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Stop Waste of Tax Dollars on 2d Prosecution of H Weinstein

by California Feminist Taxpayer
Harvey Weinstein, the 69 year old, very sick, film producer, sentenced to 23 years in prison in New York at age 67 for rape, a life sentence given his age,has now been extradited to Los Angeles where California taxpayers will have to pay millions of dollars for yet another rape trial of a sick old man. This does not solve the rape problem at all; it is theft of our tax dollars.
For verification of this outrageous stupid extradition, see:

Weinstein's medical problems are described as follows:

"They include “diabetes mellitus, extensive coronary artery disease with calcium score 1500, anginal syndrome and diffuse moderate coronary artery disease documented this year by angiography, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic lower back pain, significant sciatica with neuropathy, chronic leg pain and arthritis with severe limitations of ability to walk, anemia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, ailments of his eyes that have severely degraded his vision, and has underwent several surgeries in the past year.”"

What is on trial in these rape cases of men who are over age 50, and therefore cannot be rehabilitated within 5 years, the longest any sentence should be, is the rotten legal system in this backward country.

Hopefully, the jury will be aware of the theft of tax dollars in the New York case and will be sufficiently outraged at this waste of our tax dollars in California to refuse to convict.

No one is learning anything from these rape trials. These are just enrichment schemes if there is a settlement and theft of our tax dollars if there is a trial. The devastation we are experiencing in this country from poverty in general and COVID19 in particular is so great that these expensive trials are an insult to all women. The theft of our tax dollars must stop for these show trials that accomplish NOTHING GOOD.

We cannot jail our way out of our problems. Jails do not solve problems; they make all problems worse as they use our tax dollars to basically torture people instead of providing any rehabilitation.
by carol H
Let the old reprobate suffer as much as possible for his horrors
by California Feminist Taxpayer
As with the death penalty, a form of state sponsored vengeance, our tax dollars must never be used to pay for vengeance. Carol H. just revealed one of the true reasons for these endless multi-million dollar spectacles: To promote vengeance. It is vengeance that makes for reactionary political careers of district attorneys and governors, both elected in California. That is why the Los Angeles district attorney charged sick old Harvey Weinstein, sitting in jail for life already, courtesy our tax dollars. If Carol H. thinks this waste of our tax dollars is all so wonderful, she should pay for this herself. Meanwhile, not one rape is prevented by this million dollar vengeance spectacle. You can ponder the rape statistics at
Rapists are by definition mentally ill, and Harvey Weinstein exhibited his mental illness in the courtroom with his rambling statements at the sentencing. Torturing human beings for their mental illness is not feminism; it is promotion of the fascist prison punishment system that must be abolished.
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