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Repealed Law Would Have Prevented FL Condo Collapse, etc.
by Keeping Track
Thursday Jul 8th, 2021 9:46 AM
For 2 weeks now, we have watched this metaphor for the rotten, collapsing US economy, the Surfside, Florida condominium collapse that perhaps killed 140 people, due to obvious construction defects and lack of maintenance. It turns out this all could have been avoided if a 2008 law was not repealed in 2010 by the real estate lobby requiring reserve studies every 5 years. See
The count today, 7/8/21, is 60 dead and 80 missing. Every 12 hours, after the illegally long 12 hour shifts the cleanup crew is working in a country that supposedly has the 8 hour day and 40 hour workweek as the federal law of the land, the number of dead found increases in the same inverse proportion to the number assumed missing. We have millions of unemployed people in this country who could do the cleanup work and the federal government is paying for the cleanup so the states do not have to try to figure out how to pay for it.

Another example of illegal 12 hour shifts that finally forced workers to go on strike is at Frito-Lay bakery in Kansas. Conditions were horrifying, as one worker described:
"When a co-worker collapsed and died, you had us move the body and put in another co-worker to keep the line going," she continued, listing more than 10 grievances including allegedly being forced to work during a fire, a "deep freeze," and the Covid-19 pandemic, the latter without "hazard pay, bonuses, rewards, or recognition" while managers worked from home."

Daily, we can expect to read of mass shootings, and more so on weekends and holidays while we have no strict federal gun control law and most states sing the tune of the gun lobby, a part of the war machine. We have a school system that does not educate the workingclass, the 80% of Americans who sell our labor for less than $80,000 a year, as the annual tests show. Since the test results are always the same, they are a profound waste of our tax dollars and time needed to actually promote education. The pandemic is again worsening due to lack of socialized medicine. Unemployment is again rising. We have a president who insists on bombing people, as in Iraq and Syria, all illegal, killing civilians, including children. This same president is violating his oath of office to uphold the Constitution, including the First Amendment's Freedom of the Press provision, by continuing Nazi Trump's prosecution of Julian Assange who, along with Chelsea Manning, exposed American war crimes in Iraq, for which both deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. The right to abortion is threatened by a reactionary Supreme Court while Biden refuses to expand the Supreme Court by 4 seats. He also refuses to abolish the federal death penalty and is seeking it against one person still. A 39-year-old woman is put under the conservatorship of her father, who obtained a California civil court order to have an IUD inserted in her, matching the torture promoted against women by Saudi Arabia. Biden is now getting ready to threaten war with 2 large nuclear powers: Russia and China. This is suicidal.

This is life in America. Sorry my ancestors had to come here from countries which now have socialized medicine, including one which had it since 1883, and now all have banned the death penalty. The United States now has the lowest life expectancy and highest infant mortality in the industrialized world, and the pandemic has made it worse because our medical system could not respond adequately. We need to see a lot more labor strikes such as at Frito-Lay, Alabama coal mines, hopefully soon at Amazon and much more.
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