worked with the CIA to support the last military dictatorship in Argentina which led to the imprisonment, murder and deaths of trade unionists and political activists.

Thursday December 2, 2021 12:00 Noon
Rally At The US Federal Building
90 7th St.
San Francisco, CA

Endorsed by
United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCLP
For more information
‭(415) 748-0955‬

Additional Links & Information

Argentine Working Class Socialist Activists Daniel Ruíz and César Arakaki on Trial

Argentina: down with Macri's repression against left activists
Working Class Socialist Activists Daniel Ruíz and César Arakaki on Trial In Argentina…/

Absolución a César Arakaki y Daniel Ruiz // Plaza de Mayo

Two militants were sentenced for the protest against Macri’s pension reform in 2017 | It’s about Daniel Ruiz and César Arakaki

BREAKING NEWSJanet Local 21 days ago REPORT
Judge Javier Feliciano Ríos, head of the Federal Oral Criminal Court 3, handed down a sentence in the trial against César Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz, members of the PSTU and the PO, respectively, and sentenced them to sentences of three years and four months (Arakaki ) and three years of effective compliance (Ruiz) for considering them co-perpetrators of injuries on the occasion of aggression, public intimidation and aggravated attack against authority for having been committed with an armed hand and for the gathering of more than three people. “It was to be expected that they would condemn me to justify the 13 months in prison that I spent in Marcos Paz, and to give a message to the businessmen who are promoting the labor reform, because at that time we repudiated Macri’s reforms at the request of the IMF and in the In the current context of negotiations, it was necessary to condemn the protesters who left that day, it is legal security for the regime, “he told Page 12 Daniel Ruiz.

In November 2019, five of the protesters who participated in the massive repudiation of the pension reform promoted by the government of Mauricio Macri, which began with repression near Congress and even affected legislators, followed with a rain of stones for several hours against the police forces and the subsequent hunt for the uniformed men that left serious injuries and several people who lost an eye. “The ruling is preposterous, there is not a single piece of evidence in the entire file in relation to any wrongdoing, the only thing Daniel Ruiz did on December 18, 2017 was to demonstrate with thousands of people against a bill that they considered unjust, evidently this sentence is one more act of criminalization of an act of protest, unjustly condemned, “Martín Alderete, Ruiz’s lawyer, told this newspaper.

“They sentenced César Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz to effective prison terms. What did they prove? Nothing, because the complaint of the wounded policeman withdrew from the case a long time ago. What happened? The images are overwhelming, neither César nor Daniel are responsible. It is a political sentence, “said Vanina Biasi, of the PO and candidate for national deputy of the FIT-U.

Although he still does not have the grounds for the ruling, Alderete described the court’s conclusion as “striking and arbitrary, taking into account that the conduct adjudicated in relation to the assault on police personnel was not proven, the prosecution did not show that he had thrown stones. , demolished fences or broken the patrimony, nor that it has attacked any police “. The lawyer added that “the only evidence is a film of a few seconds where he is seen handling a pyrotechnic element, and with our expert we demonstrated that he was fired upwards 15 meters from the police officer and very far behind him, so so much it is not explained what the judge decided “. Alderete recalled that when that shot occurred the police were advancing and clearing the plaza with rubber bullets and tear gas. “Nor is it that his performance could even potentially have affected or affected the privacy of police personnel,” he said. On February 4, 2022, when the grounds are disseminated, the defense of the PSTU (Socialist Workers Party Unified) activist will announce the criticism of the ruling when they file an appeal.

Argentine Court: Ex-Ford Execs Guilty of Kidnapping, Torture During Dictatorship

Published 11 December 2018

The historic ruling is the first against executives of a multinational corporation for crimes against humanity. They will serve 10 and 12 years.

The Federal Court of San Marin ruled that ex-directors of the Ford multinational Pedro Müller and Hector Sibila were found guilty in connections with the kidnapping and torture of workers at the plant that the carmaker had in General Pacheco city during the last military dictatorship.

Argentina: Women Protest Ruling in Femicide Case

It is the first sentence against directors of a multinational corporation, not as accomplices, but as direct participants in crimes against humanity. They received penalties of 10 and 12 years in prison. A third man Santiago Riveros, of Argentine security agencies was sentenced to 15 years.

The case details collusion between the two businessmen and Argentina's state security forces during the country's military dictatorship (1976-1983), DW reports. According to the prosecution, the men are accused of conspiring against union workers at the Ford factory, providing names, ID numbers, photographs, and home addresses to military officials.

The information provided to Argentine forces resulted in the abduction of 24 employees and union members from the motor company's factory.

Jorge Constanzo, who was 25 years old at the time, was taken within the first few hours of a military coup. “I feel like I'm going back to life, we've waited a long time for this,” Constanzo told El Pais.

