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War Is Killing the Planet/ International Day of Peace

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Cynthia Papermaster
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Nancy Pelosi's front door, 2640 Broadway, San Francisco

"War is Literally Killing the Planet". The war economy is brought to you by these players: Speaker Nancy Pelosi, BlackRock Worldwide Investments, Lockheed Martin, and Chevron, and you and I bought front row seats. We're funding it.

With our votes and taxes, we are enabling the destruction of life on earth. We need a peace economy to replace this suicidal situation. We are angry that these players profited handsomely from the 20-year war in Afghanistan. We are grieving that they are destroying the planet worldwide. We are outraged that they are siphoning over 50% of the U.S. federal budget for continuing wars, while people all over the planet are suffering from the climate emergency, pandemic, going hungry, seeing their clean water and air destroyed by wars, resource extraction and fossil fuel emissions, and fearing the future for their children and all beings.

The war economy supplies huge short-term profits to these war profiteers and we are calling them out!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's majority in Congress siphons over 50% of our federal budget to fund the skyrocketing costs of war and Pentagon operations with their huge greenhouse gas emissions. Pelosi insists on spending our money on continual wars and refuses to support Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, affordable housing, education, elder and child care, clean water, air, and food -- the things that give life and peace a chance.

BlackRock is making a killing on killing with its investments in the war economy and planet destroying fossil fuel and nuclear industries, earning a handsome profit for its investors (

Lockheed buys Congress with it's generous campaign contributions, acting as the U.S. State Dept. and Pentagon's master, weaponizing space and urging a war on China, and selling weapons to human rights violators like the Israeli government and the Saudis -- who beheaded a journalist, attacked the World Trade Center, and bombed a school bus in Yemen killing 40 children with a 500 pound Lockheed bomb. The Saudis are U.S. allies, thanks to Lockheed, Pelosi, Chevron and BlackRock.

Chevron sits on Lockheed's Board of Directors and is a major Pentagon contractor, supplying fossil fuels for the military's immense greenhouse gas emissions. Chevron's short term thirst for profits, polluting, pillaging and extracting fossil fuels, aided by militarized police forces and private armies, is adding to the planet's death spiral. Chevron is a criminal enterprise.

We are "connecting the dots" to show that divesting from the war economy -- represented by Pelosi, the Pentagon, BlackRock, Lockheed and Chevron-- and investing instead in the peace economy we deserve, is the way out of this tragic situation.

For International Day of Peace, CODEPINK and allies are going to expose the war financiers, war profiteers, and war climate destroyers and call for funding a peace economy instead.

Photo of shoes: Leon Kunstenaar / Pro Bono Photo

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§40 Children killed in Yemen by Lockheed bomb
by Cynthia Papermaster
A 500 lb. Lockheed bomb was used by the Saudis to attack a school bus in Yemen 3 years ago. Photo is from Union Square memorial on Aug. 8.
§Nancy Pelosi writes the checks for war and planet destruction.
by Cynthia Papermaster
"Emergency intervention" and bake sale for Afghan women at Nancy Pelosi's house on Aug. 19.
§Tea Party at Pelosi's to Cut the Pentagon, Care for the Planet
by Cynthia Papermaster
2640 Broadway, San Francisco (near Divisadero & Broadway)

We're going to Nancy Pelosi's house on Tuesday for a tea party! It's International Day of Peace! Join us to cut the Pentagon (cake), music, poetry, a DJ and dancing, and premiering "Billionaires for War" in the new play "More War Please!", starring Lockheed Martin, Chevron, BlackRock, the Pentagon, Erik Prince and their benefactor--Speaker Pelosi! Will we continue to wage war on the planet? Or will Lady Liberty and the people rise up to save the future? We may have a jovial sit-in to tell her to cut the Pentagon, declare a Climate Emergency, Fund Medicare for All, enact a Green New Deal, and to care about the people and planet she governs. Is Nancy Pelosi a "sacred cow"? Or is her seat in Congress vulnerable due to her disregard of people and planet? A little reminder of why we're shining a spotlight on SF's member of Congress: A little reminder of why we're shining a spotlight on SF Member of Congress, Speaker of the House Pelosi. By the way, she found the votes:

by Cynthia Papermaster
Nancy Pelosi in front of her house with our Emergency Intervention notice. She exhibits signs of addiction to war and wealth. We think she needs our help.
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