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“Taliban” Embedded in U.S. Government and Supreme Court
by Nayvin Gordon
Monday Nov 22nd, 2021 5:45 PM
Religious fanatics seek to impose their beliefs on everyone
“Taliban” Embedded in U.S. Government and Supreme Court

The new ideology of Christian nationalist fundamentalist zealots has been steadily eroding our rights: weakening the separation of Church and State, removing protection for minorities’ voting rights, restricting civil rights and workers’ rights, and attempting to substitute “god given rights” for “human rights.”

Christian right religious fanatics in the government and courts are carrying out their religious duty with plans for a “Christian nation”. Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett are some more well known names. Almost one quarter of the House of Representatives are born- again Christians.

The dominant ideology is Christian “Reconstructionism” or “Dominionism”, which seeks to take control of all institutions and the government to build a “Christian” nation. They believe that secular society must be eradicated. Biblical Law, the Ten Commandments, will be the basis of the legal system. Anti-scientific creationism, not evolution, will be taught in schools. -those who do not convert will be silenced, imprisoned or killed along with other so called ‘social deviants” including, immigrants, homosexuals, transgender, humanists, feminists, Jews, and Muslims. They will be second class citizens. There will be no separation of church and state, and church organizations will be funded by the government. The death penalty will be instituted for “moral crimes”-blasphemy, sodomy, witchcraft, and abortion will be considered murder. Most evangelicals believe that “unbelievers”, “will go to hell, where they will be tormented in all eternity.” (

The role of the Federal Government will be security, war crusades, and protection of property rights. Savage, unregulated, corporate capitalism will be unleashed, by conservative evangelical and catholic fundamentalists in alliance with racist hate groups.“Fundamentalist protestant and Roman Catholic Zealots are ruthlessly trying to inflict their punitive religious views upon the rest of us.” (

June 2020—Supreme Court gives religious schools more access to state aide.

November 2020--The religious zealots on the Supreme Court ruled that, the harm due to the temporary limit on religious freedom will cause more harm than the harm to the public health caused by the spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

January 2021—During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court restricted a woman’s right to obtain abortion pills.

October 2021--The Supreme Court allowed Texas to ban most abortions.

To defend our democratic, constitutional, human, and worker’s rights we must end ALL religious control over ALL government. It is time to mobilize on the job, in the schools, and in the streets to demand an end to religion in government and the creation of an egalitarian society with social, economic, and political equality for all.
Dr. Nayvin Gordon
gordonnayvin [at]

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ChristianityLynn SosebeeTuesday Nov 23rd, 2021 1:40 PM
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