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On 100th Anniversary Of CCP, Namibian Rossing Miners Call On Xi-Jinping To Rehire Miners
by Labor Video Project
Thursday Jul 1st, 2021 10:55 AM
On the anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, the nine fired union leaders of the Mineworkers Union Of Namibia Rossing Branch mine called on CCP Chair Xi-Jinping to order their rehiring at Chinese state owned Chinese National Nuclear Corporation owned mine at Rossing
The Mineworkers Union Of Namibia Rossing Branch leadership won a labor board ruling that rejected the efforts of the state owned Chinese National Nuclear Corporation to stall the arbitration by appealing ot the labor board to take the case. Two members of the Executive Committee Branch secretary George Martin and Julius Ashipala and their union lawyer Hewat Beukes discuss the meaning of this ruling and their struggle to get their jobs back at the historic mine in Namibia. The mines at this uranium mine in Namibia played a critical role in the fight against the apartheid South African regime which controlled Namibia and exploited it's resources.

They also discuss their appeal to Chinese President Xi-Jinping on the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party to order their rehiring at the mine and also discuss the deadly dangers of the pandemic now engulfing Namibia.

This interview by WorkWeek was done on 6/30/21.

Additional media:
Namibia Mine Workers Union Rossing Leaders Report On CNNC & Letter To Chinese President Xi-Jinping

The Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) Rossing Branch & The Struggle of The Namibian Working Class

Namibian Rössing Mine Workers Face Covid-19 & Attacks From State Owned China National Uranium
Corporation Limited (CNUC)

Namibia Rössing, union in wage deadlockössing-union-in-wage-deadlock
China and Namibia Rössing Workers on Collision Course

Namibia MUN claims China National Nuclear Corporation is falling short of its Rossing promises

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Namibia says China can buy Rio's uranium stake if it respects laws

International Labor Solidarity Committee For The Namibian Miners

Petition To Support The Rehiring of the Miners
Labor Video Project

Solidarity Statement with Bessemer Alabama Amazon Workers From Namibia Mineworkers Union Rossing Branch
We send you heartfelt greeting of solidarity from Namibia beyond the ocean to your robust struggle and express our fierce condemnation of what is happening in Alabama to the Amazon workers as they fight for the Union rights and against systemic racism.
As the nine unlawfully and illegally dismissed Branch Executive Committee of China National Nuclear Rossing Uranium Ltd, we stand in complete solidarity with all the workers fighting to defend and expand their rights and the discrimination you’re fighting back is just one of many
injustices. It’s a blatant example persecution.
The management had no right to dismiss us, they claim we acted as Union Executives yet they dismissed us in our individual capacities and they plotted and formed special relationships with our Regional Leaders of the Mineworkers Union of Namibia and the General Secretary of Mineworkers Union of Namibia.
We were dismissed on the 29th September 2020 and up to date the Mine Workers Union of Namibia’ National Executive Committee and Regional Committees did not to challenge or condemn the company’s actions and neither did they express any solidarity towards us.
We firmly believe that the only way to achieve unity as working class and be liberated once and for all, is by strengthening the power of workers movements and unity across the world, a task that we are apportioned to fight.
We call on all the workers and comrades to stand with our comrades of Bessemer Alabama Amazon Workers in solidarity and condemn any employer or individuals that violates workers’ rights globally.
The challenges faced by the Amazon workers are of grave concern, hence we call on all the Amazon workers to vote for a Union to address their plight and free them from the modern imperialist enslavement. A people united shall never be defeated.
Our Branch Executive Committee stand in solidarity with the Namibian fishermen who after a 5-year struggle have emerged victorious and retained their employment, solidarity with dockworkers at Walvisbay Harbour who have been illegally dismissed and the striking Shoprite workers that won their demands and returned to work.
The Union will always advocate for fairness, equal treatment and justice for all and remember that victory is certain if we all unite and stop this vicious capitalist masters.
In Solidarity,
The 9 Unlawfully Dismissed Branch Executive Committee of China National Nuclear Corporation Rossing Branch Limited.
Namibia Mineworkers Union Rossing Branch Secretary George Martin
International Labor Solidarity Committee for Namibian Miners
Petition For The Reinstatement of the Nine Unlawfully and Illegally Dismissed Branch Executive Committee of Mine Workers Union of Namibia Rossing Uranium Limited Mineworkers Union Rossing Branch Secretary George Martin

