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CA SEIU1000 Pres Richard Lewis Brown On Newsom, Fires, Covid & Racist Homophobic Attacks
by Labor Video Project
Saturday Aug 21st, 2021 11:48 PM
WorkWeek interviews SEIU 1000 president Richard Lewis Brown about the fires, covid, Newsom and the racist homophobic attacks on him.
CA SEIU1000 Pres Richard Lewis Brown On Newsom, Fires, Covid & Racist Homophobic Attacks

CA SEIU 1000 Pres Richard Lewis Brown reports on the issue of covid and vaccines in their state membership. The local which represents around 100,000 state workers faces cutbacks and attacks on their membership.
This issue according to Brown also includes the firefighters who are prisoners and that prison will be shut down.
Also Lewis reports that there have been racist and homophobic attacks have been made by officers on him and that no action has been taken to hold these officers accountable.
One of those is Theresa Taylor who is the Vice President of Cal-PERS representing SEIU and the president of Cal-PERS is refusing to Henry Jones is refusing to take action at Cal-PERS.
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Labor Video Project
§Theresa Taylor, Vice President of Cal-PERS
by Labor Video Project
Saturday Aug 21st, 2021 11:48 PM
Theresa Taylor is the Vice President of Cal-PERS which controls the pension money of State workers. She used racist and homophobic attacks on SEIU president Richard Lewis Brown.
§Cal-PERS president Henry Jones Refuses To Take Action on Taylor
by Labor Video Project
Saturday Aug 21st, 2021 11:48 PM
Cal-PERS president Henry Jones refuses to hold Cal-PERS Theresa Taylor responsible.
§Former Ann Marie Taylor Made Racist Homophobic Attacks on Brown
by Labor Video Project
Saturday Aug 21st, 2021 11:48 PM
Ann Marie Taylor was the past SEIU Local 1000 DLC 786 and supported these attacks.
by Get Vaccinated
Sunday Aug 22nd, 2021 4:09 PM
While Richard Brown has a sympathetic story in regard to his relationship with the government employer of his members and with the labor bureaucrats, the fact remains there is nothing and never has been anything great about garbage USA, contrary to Mr. Brown's statement that he thinks there is something great about this country.

Mr. Brown makes the point for us that this backward country is garbage when he tells us that his union has lots of members who are so backward as to claim some religious or "personal" refusal to get vaccinated. This makes me ashamed to be an American and is further proof, although no more is needed, that anyone who can avoid coming to this backward country should be glad they found another place to live.

Hardly a day goes by now without the press announcing some vaccine refuser dying from COVID19 who regretted refusing the vaccine. See

If you don't like the politics of Phil Valentine, how about the 40% of eligible Americans who still, after 4 MONTHS of having this free vaccine available within 5 miles of your home to all of us age 12 and up, usually much closer, are still not vaccinated with at least 1 dose? See

This week, at least one vaccine will receive full approval which means ALL HEALTH DEPARTMENTS CAN EXERCISE THEIR FULL POLICE POWERS to make COVID19 vaccines MANDATORY.

The vaccine is very mild and does not cause harm. The first dose does not cause any reaction for most of us. The second dose made me a little tired for 4 days, although I could do my housecleaning on the 3rd day. This writer is 71 years old, not an athlete and always had a sedentary occupation. If doddering old people like myself can handle this vaccine, just about anyone can handle this vaccine, unless a doctor can provide a signed statement that a given individual cannot handle this vaccine.

Apparently the vaccine refusers would rather suffocate to death in a hospital or if they survive, live with serious damage to their lungs. Meanwhile, without herd immunity, which is at least 80% fully vaccinated population in this country, the virus will get worse as each variant focuses on what the last variant missed. The way to END THE PANDEMIC THIS YEAR IS FOR EVERYONE TO GET VACCINATED so there will be NO MORE VARIANTS.

We all received MANDATORY vaccinations to go to school. Yet, 40% of Americans, mostly adults, claim they have some religious or personal objection to vaccines. This stupid drivel tells us that this country is rotten to the core.

In addition to getting the vaccine IMMEDIATELY to save your life and everyone around you, VOTE NO ON THE RECALL any day from now until Sept 14. You have the ballot mailed to you. You just have to Vote No, put the ballot in the envelope, seal the envelope, sign and complete the envelope, and MAIL IT TODAY.

The leading possible replacement candidate, Trump Republican Larry Elder, who will certainly win with at least 20% of the vote if the Anti-Recall vote is less than 50% plus 1 vote, has this to say:

Minimum wage: “The correct minimum wage oughtta be zero.”

Taxes: “We need to eliminate corporate taxes.”

COVID-19: “I would certainly repeal any mandates on masks and on vaccines that remain in place.”

Racism: “It is bullshit that racism remains a major problem in America.”

Sexism: “Women know less than men about political issues, economics, and current events.”

Abortion: “I believe abortion is murder.” Calls for prosecuting women who have an abortion.

Environment: “One of the first things I would do as governor is overturn CEQA” (California Environmental Quality Act), to open the way for unlimited corporate development.

Police killings: “Police are more reluctant to pull the trigger on Black people than on whites.”

Public schools: Condemns teacher unions and calls for public funding of private schools.

Mass Incarceration: Opposes early release programs and reduction of 73,000 felony convictions.

Death penalty: Moratorium declared by Newsom in 2019 would likely be ended and over 730 people on California’s death row would be facing execution.

Immigration: Insists that undocumented workers, who do virtually all field work in the country’s leading food producing state, and many of the other hardest jobs, must be labeled “illegal aliens.” Newsom’s issuing of $500 in assistance to those essential workers was a key element in propelling the recall campaign.

And here are Larry Elder’s reactionary positions:
He proudly announced the support of an arrested January 6, 2021 seditious insurrectionist, Brandon Straka. See

He is an anti-vaxxer and relies on quack doctors for his position. See

Should Elder become governor, Mr. Brown will wish Newsom were still governor as California will face the same turmoil and decline as Texas and Florida experience. I am sure Mr. Brown objects to any destruction of teachers' unions and any attack on California's minimum wage, which is scheduled to be $15 per hour soon.

And for all San Franciscans, DO NOT SIGN ANY RECALL PETITION trying to recall our district attorney, Chesa Boudin, or the school board, as they are ALL REPUBLICAN PARTY REACTIONARY PETITIONS with a few Democrats sprinkled among them. It people do not like a given office holder, they can run a candidate against her/him in the next election.

Can you imagine any industrialized country, much less the State of California, where someone can run for office stating that women are inferior, that abortion should be illegal, that there should be no minimum wage, that the death penalty should be encouraged (banned in 80% of the world's countries including all of Europe), that the corporate taxes should be eliminated, that environmental laws should be eliminated and that COVID19 vaccines and masks should be discouraged? This is how low this rotten, backward, racist, anti-women, anti-science, stupid, vicious war criminal country is. THE PRIMARY ISSUE IN THE RECALL IS COVID19, as our lives are on the line. Get Vaccinated and Vote No on the Recall between now and Sept 14. Do not delay, TODAY IS THE DAY!
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