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A Declaration of Independence
by Rubikon editors
Saturday Oct 2nd, 2021 5:18 AM
Utopia resolutely in sight
But all those pillars of a free democratic basic order must have stood on feet of clay anyway, must have been more dummies than real basic pillars, otherwise they could not have been washed away so quickly, easily and thoroughly. We are now called upon to tread truly new paths
A Declaration of Independence
We must emancipate ourselves from the pandemic misconception and grow beyond our own feelings of powerlessness.
by Rubikons Courage Editorial Team
[This declaration published on Aug 17, 2021 is translated from the German on the Internet,]

Yes, it looks politically bleak. But the darker it gets, the brighter we can shine. The renewed, blatant violation of the law in Berlin on 1 August 2021 has finally revealed that even a façade democracy can no longer be relied upon. Are we lost now that the rule of law has passed? The opposite is the case if we take these events as an opportunity to finally go inside with determination. There we find everything we have ever longed for. The time has never been better.

by Gönül

At the present time, it must be stated that the vast majority of individuals of all local state powers have opted for silence and participation. The reasons for this may be manifold, perhaps they may even have a dissenting opinion "privately", but the consequences of this decision are uniform and equally catastrophic for humanity. Nor do the motives change the fact that they have thus become perpetrators who make the greatest crime against humanity possible, nor the fact that this will not remain without consequences under any circumstances and for any single perpetrator, whereby space and time are relative here.

To expect a significant reversal through insight at this point seems rather naïve. But the much more crucial questions are: Should we continue to have this expectation? Should we set this as a goal at all? And are we really dependent on "their cooperation" to turn this game in our favor? Are we really lost if they don't get "on our side"?

The answer is clearly: No! And not because we have no other choice, but because this belief in the absolute necessity of it, in the neediness and dependence on it, is an erroneous belief, a premise that we should finally replace by one that comes closer to the truth of our own nature.

The improbability of disobeying orders.
If nothing else, the executive branch has the power of arms and is no longer far from the command to make use of it in situations where it had been unthinkable in this country only a short time ago. And there is every reason to believe that they will obey that order as well. We have seen enough police brutality against peaceful people of all ages. One is beginning to get the impression that these demonstrations are degenerating into ever more massive "offerings", with more and more participants serving as "cannon fodder", as it were. Does this really make sense? Is this the "collateral damage" that has to be accepted, the legitimate price, so to speak, for, yes, what exactly? How long do we want to play this cat-and-mouse game?

Nor are we likely to get the number of people "on the streets" that could bring about a turnaround. Too many inconceivable things have already happened for that, the madness has lasted too long for that, and it would be naive to still believe that it will happen.

Can the turnaround only come in this way? Do we really need this "critical mass" in this sense? Here, too, the answer is clearly: No!

The constant predominantly mendacious, if not criminal, reporting in the mainstream media continues to support quite successfully the agenda-driven narrative, which is now also increasingly concerned with the total criminalization of any critics whom they seek to mold into the ultimate scapegoat. We will probably not be able to stop or reverse this ever deeper and darker spiral of journalistic involvement in crime, nor its effect on the - inert, frightened, hypnotized - masses. We should admit this in time to withdraw our energy from such attempts and use it more wisely. Do we not need the "leading media" on "our side" either? No, clearly.

The absence of separation of powers
Of course it would be nice and so much easier - and above all more convenient - if the separation of powers were a reality and reason and morality prevailed. However, it is time to acknowledge that this is not the case and, in all likelihood, this circumstance will not change significantly. We should mentally let go here and move on. This could be interpreted as surrender, but what is meant is a paradigm shift. The corresponding maxim could also be expressed as follows: The darker you get, the brighter we shine!

The time of discourse, of objectivity, of reasoned arguments, of well-founded research, of genuine information, of plurality of opinion; the time of law, of democracy and of the Basic Law are essentially manifestly over. One could come to any other conclusion only if one either lacks sufficient mental capacity, is systematically prevented from accessing information apart from the dictated narrative, is too afraid of the truth, or is simply in willful denial.

