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corruption rampant in Santa cruz
by the Dev (Farberdevon79 [at] )
Sunday Jul 4th, 2021 6:29 AM
Family law corruption and class action. I'd like to hear from those whom lost thier children to a biased Judge Miragonda only.
I'm the One.
The Dev, season 1
I was hit with a fraudulent DVRO and Eviction while my boss pulled a gun all in the same week.

As far as Miragonda goes he was my sentencing ADA 19 years ago and decided to set precedence at my daughter and mine's expense, in doing so he was ULTRA VIRUS of which is fundamentally wrong and therefore a violation of constitutional rights. And so will be culpable for his egotism. I have decided to share my good fortune in thus opportunity to get relief for this egregious violation so that any parent wrongfully lost custodial rights may have a chance in repairing the damages.

Our children deserve better. We deserve better. I demand delivery on what's in our children's best interests. I will remove him from bench and seek policy reform and grand jury indictment for all under oath of office, whom aid in this extortion and theft of our children.

As for myself, I lost parental rights for a text sent after 12am as harrasment. Had a medical exparte ripped up in my face and ignored. And now it's been over a year since I've seen my daughter. There is no aid or instruction for respondents and all that amongst angst and turmoil.?

So rather than take the money and run. I considered how I would never want another parent to experience this, so I offer...? Hope and retribution. Share your story, knowledge and join my class action or don't. Won't matter either way for I am the one whom will remove thus Sith lord from cleargy.

by Melinda Eicher
I am a victim of domestic violence and lost my baby boy at only 15 months. My abusive ex gained custody WHILE he was fighting a felony domestic violence where he strangled and bit my face drawing blood. He terrorized my life the past 7 years using our son as a weapon and tool for power and control over me. Intimidation and threats to kill me bury me if I attempted to take him back to court to get even a pice of custody.
My son has been neglected and suffers severe emotional and psychological damgage from the manipulation of his father.
My ex is a two striker facing his third strike and was recently arrested for possessing firearms and drugs under the same roof as my son. I thankfully had my son in my care when his dad was arrested after the Santa Cruz Sherriffs raided his home and despite filing a ex parte for custody it was denied by Rebecca Connelly on April 15 of this year and the old TEMPORARY custody orders we have remained the same along with a minor slap on the hand for my ex yet because he filed a fraudulent 3044 DVRO on me along with false accusations of vandalizing his vehicle WHILE he was fighting his DV CHARGES in November 2014 did so knowing he would gain sole custody of our son and use him as a tool to hide behind and as an excuse.
There is something very wrong with this corrupt system and children getting taken away from the “friendly” parent. I never experienced Marigona however Almquist was the presiding judge in our original custody case in 2014 and 2015. Ariadne SYMONS was the judge who heard the 3044 DVRO filed against me which I knew NOTHING about or was explained the “rebuttable presumption” . Had I known or had the family court did their duty to inform me I could have rebutted it easily if I presented them with the sherriff report from July 4, 2014 where my ex was arrested on felony DV charges and was in fact the perpetrator Not myself which by failire to recognize me as a victim of dv and lack of proper protocol on the mediatiors part, Kimberly Prohaska, she NEGLIGENTLY AND CARELESSLY FAILED TO MAKE ANY ATTEMPT TO PROPERLY INVESTIGATE OR FOLLOW RULES OF COURT PROTOCOL FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASES. Thus throwing my precious son into the hands of a perpetrator of domestic violence and mentally unstable father whom only wanted to use my son to make him look good and for further acts of post separation abuse, control by coersion using my son, and using the legal system to abuse me as well. The bond was interrupted between my son and I at an early age and over the years both my son and myself have been re traumatized and revictimized and he has perpetrated more acts of domestic violence includong sexual assault and threats to kill me, shoot me, and taking my son where I can never see him. He has in every attempts assasinated my character, even attempted to have me arrested and yet custody remains with him and leaves my son wondering where I am . Parental Alienation at its finest and conflicts of interest as well as other illegal acts by the system who preaches to protect children. It’s a contradiction of law and abuse of discretion by the courts a violation of civil rights and takes away my right to live in peach and quiet enjoyment. I have endured almost a DECADE of abuse my my ex and this very corrupt and very flawed legal system. I intend to file a lawsuit as well and while no amount of
Money can get the time back I missed in my sons life or the turmoil it’s brought to me it can at least assist in the therapy both my son and i will have to endure . I will never give up on my son. But this county is so sadly corrupt and flawed it make me sick !
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