International Labor Solidarity Committee for Namibian Miners
Petition For The Reinstatement of the Nine Unlawfully and Illegally Dismissed Branch Executive Committee of Mine Workers Union of Namibia Rossing Uranium Limited

For further information & for solidarity statements contact
Johannes Hamutenya NMWU Rossing Branch Chair
jhamutenya [at] or 00264 81 41 000 17
George Martin, NMWU Rossing Branch Secretary
nehoya141082 [at]

Namibia Mine Workers Union Rossing Branch Letter to Chinese President Xi-Jinping

In Africa there is a thread that connects us together, we believe in an African adage" Muntu Muntu Movantu" a person is a person because of persons.

It was never the rabbit or tortoise, the lion or the ant, it is and was always all about the community, sharing and caring for one another and that is why although we are the mother of civilization, it was never used to colonise others, we always strive to be one people on smaller and large scale, that to us is communism and spectacular socialism, that ideology widens our arms to welcome citizens of the world in their various forms as brothers and sisters in macro economics as investors.

The Light Away Difference

Under Rio Tinto, as employees of Rossing Uranium Limited we were part of the greater Rio Tinto and enjoyed sound labour relations characterized by humanity, respect and mutual benefit for employer and employees, compliance with legislations, etc., we co existed, enjoyed industrial stability, peace and harmony.

We always strive and looked forward to a better tomorrow, a notion and an ideology that seemed alien to Chinese government employees assigned to Rossing Uranium Limited as Management under the Chinese watch.

Harassment and Job Security Mirth

Although continuity of employment was under threat as Rio Tinto sought to diversify, the announcement that Chinese Owned Company was the new majority shareholders terrified sending shock waves to employees. Negating employees to demand a pay out from Rio Tinto before CNNC takes over, however Rio Tinto assured employees that CNNC was carefully selected, it is a Chinese company with a high level of ethics and that we should be rest assured and they will be a good employer, a dream we had awaken from.

We can only conclude that if that was image, then it seems that during the selection the claws were retracte because immediately upon arrival we started receiving requests to renegotiate agreements that we have enjoyed over many years under Rio Tinto.

Perpetually demanded the changing of employment conditions to less favorable and the Revocation of the existing procedural (recognition) agreement, leave days, Sick leaves days, recruitment policy and the performance and conduct procedure (disciplinary code) etc,.

As Namibians the least we can get for exploitations of our natural resources is discent employment, no slavery, no victimization, no exploitation, no abuse, no intimidation, no unbearable conditions, etc.

During the diplomatic meetings, we were repeatedly reminded of the role the People Republic of China played during the fight of the war our liberation, independence, against lawless, discrimination, economic slavery, corruption, abuse of power, autocracy, dictatorship, colonization, etc.,

It seems the savior have become the killer, as it seems more of changing of hands, from a hyena to a tiger. There is no difference between that dark dispensation and these deplorable exploitative and draconian iron fist dehumanizing treatment that we were subjected too as Union leaders and for the management of Rossing Uranium Ltd to scoope to such low, cheap and uncalled for tactics just to get rid of us putting the workers through the very oppressing system that our forefathers fought through the struggles.

Your Chinese Nationals at Rossing Uranium Limited profess to be people of peace, it is not so in its real sense but its rather Marshall law, do as the master says and rulling by inflicting fear. That is exactly what Chinese Management Assigned to Rossing Uranium Ltd did to us without a single ethical, emotional or humantarian consideration. We are left to question the real advancement of this Chinese management, can it be that we are dealing with coded machines under instruction to destroy?

