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Commoners, Usurpers and the “Demon of Greed” - A parable
by Nayvin Gordon
Thursday Aug 12th, 2021 6:48 PM
Rejoicing in their solidarity, the people dedicated themselves to protecting the oneness of the people and the land.
Commoners, Usurpers and the “Demon of Greed” - A parable
Many centuries ago, far to the north of our world, there lay a land of the common folk. They were a happy, peaceful, cooperative kind, living free and equal as their ancestors had done. As the life giving sun rose out of the east, the village folk made their way to the common lands where they farmed and grazed their animals, sharing the bounty of the land. When the work day was done, as the sun set behind the ancient trees, the people went home for good conversation, music and food. Safe in their little stone houses, the village folk went to sleep, content in their warm beds. So it had been since the beginning of time.
Born of the sun and the moon, an ever flowing river of life enveloped and nurtured the world. One warm, dark night a dense mist arose from the river of life and drifted like a cloud over the village, lurking silently within the mist lay an unknown germ. Days later a few villagers fell into a deep slumber with high fevers. They lay sick in their beds for two days before recovering. When the sick came out of their houses the villagers were shocked to see that their eyes now glittered like diamonds. A few weeks later the villagers noticed that those who had fallen sick had become somehow different. They sought out others who had been infected spending time together, seeming more interested in one another than the other village folk. The diamond eyes formed a small group spending much time together, considering themselves somehow better than the other villagers. This odious idea was not well received by most folk, and so the infected few began to conspire and the germ soon spread among the conspirators and their friends.
One morning some months later, the villagers found that much of the common land was enclosed by a mighty fence, with a huge iron gate. Behind the gate stood the usurpers and with them their guards carrying long sharp swords. A huge banner hung across the gate that read--“We claim this land as our right. Our diamond eyes are a sign that we are more equal and destined to rule the land.” The commoners were bewildered and in disbelief. Was this really happening to them? After recovering from the shock, the villagers held a meeting. It was decided that the cause of their troubles was the new infection that had come to the village and they called it the “Demon of Greed”. To avoid the sickness and to find new land the village folk moved closer to the forests and mountains. Every few months the villagers would find that the iron fence had been moved to enclose more of the common lands. More guards holding long swords were present. Over many years, driven by greed, the usurpers grew rich from the land they had seized and began to carry their money bags everywhere they went. They had huge houses built and enjoyed fine food and drink while spending many hours singing their own praise.
Every night, for many long years, the village folk discussed their plight. Finally the good folk decided that they must rid themselves of the “Demon of Greed”. The illness must be contained; it could not be allowed to spread throughout the region. And so it was decided to force the usurpers to the lands at the edge of the Great Sea, where they would be confined behind tall stone walls until a treatment could be discovered. United with the villagers, the mountain warriors and forest fighters formed an army of the people.
One night the mighty army descended on the stolen common lands and drove the usurpers and their guards to the edge of the Great Sea where they were confined behind giant stone walls. The usurpers promised to remain behind the walls until a cure could be found. A few weeks later a usurper, driven mad by greed, was found by a villager snooping around in the forest. He was quickly isolated to prevent spread of the germ. Since those infected by the “Demon of Greed” had broken their promise to remain behind the stone walls, the village folk marched them, carrying their money bags, unto big ships, and set sail for a remote island in the middle of the Great Sea.
Once the usurpers were unloaded along with all their money bags, the village folk began their sea journey home. All that the usurpers had become was only what their money could buy. Thus their hunting and farming skills had decayed. Hunger pains soon forced them to eat snakes, then rats. In desperation, when they were only skin and bones, they began to eat their money.
When the ships returned home, the people tore down the iron fences and reclaimed the common lands. There was great rejoicing at the victory over the “Demon of Greed”. Butterflies danced over the fields and the land breathed a sigh of relief. The shadows of the setting sun fell across the land as a magnificent feast and celebration was held in the village.
As the sun rose over the mountains the following morning, the people sent out sentries to every corner of the land to protect the people’s health from any dangers the ever flowing river of life might bring. Rejoicing in their solidarity, the people dedicated themselves to protecting the oneness of the people and the land.
Dr. Nayvin Gordon gordonnayvin [at]


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