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USA regime fans anti-Cuba protests
by DLi
Tuesday Jul 13th, 2021 5:30 PM
2 weeks after thoroughly embarrassed by a UN vote(184-2!) on the illegal & immoral blockade on Cuba, the Evil Empire strikes back, by promoting and hyping street protests in Cuba. Trying to salvage "face" in the international community, Washington tries to channel global opinion away from its criminal culpability in the rising domestic tensions on the Caribbean island socialist government.
In a rare show of international outrage at Uncle Sam's criminally-unjust blockade of Cuba--now in its 6th decade!--the global community(including some of its most repressive rightwing regimes) had a near-unanimous message to the world's #1 bullying hegemon: end the illegal(even third countries that independently trade with Cuba were illegally punished!) economic & financial blockade. Such a near-consensus, on condemning the murderous sanctions imposed by a UN member state, is practically unprecedented. Only the fanatically-racist regime of Israel voted with the U.S.(together, these 2 pariah states "represent" less than 5% of the total number of our Planetary citizens!) on this measure.

Desperately seeking political revenge, the Wall Street-Pentagon ruling cabal in Washington resorted back to the NeoLiberal variant of the discredited Monroe Doctrine: a thinly-veiled "regime change" policy of promoting instability via social media in Latin America. And the U.S. "Corporate-bin-Laden" media is playing right along with its unabashed cheerleading for a regime change in Havana--by airing almost unanimous and one-sided reporting, completely ignoring the mention of the UN vote on the role of those crippling sanctions on the shortages that sparked the street protests on our southern neighbor.

Moreover, despite the crippling sanctions, underdeveloped Cuba has managed the Covid pandemic way better than the rich bully next door. Proportionately, Cuba did not suffer--via a veritable "negligent genocide" of 600,000+ of its own citizens by the USA governing regime--the similar per capita numbers of Covid 19 deaths, as the self-proclaimed "richest country on the Planet"!

It's high time for the progressive and concerned citizens of the USA, to satnd up and condemn the vicious attacks by Washington, on an island nation, whose only "crime" is to show the world that a socialist country, dedicated to the overall health and welfare of the vast majority of its citizens, can continue to survive the brutal onslaught of the most murderous Military & Usurious Financial Machine the world has ever known.

Solidarity with the heroic Cuban people, who will not kowtow to Uncle Sam's devious manipulations!
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