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The New York Times Tells China to Stop Protecting Their People, & Let Covid-19 Sicken and
by Nayvin Gordon (gordonnayvin [at]
Saturday Sep 11th, 2021 7:57 PM
Eradicating Covid-19 is possible with ZeroCovid strategy that puts people before profits
For almost two years now, Taiwan, New Zealand, and China have had a successful Zero Covid-19 national policy to eliminate Covid-19 from their populations. With this strict public health policy in place, and over nine months before the production of any vaccine, over one billion people have been kept free from the ravages of the pandemic. Occasional outbreaks, generally due to the virus entering from another country, have been snuffed out.
Rational people, who value public health and life, above all, would understand that protecting these Zero Covid-19 countries requires rapidly extending Zero Covid-19 policy to the entire world, so as to eliminate the virus from the human population. Tragically, a major newspaper in the U.S., which is one of the most Covid-19 infected countries in the world, is advocating an END to Zero Covid-19 policy, and recommends that we allow the virus to continue to spread its disease and death throughout the world’s population. The New York Times opinion/editorial title on 9/9/21 is entitled: “China Needs a New Coved Strategy”.
Why would a newspaper advocate ending A POLICY THAT IS WORKING? Why would the think tank the Council on Foreign Relations, for whom the author works, WANT THE PANDEMIC TO CONTINUE?
The answer is in the article. “It is time for China to change tack, as the socioeconomic and public health costs now outweigh the benefit.” This logic is consistent with Ex-President Trump who said, “The cure can’t be worse than the disease”.
This is not the logic of the millions of working people who want their family and friends to stay safe and free from the virus. It is the rationale of a TINY MINORITY in big business and finance. Behind all the fancy words, the New York Times is telling us that Zero Covid-19 policy does absolutely work, BUT it’s bad for profits, so let’s destroy the policy and let Covid-19 infect the world. We must accept “living with not eradicating Covid-19”
Protecting the population is the government’s duty.
During the pandemic, trillions of dollars have gone to Wall Street, BUT it is too costly to pay workers to stay home for five weeks to stop viral transmission. The U.S. government is pouring in $120 billion dollars a month into the financial markets, BUT it is too costly to fund testing and tracing for Covid-19 across the nation. The stock market has doubled its worth and billionaires have doubled their wealth, BUT it is too costly to tax the rich to pay for a public health infrastructure and health care for all.
We must reject this dangerous, inhumane, and deadly policy. Please join us in the struggle to combat Covid-19 with a plan for worldwide Zero Covid-19.
9/10/21 Dr. Nayvin Gordon, gordonnayvin [at]

In the past 9 months, US Democrats and most of the mainstream "Corporate bin-Laden" media have aggressively targeted--justifiably--the GOP for its devious "election audit" tactic in Arizona, because the GOP's real aim is actually not to find any "fraud" or vote stealing ; rather, the whole absurd PR stunt is really to sow mass suspicion & unfounded distrust of the process...

But on foreign policy, guess what the Biden team--and the entire Military-Industrial-"Intelligence"--Complex is doing? They are using the exact same playbook to promote a vicious lie on the so-called "investigation" on the fake Wuhan lab virus leak !

After China fully co-operated with the WHO and its report back in February that involved a team of international scientists, which did not find the Corona virus origin but concluded that it was extremely unlikely to have come from a lab leak, the USA ruling regime--trying desperately to shift attention away from its own grotesque mismanagement of the Covid outbreak inside the United States--came up with a weaponized theory of using its own "intelligence agencies"(i.e., the same ones that peddled the bogus Iraqi WMD fairy tale!)to investigate if the Wuhan lab leak was the likely source of the virus origin. And 90 days later, it found nothing to back up that absurd allegation! So what was the whole dog-and-pony show all about? Again, that PR stunt was never meant to find anything substantive. The entire aim is just to sow popular distrust of--and slander on--China's very successful handling of its own Covid pandemic measures. Anf facts speak louder than MSM's wild allegations: China has had less than 5,000 deaths from the virus, whereas the USA-- "richest country"--in the world, has now passed the 650,000 mark in Covid deaths. Indeed, isn't high time for global citizens to ask, isn't the Yankee mismanagement a true case of "negligent genocide"?
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