It further seems, when we rejected bribe advances from Mr Feng, we became meat. It is a shame that the next uprising in Namibia or greater Africa or the world is an uprising against Chinese colonialism.

The Chinese ambassador to Namibia committed that Rossing will operate for many years, we never knew it will come at the price of slavery.

Your citizens deployed as management orchestrated our dismissal at all cost, they started by threatening us, writing letters of instruction to the union head office to discipline us, threatening to remove our agreements and privileges and finally touching us and our family by fabricating charges on witch hunt tactics and doing everything in their power against all odds to dismiss us.

We the nine dismissed employees have an average of 102 people that directly depended on us month to month, we bought cars, houses, clothing and furniture on credit, some of our kids were attending private schools, being driven every day to school by ourselves or by taxis, today we are not able to provide for our families just because of exercising union rights as represented of employees as per the Labour Act 11 of 2007 and Procedural (Recognition) agreement 14 November 1988 and the Namibian Constitution.

Under Rio Tinto, Rossing was always an employer of choice, however under the Chinese majority ownership, it has become an employer of no choice and un

Mr Xi Ping, communism that you and the good people of China stand for is about community, the people and their welfare. The action of your citizens not only threatens the stability, sovereignty and constitutionalism but also the already destatible name not only of your people but nation.

The hate and destate will continue to rise if you as the chief in command does not take a stand of humanity against the humanitarian crimes that your people have committed against us.

Unless it is your instruction to subdue, conquer, eliminate others and enslave others. If it is not, then we seek your solidarity stance, your intervention to restore our employment and equally pronounce a word to your people at Rossing Uranium Limited and the greater Namibia to refrain from mistreating Namibian employees.

Although we believe that you will act, time is against us as we do not know how long it will take for this letter to get to you, if ever and when will you act. Our families and us are in dare need of survival, we are sowing in the wind hoping seeding for a ground harvest.

Our names have been made dirty and tarnished, getting employment in Namibia is almost impossible, it is the same as expecting a Chicken to grow teeth, therefore re-employment looks like the only option that can happen if you intervene.

Mean while as we eagerly await your imminent intervention, We appeal to the international communities, Unions in Africa, America, Australia, Russia, United Kingdom, South and Noth America, in China and Asia and to all non governmental, etc, to help us to fight this morden colonialism and slavery.

Yours Comradely,

The 9 dismissed Rossing Branch Executive Committee members

For further information & for solidarity statements contact
Johannes Hamutenya NMWU Rossing Branch Chair
jhamutenya [at]
George Martin, NMWU Rossing Branch Secretary
nehoya141082 [at]


在非洲有一句格言能將我們的距離拉近,我們相信非洲格言"MuntuMuntuMovantu",人之所以為人是因為人。 我們之間的關係並不是兔子與烏龜,獅子或螞蟻。 我們應該互助互信互愛,這就是為什麼雖然非洲是人類誕生的搖籃,我們卻從來不奴役其他人,不論是小到人民或是大到國家我們總是向著共產主義和壯觀的社會主義努力,這種意識形態使我們強大,並歡迎世界公民兄弟姐妹以各種形式作為宏觀經濟的作為投資者。

我們作為雇員,曾在力拓公司下享有良好的勞動關係,非常人性化、僱主和雇員相互尊重和互信互利、在遵守法律規定下,我們是共生的關係,享受公司的穩定、和平與和諧。 我們一直努力朝一個更美好的明天邁進,這樣的概念與意識形態,似乎新上任的中國官員似乎完全不了解。




作為納米比亞人,我們希望以我們的自然資源來交換一份體面的工作,沒有奴役,沒有受害,沒有剝削,沒有虐待,沒有恐嚇,沒有惡劣的工作條件等等。在外交會議上,中國政府不斷提醒我們他們曾幫助我們對抗、獨立、反對不法、歧視、經濟奴役、腐敗、濫用權力、獨裁、獨裁、殖民化等, 看來救世主已經成了殺手,看來我們只是從虎口轉到蛇口之下。我們所遭遇到的不法與剝削與之前並無不同,我們所遭到的打壓甚至猶有過之, 我們依然像我們的祖先一樣為生存而掙扎奮鬥。