All the victims were allegedly subjected to hours of torture, electric shocks and interrogation at the factory's premises, prior to being taken to military prisons.

“They tortured us for more than 11 hours, we went there at 11:30 in the morning and we left at 11 p.m. We were continuously under torture,” said former union activist Carlos Propato, who recalled being kicked, beaten, tied with a wire and thrown in the trunk of a truck.

Despite the atrocities, the two Ford executives will serve their time in house arrest due to old age.

The Bloody Hands Of Ford Executives in Argentina and US

Argentina Convicts Ex-Ford Executives for Abuses During Dictatorship

Carlos Gareis, right, a former worker at Ford and a former political prisoner, held the hand of his daughter, Estela, center, after the verdict that sentenced two former executives at the plant to long prison sentences.
Juan Mabromata/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Carlos Gareis, right, a former worker at Ford and a former political prisoner, held the hand of his daughter, Estela, center, after the verdict that sentenced two former executives at the plant to long prison sentences.CreditCreditJuan Mabromata/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
By Daniel Politi
Dec. 11, 2018

BUENOS AIRES — A court in Argentina on Tuesday convicted two former Ford Motor executives and sentenced them to prison for helping the country’s military dictators kidnap and torture 24 workers during the 1970s.

The convictions were the first in which representatives of a multinational firm were found culpable in a human rights trial in Argentina.

Activists hailed the sentences as a major step toward making amends for the cooperation that several businesses provided to the brutal junta that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983. Union leaders were among the tens of thousands of people sent to clandestine detention centers where suspected dissidents were arbitrarily detained, tortured and often killed.

Relatives of the 24 victims in the Ford case burst into applause in the courtroom as a judge read the verdicts.
A three-judge panel sentenced Pedro Müller, 87, then a manufacturing director at a Ford factory in Buenos Aires province, to 10 years, and Héctor Francisco Sibilla, 92, then the security manager at the plant, to 12 years for assisting in the kidnapping and torture of their colleagues.
The two executives “allowed a detention center to be set up inside the premises of that factory, in the recreational area, so that the abductees could be interrogated,” according to court papers.

The court also sentenced Santiago Omar Riveros, a former head of the army’s fourth battalion, to 15 years in prison. All the sentences can be appealed.

“We were able to show during the trial that the company benefited economically during the period and how it used the repressive arm of the dictatorship to get rid of people that bothered them,” said Marcelo García Berro, the prosecutor.

Of the 24 workers whose cases are detailed in the case, 17 were detained in their workplace and 11 are alive today.
Pedro Müller, left, then a manufacturing director at a Ford factory in Buenos Aires province, was sentenced to 10 years, and Hector Francisco Sibilla, right, then the security manager at the plant, was given 12 years.
Juan Mabromata/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Pedro Müller, left, then a manufacturing director at a Ford factory in Buenos Aires province, was sentenced to 10 years, and Hector Francisco Sibilla, right, then the security manager at the plant, was given 12 years.CreditJuan Mabromata/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
“These weren’t people tied to the subversion or anything of the sort. They participated in the unions,” Mr. García Berro said.

Although the prosecution had requested sentences of 25 years, the victims’ lawyers said they were satisfied.

“The sentencing of two company executives leaves no doubt that Ford was directly involved in committing crimes against humanity against workers, and that is historic,” said Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, one of the lawyers.

Another one of the victims’ lawyers, Tomás Ojea Quintana, told Reuters that a lawsuit against the automaker may be filed in a federal court in the United States.

“It is clear that Ford Motor Company had control of the Argentinian subsidiary during the ’70s,” said Mr. Ojea Quintana. “Therefore, there is a direct responsibility of Ford Motor Company and that might give us the possibility to bring the case to the U.S. courts.”

Ford said in a statement the company was “aware of the verdict about the supposed participation of ex-employees of the firm in events related to human rights in the ’70s.” The company added that it “always had an open and collaborative attitude with judicial authorities supplying all the available information.”

Officials at Ford declined to comment further, noting that the sentences can still be appealed.

Argentina has done far more than its neighbors to punish former military officers and their accomplices for crimes committed during the dictatorships that became the norm in much of the region in that period.

As of September, Argentine courts had convicted 862 people among the more than 3,020 individuals charged for human rights abuses, according to the attorney general’s office. The vast majority of those convictions involved former military officers. Relatively few civilians who were complicit in grave abuses have been convicted.

Experts said Tuesday’s verdict marked a turning point because it made a clear link between the dictatorship and the persecution of union activists.

“This is the first time that Argentina convicts business executives for crimes against humanity relating to union activism,” said Victoria Basualdo, a historian who served as an expert witness in the case.

