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Fauci’s Future Pandemics — Vaccines without public health infrastructure
by Nayvin Gordon
Saturday Jul 31st, 2021 6:03 PM
Pandemic, vaccines and failure of Public Health
FAUCI’S FUTURE PANDEMICS—NORMALIZING MASS DEATH--- Vaccines without public health infrastructure
Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, advocates the creation of prototype vaccines to prepare for the next pandemic. . This policy would involve billions of dollars going to Wall Street pharmaceutical companies. Fauci said, “It would require pretty large sums of money.”
Dr. Fauci wants to be able to start making vaccines as soon as the genetic code of the next virus is available. As we have seen with the Covid-19 pandemic, producing, testing, and delivering a new vaccine takes months, while the virus rapidly spreads through the population causing illness, disability, and death. Half a million or more died before the vaccine became available, and then it took months to get it delivered to just half the country. Vaccines are important, but alone they cannot prevent mass deaths from a new viral pandemic. The first and most important step to containing a pandemic is the rapid institution of public health measures that can quickly contain and suppress the virus and save lives.
In Taiwan and China, public health scientists developed a Covid-19 test three days after the release of the genetic code and began mass testing, followed by contact tracing and isolation. China tested 10 million people in a matter of days. They then utilized public health measures including strict isolation, social distancing, stay at home, and closure of schools and other non-essential production. All travelers were tested and quarantined in special safe locations. These measures rapidly stopped the spread of the virus. With vigilance, public health measures can keep the viral count down to zero, while waiting to vaccinate the world. With weak to nonexistent public health measures, the US has had over 625,000 deaths from Covid -19. Deaths in China are less than 10.000 and in Taiwan less than 1,000. These figures clearly demonstrate the power and success of public health measures to contain and eliminate the virus.
Dr. Fauci said NOT ONE WORD about the essential role of public health science to limit mass deaths. A massive investment in Public Health could give us thousands of laboratories to test and trace and millions of workers to run the system that would protect the US population.
Fauci, and President Biden have NOT ADVOCATED billions of dollars toward the funding of a massive public health infrastructure that has been deprived of funds over the last forty years. Biden’s bipartisan trillion-dollar infrastructure plan does NOT INCLUDE funds for Public Health Infrastructure. Their plan for the future is a continuation of the present catastrophe---normalizing mass deaths by refusing to spend billions rebuilding our public health infrastructure. Fauci’s future of vaccines without a massive public health infrastructure is a future that accepts disease and death of millions while vaccines are produced for profit. Wall Street will continue to cheer over the graves of the dead.
We the people, the 99%, must mobilize against the policy of normalizing mass preventable deaths. Now is the time to demand our social needs be met by building an independent movement to protect the health of the working people and their children.
Dr. Nayvin Gordon, writes about health and politics. gordonnayvin [at]

California and San Francisco did the requested "strict isolation, social distancing, stay at home, and closure of schools and other non-essential production. All travelers were tested and quarantined in special safe locations. These measures rapidly stopped the spread of the virus." California is now one of the best in recovering from the pandemic and San Francisco leads the country. See
San Francisco:


Since you like full caps, here it is:
COVID19 VACCINE HAS BEEN AVAILABLE TO ALL FROM AGE 16 AND UP SINCE LATE APRIL, yet anti-science, backward Americans did not bother to rush to get the vaccine which ended the current pandemic by July 1 for those of us who are vaccinated. Now there is a new variant which may endanger the lives of the vaccinated.

SO NOW THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, STATE OF CALIFORNIA AND CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO ARE PROMOTING VACCINE OR TEST WITH WEARING OF MASK to the vaccine refusers. Schools and private profit businesses are mandating vaccines to all who attend or work at schools and all employees at certain businesses. The thumb-sucking. deer-in-the-headlights mentality herd who still do not respond to this economic pressure will then have to face mandatory vaccinations.

We all certainly need socialized medicine, and it is of course, long overdue in this backward country, guaranteeing free medical care to all from cradle to grave. Germany has had socialized medicine since 1883. Here are the countries and regions that currently have socialized medicine:

All of Europe, Israel, Rwanda, Cuba, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, China, Taiwan, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand.

The proposal for Medicare for All, HR1976, is a form of socialized medicine that too many Democrats, such as San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi, do not support. For sponsors and text, see{%22search%22:[%22actionSessionCode:\%22117-1|1000\%22+AND+billIsReserved:\%22N\%22%22]}&r=9&s=4&searchResultViewType=compact

We cannot have guns and butter. The United States promotes mass death around the world with its war machine which only exists to maximize the profits of the oil companies and munitions makers by murdering the people of the world and stealing their resources. When this backward, war criminal country shuts down the military, abolishes the private profit system including the stock market and nationalizes everything, and transfers the entire military budget to social needs such as medical care, then we will have socialized medicine.

Right now, the US is facing a massive eviction crisis of the workingclass including 3.6 million adults according to the Census Bureau, which alone will cause the pandemic to worsen, regardless of any vaccine as the homeless are vulnerable to everything. This is in addition to the fact that there are as of July 29, 2021 400,000 initial claims for unemployment insurance that week alone, 3.27 million continuing claims, and 13.16 million receiving benefits as of July 10, 2021.

Please, everyone ages 12 and up, get your vaccine today. The life you save will be your own. You do not want to suffocate on a ventilator in the hospital, and possibly die. Most Walgreen's and CVS pharmacies provide vaccines, as do public health clinics and hospitals, public and private. Vaccine sites in San Francisco, with walk-ins available, may be found at:

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