Utopia resolutely in sight
But all those pillars of a free democratic basic order must have stood on feet of clay anyway, must have been more dummies than real basic pillars, otherwise they could not have been washed away so quickly, easily and thoroughly. We are now called upon to tread truly new paths and to leave the "box" within which we still think for the most part. The solution of the "nine-point problem" symbolizes very impressively what needs to be accomplished. And we will succeed, the only real question is how quickly.

The constant indignation, the repeated shock, the desperate appeals and attempts to convince, the urgent warnings and the repeated statements about the status quo are perfectly human and understandable, but in the meantime they mainly ensure that we keep ourselves trapped in a permanent loop. The fact that events repeatedly push us to our limits and that this time is extremely challenging for all of us should not be negated here.

But somehow we have to succeed "through it all" to keep our goal unwaveringly in front of our eyes, to persistently direct our focus on the world we dream of - unshakably dream - , that world in which we as humanity live in peace and in harmony with the earth, in which love can take its place again and freedom is not regarded as a right that needs to be anchored by the state, but is the inviolable foundation of our being.

The freedom of man is inviolable
This inviolability is not a commandment, but a given inherent in our nature, in this respect it is itself inviolable. Only if we make the decision - consciously or unconsciously - to detach ourselves from this foundation in order to hand it over to the outside, the appearance of palpability can be aroused and from this the belief can be fed that the inviolability is illusory. However, it always remains what it is, and freedom in this respect is not a constructible "right" that can be taken from us or given to us; it is a mental condition, a spiritual presence, a state that is our true nature.

People who have become aware of their true selves and from that state of mind choose to demonstrate, for example, will have entirely different results and entirely different experiences than people who are largely disconnected and take to the streets with ideas of resistance and struggle.

We are so much more
Our true self is first and foremost consciousness, energy ... Or whatever you want to call the non-physical. Our consciousness can align itself and its experiences by virtue of intentional, focused thought and thus expand infinitely. In this respect, nothing is impossible. And nothing and nobody can seize us, if we do not allow it, insofar we can speak of integral power, which is inherent in the human being and which effortlessly lets every hijacking and every attack roll off, if we remember it again and thus become aware of it. The limits of the possible form exclusively the limits of our belief and imagination.

Let us henceforth demonstrate only our awakened awareness of our inner power and thus our invincibility. For resistance and struggle were included in the calculation, but our raising to full greatness was not.

For the agenda it is the most dangerous request of all times, nothing is feared and fought more than our recognition of our self, because against it every agenda is powerless.

The feasibility of self-knowledge
Recognition of the self need not at all exclude activity at the "deed" level, but it should not be replaced by it, and should precede deed if possible, so that it is charged with that power which brings about true change.

For access to the full inner potential, turning inward cannot be bypassed. Likewise, seeking out inner stillness is inevitable. For if we always indulge only in our everyday thought patterns, we are not likely to get too far. Recognition cannot be thought in this way, it can only be experienced.

How and through what can it succeed then? The answer to this question must be given by everyone himself, because the ways are as manifold as the people themselves.

The first necessary step is perhaps the conscious recognition of the relevance of one's own inner constitution as well as the reality of energy and its effect, followed by the decision to prioritize one's own life accordingly and finally to intend the recognition of the self. The success is certainly favored by the unique "quality of time", which is characterized among other things by this existential threat of global proportions, the resulting lack of real escape possibilities, the rapidity of developments and thus the elimination of procastination as well as the impossibility of ignoring. The "flip side" of this hardship is a perhaps unprecedented likelihood of breaking the corset of the old world and learning to fly. Why not.

Gönül, a lifelong seeker through all tides and increasingly a finder, believes less and less in certified competencies and derived meaningfulness and identities in the "systemic complex," but since 2020 again in the fundamental goodness of human beings and in the fact that a truly beautiful world is not only possible, but inevitable.

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