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NDP Spending Precious Listener Dollars
by Otis Maclay
Saturday Jun 26th, 2021 1:17 PM
New Day Pacifica spends listener dollars to destroy Pacifica!
One of the issues I have not noticed being discussed in the endless threads about Pacifica is the use the voluntarily donated listener dollars are put to. We should generally be cognizant that Pacifica is supported exclusively by donations from listeners: donations given exclusively voluntarily. We do not yet have the radio police who can enforce listeners to pay for what they hear. And, it should be mentioned that our statistics, such as they are, show that about 1 in 16 listeners actually feel the need to support the station they're listening to.

Generally speaking, they are supporting one or more radio programs probably because they perceive some kind of connection with the content of what they're hearing.
It's a fairly simple structure - give people something interesting to them and some will voluntarily choose to support it.
In short, people pay for the radio they like. And, I would venture, they expect their voluntarily donated funds will be used to support that radio and continue to improve it.

This structure does make a couple of assumptions, the most obvious being that the listeners are supporting radio shows. That suggests an implicit contract between Pacifica and its supporters: that Pacifica will use that money for the purpose the listener intended. I don't think there's anything mysterious or revolutionary about that. I think almost all non-profits operate that way. We support the ACLU so it can do what it needs to do to protect the Bill of Rights. People support my wife's Forgotten Felines of Texas to make sure feral (predominantly) cats are trapped, neutered and released.

Interestingly, it has been shown recently that one well-known non-profit has used the membership's contributions for purposes other than the donors intended. Of course, I'm referring to the NRA. I'm not sure how the members feel because I don't know many of them. My last interaction with the NRA was in 1951 when I got my marksman medal at summer camp. I have since lost it.

While I digress, I believe I can show that there is some relevance to the erudite discussions among Pacificans in due time.

To restate the obvious, I am guessing that listeners who are the sole support of Pacifica assume their voluntary donations will be used to keep the stations on the air and accessible to them. I'm guessing that they know we have to pay the light bill, the phone bill, the various staff who do the work required to keep a radio station going. I'm guessing they know we have to pay rent at some stations, even lawyers from time to time.

I'm not convinced they were expecting to pay for the costs imposed by a group of people who have decided that they are the solution to Pacifica's problems. We all fall into that category from time to time, but we don't generally charge tens of thousands of dollars to enforce it.

It's an interesting situation. A group of people, twice now, (with different names for their group) have taken advantage of Article 17, Section 1 of the bylaws they propose to replace to force the expenditure of substantial listener dollars for the sole purpose of putting themselves in charge of Pacifica and its substantial assets. Not to mention their lawsuits of questionable purpose. Or the funds wasted in shutting down one of our stations.

The funds, necessarily, will come from the same source which keeps us on the air - funds expected by the donors to be used for that purpose.

So this brings me to the issue I would like to place in the discussion.

Given the financial situation of Pacifica; given the somewhat precarious status of some of our stations; and even given some of the improved attention those in our evolving governance structure have directed toward these problems, does it seem that NDP is primarily composed of people who do not understand the basics of how Pacifica works? Is it possible that they believe listeners actually donate, not to hear their favorite programs, but to allow a group of people to do hostile takeovers of non-profits? Could it be that those behind NDP believe that listeners want their donations to build them a bylaws sandbox for their exclusive use to create castles for the rest of us to admire?

Or is it just that they are completely oblivious to the work our members have to do to come up with the money NDP is willing to use for their non-radio purposes. They are certainly willing to spend it on stuff that has nothing to do with the words which appear repeatedly in Pacifica's mission statement: 'in radio broadcasting...'.

They have already done this once to a resounding defeat. Now they're doing it again and using more large sums of money which is now not being used to support 'In radio broadcasting...'.

My bottom line: I don't see how I can possibly trust a group of people this obstinately oblivious of the purpose of the organization they are proposing to control. In our current situation, wouldn't responsible people be attempting to use our limited funds for some useful purposes which relate to what we do instead of their fantasies of power and control? If they spend money for this, what's next? What can they possibly offer of value except the value to their perceived needs?

My bottom line: (again), I don't think they give a damn about Pacifica or the mission, and certainly not about the listeners whose commitment to Pacifica they are abusing shamefully. I absolutely do not want the insensitivity they display in their exorbitant quest for power reflected in the governance of an organization devoted to democracy, messy though it be.

My bottom line: (finally), I think they're not the NDP, they're the NRA. The 'No Radio At-all' crowd. If they win, I predict their first act will be to order a two week retreat in the Caymans. Or possibly Mar-A-Lago. Paid for, of course, with... well, I'm pretty sure you get the idea. It definitely would be a new day.

Please if you care about Pacifica, if you care about the values Pacificans subscribe to, if you're willing to give us all a chance to win at this complex attempt to get democracy to give us what we all want, if you value humanity over efficiency, vote a thumping, absolute, unqualified, expressive and very loud NO.
by P.K. McCary
Saturday Jun 26th, 2021 5:20 PM
As the Secretary of the KPFT Community Advisory Board (CAB), I find it both disgraceful and distasteful that we are once again subjected to the slings and arrows of those who would control Pacifica for the benefit of the "few." This article gives the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and it saddens me to know that not enough individuals will read this. I will continue to put it up on social media, but thank you, Otis for your insight in a difficult time for Pacifica.
by Akio Tanaka
Saturday Jun 26th, 2021 6:30 PM
Main duty duty of the PNB is to ensure the financial health of the Foundation.

Unfortunately, the Foundation has been on the brink of financial collapse for several years due to mismanagement and self-serving and/or incompetent board members who just keep kicking the can down the road.

The New Day Pacifica is proposing a governance that has a chance at ensuring the financial health of the Foundation.

Otis might be right that, “If they win, I predict their first act will be to order a two week retreat in the Caymans. Or possibly Mar-A-Lago. Paid for, of course, with... well, I'm pretty sure you get the idea.

I think that , “If ‘they’ win, they will try to bring everyone together.”
by Bullshit Detector
Sunday Jun 27th, 2021 12:08 PM
Maclay's comment is right on point and is informed by his decades of work for Pacifica Radio. Unlike many, Maclay has walked his talk and has done significant good for both Pacifica and independent media in general.

Vote no on the New Day bylaws.

Tanaka, who gets installed as the board secretary for three years if the New Day bylaws pass is a) conflicted as he personally benefits from the adoption of the New Day bylaws and b) a former national board member who is a personal example of whatever incompetence and mismanagement he is complaining about.

New Day can't have it both ways. They tell you that these new bylaws and change are necessary, then they propose that 75% of the board officers be former members of the national board. Change would mean different people, not Tanaka and Goodman and Foley AGAIN.

This is the intellectual dishonesty being practiced by New Day, which is simply dressing up the act of returning a handful of people to power for 3 years without the burden of a contested election or any opposition - and icing out the over 90 people across the country who have already expressed interest in running for seats.

In their first tenure on the board, none of them did anything to justify distorting the bylaws so they and only they can be the board officers until 2024.

Change is fine, but not "any change". Some changes make things worse. And that is what usually happens when a change is self-serving.

by Akio Tanaka
Sunday Jun 27th, 2021 1:06 PM
Regalia and Associate, said:
As auditors, we strongly recommend an ‘end to the infighting and unproductive arguments’ which we have witnessed by listening to and reading Board minutes.

Rogers & Company, said:
“…we also agree it would be beneficial for the Foundation to review its Bylaws and consider any revisions to simplify them and encourage ‘more productive meetings’….”

The goal is to have ‘more productive meetings’ and ‘end the infighting and unproductive arguments’.
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