Many businesses saw the dictatorship “as the opportunity to resolve labor conflicts in a repressive manner and increase profits,” the Center for Legal and Social Studies, a human rights group in Argentina said in a statement. By giving material assistance to the dictatorship, “they became one more link in the structure of state terrorism.”

Mariano Ferreyra 10 years/ Long live your working class and socialist struggle Video

Mariano Ferreyra 10 años// Viva tu lucha obrera y socialista

This documentary, running almost one hour, presents the case of the assassination of Argentine socialist militant Mariano Ferreyra, by gunmen linked to the peronist trade union bureaucracy and the Cristina Kirchner government. Showing the interests of the union bureaucracy and government officials aligning with businessmen in maintaining precarious forms of outsourced labor, that were being denounced in the protests where Mariano was gunned down. His crime put tens of thousands to protest on the streets. A decade later, this documentary by the Prensa Obrera audiovisual team, shows the social reality behind supposed “nationalist” governments of Latin America.

Presentation by Guillermo Kane Central Committee member of the Partido Obrero of Argentina, twice elected state legislator of the Buenos Aires province on the ballots of the Left Unity Front. Organizer of the Polo Obrero in the populous La Matanza district. Member of the Editorial board of the newspaper and website and the En Defensa del Marxismo theoretical journal.

Down with the trial against César Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz! Absolution now!
Enough of the persecution of Sebastián Romero! Declaration of the XXVII Congress of the Partido Obrero
After a few months of mandatory recess as a result of Mandatory Isolation, the oral proceedings against our colleague César Arakaki and PSTU militant Daniel Ruiz were resumed.

Arakaki and Ruiz are victims of the persecution that the State faces against those who fight. Both were in a monumental demonstration of 300,000 people on December 18, 2017 in the Plaza de los Dos Congresos to fight against a confiscatory law, the one that modified the pension mobility formula, robbing them of the retirement assets of 100,000 million pesos in 2018 On the night of that day, a massive cacerolazo came out to repudiate the repression. The Macri government's countdown had begun.

The massive mobilization was a clear message to the legislators and the government of Mauricio Macri about the general rejection of the pension reform. After the failure of the session on December 14, in the midst of fierce repression, on the 18th the congress functioned through the militarization of the area and a repression that even reached several deputies.
Although the Macri government managed to approve the pension reform, with the support of the PJ deputies and the police repression, the massive popular mobilizations buried the attempt to carry out a labor reform that already had the approval of the PJ and the signature of the CGT itself.

With the law approved, the Cambiemos government mounted a press operation that ended up asking for the heads of political activists who had participated in the mobilization. The political intent of the judicial persecution is given in the fact that only the leftist militants have the judicial persecution that almost three years after the events continues to carry out an oral trial despite the fact that the main victim, the police officer Escobar withdrew from the lawsuit that accuses Caesar. César Arakaki paid for this persecution with jail, until the political mobilization achieved his release. However, the prosecutor García Elorrio remains firm with the accusation and incorporates hearing after hearing,more auxiliary testimonies in his quest to criminalize social protest, as it was demonstrated by video footage that Arakaki was totally oblivious to the injuries of the police officer Escobar and that both Judge Torres and the investigating prosecutor and the trial prosecutor knew this evidence by heart.

The trial continues under the Fernández government, which was in charge of further aggravating the situation of retirees. The first action of this new government was to decree the suspension of retirement mobility, consummating a new theft from retirees, maintaining a thread of continuity to the Macrista policy of plunging retired workers into misery, with the approval of the IMF and international creditors .

The fight for the acquittal of Cesar Arakaki and Daniel Ruíz and the end of the persecution of Sebastián Romero is the fight to defend retirees and the right to social protest, a right that our people have won in the streets after decades, facing violent repressions and bloody dictatorships. Faced with the adjustment agenda that the Government of Alberto Fernández has been carrying out and has planned for 2021, and the labor reform that will come from the IMF, let us defend the right of workers to fight.

For this reason, the XXVII Congress of the Partido Obrero resolves

1) Promote a strong campaign for the Absolution Now of César Arakaki and Daniel Ruíz. Enough of persecuting Sebastián Romero and those who fight, obtaining the adhesion of personalities of human rights, politicians, artists, as well as unions, student centers, Internal commissions, student fronts and political and social organizations.

2) Prepare an attendance agenda for the weekly hearings, whether via virtual or face-to-face of all the regional and fronts of the country.

3) Mobilize at the time of sentencing to demand acquittal.

Approved unanimously by the XXVII Congress of the Partido Obrero

The political situation and the XXVII congress of the Partido Obrero

¡Abajo el juicio contra César Arakaki y Daniel Ruiz! ¡Absolución ya!