你們在公司高層的中國官員自稱希望和平解決,他所做的更像是戒嚴,要我們言聽計從,並通過製造恐懼令行禁止。中國管理層對我們所做的,既不道德、不合情不合禮亦不合法。我們強烈懷疑中國政府給我們帶來的是進步還是毀滅?現在看來,當我們拒絕方先生的賄賂時,我們就成了盤中肉。遺憾的是,納米比亞、非洲或世界的下一次起義是反對中國殖民主義的起義。 當時中國駐納米比亞大使向我們承諾,羅辛鈾公司將運作多年不會驟然倒閉,我們卻不知道這意味著此公司接下來對我們的奴役。

公司的管理層,認為與我們溝通是浪費時間,並想直接開除不聽話的員工。 他們一開始從威脅我們,並寫譴責信給我們的公會,希望工會能管束我們,威脅要取消約定好的工作福利與條件,最後竟捏造不實的指控給我們的家人,並盡其所能解僱我們。


在力拓(Rio Tinto)的收購下,羅辛鈾一直是員工中排名第一的大公司,然而在中國多數股權之下的羅辛鈾已成為員工無奈的選擇或著是失業。





當資本主義解放資本家在公開市場上奴役和剝削工人階級時,我們知道俄羅斯和中國將是工人階級從資本主義壓迫、壓迫和剝削中解放出來的助力。 我們沒想到的是,非洲工人階級在脫離殘酷的資本主義剝削之後所換來的不是解放,我們現面臨著失去一切,那是我們與我們祖先一個多世紀以來苦苦奮鬥和犧牲所得來。 我們懇求你們進行干預,恢復我們的權利,並協助我們進一步鞏固我們的公會和法律權利。我 們懇求你, 聯絡羅辛鈾管理層。


Chinese Owners Bring In Strike Breakers At Namibian Karibib Mine & MUN Fired Rossing Miners JoinTheir Striking Brothers In Karibib
526 views•Apr 17, 2021
MUN Rossing Miners With Their Striking Brothers In Karibib
Namibian Broadcasting Corporation

Striking employees of Best Cheer company in Karibib blocked entrances to the premises on Friday, after management
allegedly hired replacement workers. The workers who have been on a legal strike since Monday are demanding a
salary increment of N$1 200 and N$700 on housing allowance
Namibia Karibib quarry workers 
down tools
Best Cheer Investments Namibia (Pty) Ltd is part of the Chinese international corporation Best Cheer Stone Group and operates quarries on the outskirts of Karibib and Omatjete.
News - National | 2021-04-14Page no: 3
by Ester Mbathera

NO HIKE NO WORK … Workers of the Best Cheer Investments Namibia (PTY) Ltd, a marble granite cutting and processing company near Karibib downed tools over failed salary negotiations on Monday. Photo: Contributed
MORE than 150 workerss at Best Cheer Investments Namibia (Pty) Ltd, a marble granite cutting and processing company near Karibib, downed tools on Monday, because of deadlocked salary negotiations.
The industrial action was organised by the western regional chapter of the Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN).

The salary negotiations date back to 2019 and the company has refused to offer any increase.

According to the union, the company persisted not to t increase salaries, citing a strained economic climate and Covid-19-related issues.

In 2020, the union revised its initial proposal which was rejected by the company.

According to the MUN's Erongo region coordinator George Ampweya, the refusal by the company to negotiate led to a deadlock which forced the union to refer the matter to the Office of the Labour Commissioner for conciliation in March 2020.

“This not only serves as an indication that the management of Best Cheer Investments Namibia continues to fail dismally in decently compensating its employees. It remains a clear indication that they would insist on perpetuating slave wages and precarious working conditions for their employees,” said Ampweya.

The union is demanding that employees' basic salaries be adjusted from N$3 070 to N$4 270 with a further N$700 housing allowance for those who reside in town or as a bush allowance for those who reside on the company's quarries.