¡Basta de persecución a Sebastián Romero! Declaración del XXVII Congreso del Partido Obrero

Luego de unos meses de receso obligatorio producto del Aislamiento Obligatorio, se reanudaron las audiencias del juicio oral contra nuestro compañero César Arakaki y el militante del PSTU Daniel Ruiz.

Arakaki y Ruiz son víctimas de la persecución que el Estado encara contra los que luchan. Ambos estuvieron en una monumental manifestación de 300.000 personas del 18 de diciembre de 2017 en la Plaza de los Dos Congresos para luchar contra una ley confiscatoria, aquella que modificó la fórmula de movilidad jubilatoria birlándoles a los haberes jubilatorios 100.000 millones de pesos en el año 2018. Por la noche de aquella jornada un cacerolazo masivo salió a repudiar la represión. La cuenta regresiva del gobierno Macri, había comenzado.

La masiva movilización fue un claro mensaje a los legisladores y al gobierno de Mauricio Macri sobre el rechazo general a la reforma previsional. Tras el fracaso de la sesión del 14 de diciembre, en medio de una represión feroz, el 18 el congreso funcionó mediante la militarización de la zona y de una represión que alcanzó incluso a varios diputados.

Si bien el gobierno de Macri logró aprobar la reforma jubilatoria, con el apoyo de los diputados del PJ y de la represión policial, las masivas movilizaciones populares sepultaron el intento de llevar adelante una reforma laboral que ya contaba con el visto bueno del PJ y la firma de la propia CGT.

Con la ley aprobada, el gobierno de Cambiemos montó un operativo de prensa que terminó pidiendo la cabeza principalmente de militantes políticos que habían participado de la movilización. La intencionalidad política de la persecución judicial se da en el hecho que solo los militantes de izquierda tiene sobre sí la persecución judicial que a casi tres años de los hechos continúa cursando un juicio oral a pesar que el principal damnificado, el policía Escobar se retiró de la querella que acusa a César. César Arakaki pagó con cárcel esta persecución, hasta que la movilización política logró su excarcelación. Sin embargo, el fiscal García Elorrio se mantiene firme con la acusación e incorpora audiencia tras audiencia, más testimonios auxiliares en su búsqueda de criminalizar la protesta social pues quedó demostrado por videofilmaciones que Arakaki fue totalmente ajeno a las lesiones del policía Escobar y que tanto el juez Torres como la fiscal de instrucción y el fiscal de juicio conocían al dedillo esa prueba.

El juicio continúa bajo el gobierno de los Fernández que se encargó de agravar aún más la situación de los jubilados. La primera acción de este nuevo gobierno fue decretar la suspensión de la movilidad jubilatoria consumando un nuevo robo a los jubilados manteniendo un hilo de continuidad a la política macrista de hundir en la miseria a les trabajadores jubilados, con el visto bueno del FMI y acreedores internacionales.

La lucha por la absolución de Cesar Arakaki y Daniel Ruíz y el cese de la persecución de Sebastián Romero es la lucha por defender a los jubilados y el derecho a la protesta social, derecho que nuestro pueblo ha ganado en la calles luego de décadas, enfrentando violentas represiones y sangrientas dictaduras. Frente a la agenda de ajuste que el Gobierno de Alberto Fernández viene llevando adelante y tiene planificada para el 2021, y la reforma laboral que vendrá de la mano del FMI, defendamos el derecho de los trabajadores a luchar.

Por ello, el XXVII Congreso del Partido Obrero resuelve

1) Impulsar una fuerte campaña por la Absolución Ya de César Arakaki y Daniel Ruíz. Basta de perseguir a Sebastián Romero y los que luchan, consiguiendo la adhesión de personalidades de derechos humanos, políticas, artistas, así como sindicatos, centros de estudiantes, comisiones Internas, frentes estudiantiles y organizaciones políticas y sociales.

2) Elaborar una agenda de asistencia a las audiencias semanales, sean vía virtuales o presenciales de todas las regionales y frentes del país.

3) Movilizarnos al momento de la sentencia para exigir la absolución.

Aprobado por unanimidad por el XXVII Congreso del Partido Obrero

La situación política y el XXVII congreso del Partido Obrero
Added to the calendar on Mon, Nov 29, 2021 1:00PM
§Argentina Workers Protest The Murder Of Mariano Ferreyra
by United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCL
The Argentina government and bosses have murdered labor and political activists including Mariano Aerreyra. The increasing repression in Argentina takes place as the Left Unity Front which received over 1 million votes.
§Working Class On the Move
by United Front Committee For A Labor Party UFCL
The working class is on the move in Argentina fighting the capitalists in the country and the US controlled IMF and World Bank which want further privatization and busting of unions in the country. The US and AFL-CIO through the CIA were directly involved in supporting the last military coup in the country which led to repression and murders of trade unionists.
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