Ampweya says the strike will continue until the demands of the workers are met or when there is some consideration from the company.

He accused the company of breaking the strike rule by using other employees to do the job of the striking workers.

“This was brought to our attention and they said they would sort it out. But now they are buying marble from a different entity. This is the marble that would have been processed by those employees currently on strike,” added Ampweya.

Best Cheer Investments Namibia (Pty) Ltd is part of the Chinese international corporation Best Cheer Stone Group and operates quarries on the outskirts of Karibib and Omatjete.

The company's resource manager, Lavino Plato, said they held extensive negotiations throughout with the union and genuinely considered the demands of the employees.

“The MUN and the employees fail to understand and accept the fact that 2020 was an extraordinarily difficult year for the business. It was a year that not we or anyone could have predicted or sufficiently prepared for. As a consequence, 2020 has unfortunately left the company vulnerable, [and] although our position has improved somewhat, it remains volatile,” said Plato.

She added that factors such as consumer prices, product quality, demand, levies, interest, inflation and the Covid-19 pandemic have affected the company's finances, which will take time to recover.
§Namibia Rossing Mine Owned By Chinese National Nuclear Corporation
by Labor Video Project
Thursday Jul 1st, 2021 10:55 AM
The state owned Chinese National Nuclear Corporation illegally fired the 9 executive leaders of the Mineworkers Union Of Namibia Rossing branch mine. They recently won a lawsuit at the labor board to stall the case and starve them out. This company and other Chinese companies have bought all the uranium mines in Namibia and also many marble mines.
§Husab MUN Miners Protest Replacement of Namibian Workers
by Labor Video Project
Thursday Jul 1st, 2021 10:55 AM
The MUN Husab miners recently had a protest against the Chinese owners replacing Namibian workers with Chinese employees that they were ordered to train to do their jobs. With unemployment of 50% in Namibia this union busting tactic is causing growing anger in the working class.
§General Strike Of Namibian Miners In 1971
by Labor Video Project
Thursday Jul 1st, 2021 10:55 AM
The history of the Rossing miners is central to the liberation of the Namibian working class against the South African apartheid regime which controlled Namibia. This historic mine and the workers are now fighting the new owners from China who wanted concession on their healthcare and also who were importing Chinese employees to take jobs that Namibian workers can do.
§Namibian Karibib Marble Mine Workers Struck For Better Wages
by Labor Video Project
Thursday Jul 1st, 2021 10:55 AM
The Namibian Karibib MUN marble mine workers went on strike for better wages and conditions. The strike was broken by the Chinese company who brought in scabs.
§Stop Union Busting In Namibia Now
by Labor Video Project
Thursday Jul 1st, 2021 10:55 AM
At a previous arbitration Namibian workers demanded an end to union busting by the China National Nuclear Corporation.
§Striking Karibib Miners Demanding A Housing Allowance
by Labor Video Project
Thursday Jul 1st, 2021 10:55 AM
Striking MUN Karibib miners demanded a housing allowance for them and their families. The strike was broken by the Chinese owned company.
by Labor Video Project
Thursday Jul 1st, 2021 10:55 AM
Namibia MUN Rossing Branch Chair Johannes Hamutenya protested against his firing and the firing of eight other members of their branch executive committee. The state owned Chinese National Nuclear Corporation CNNC is now trying to stall having the arbitration of their firing and they had a recent setback by the ruling of the state labor board.
§Rossing Not Above The Law
by Labor Video Project
Thursday Jul 1st, 2021 10:55 AM
MUN fired miners and their supporters demanded that the CNNC owners of the Rossing mine should not be above the law.
§MUN Rossing Branch Union Leaders Appealed To CCP Chair Xi-Jiinping
by Labor Video Project
Thursday Jul 1st, 2021 10:55 AM
The Mineworkers Union of Namibia Rossing branch leadership has written a letter to CCP President Xi-Jinping calling on him to order the state owned Chinese National Nuclear Corporation CNNC to rehire the fired miners.
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