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White Terrorist Murders 8 San Jose VTA Employees

by Robert Maxim
White Terrorist Samuel Cassidy murdered 8 individuals at a VTA rail yard.
As the events are currently unfolding, it is important to note that the media will likely classify this as a “lone wolf incident.” It must be stated clearly and on the record, that Samuel Cassidy was a white terrorist who murdered in the same vein of all incel mass shooters. A self repressed idiot who was likely angry with his own inadequacies. One must be careful to not editorialize, and yet I am giving this man publicity he does not deserve. Call it like it is. Samuel Cassidy: White Terrorist. This is a Terrorist act. This is not a lone wolf. Any media outlet who classifies this as a “lone wolf” situation should lose legitimacy. It is time to call it like you see it — white terrorism. From a white guy who fits the profile, who rejects this. Stop doing this shit in my fucking name.

by Robert Maxim
It still causes me dismay to see mass shootings happening in the workplace especially. People go to work to feel safe, and when one walks through the doors of their office , their second homes, to see their second families, people forced to interact with each other with pleasantries, knowing they’d never have anything else in common outside of earning a paycheck together. They were forced to interact with this individual who most likely exhibited textbook warning signs. One time I had a job interview and they said, “we are a family company.” I’m still trying to discern whether or not this is a good thing. I fit the textbook profile of these individuals who carry out these unspeakable acts, to the extent that I am a white male and other benign statistics. When I talk to my contemporaries of other races, it is an unspoken understanding that white people are a specifically cruel species. Every fucking day, I see this on the news, that another white guy between the ages of 20 something and 50 something was angry at the world and shot up the place and killed a lot of people. Twenty years ago, David Bowie was afraid of Americans, afraid of the world, and he was afraid he couldn’t help it. And I have come to the realization that this paranoid perception is now a reality. What is happening in society ? No person deserves to show up in the workplace, for their families, only to be murdered by an individual with the unfair advantage of their legally-protected firearm. To the families — seek recompense. Get strapped with attorneys. Look for third party liability like this guy’s mental health providers who should have stopped him before he killed. Find the best representation you can. I am ashamed to be a Caucasian individual at this point. I see no other races carrying out these terrorist acts. This needs to be labeled , identified and prosecuted as a separate crime entirely.
by Fact checker
Investigative journalists have dug up some worthwhile information on shooter Cassidy at

1. The shooter, Sam Cassidy, had a work disciplinary hearing scheduled the day of the shooting. He was being disciplined despite the fact that he was a long time employee, making over $100,000 a year in salary and overtime, enough to buy a home in San Jose. This means his anger management problems were not new to his employer.

2. In 2016, Cassidy was stopped by US Customs when returning from the Philippines with books on terrorism. There is no explanation as why a middle aged single white American male was traveling to the Philippines at all.

3. Cassidy had three semiautomatic handguns and 32 loaded high-capacity 12 round magazines. High capacity magazines are illegal in California. How did he get the high capacity magazines and the 3 handguns? When were all of these deadly weapons bought? California is supposed to have strict gun control laws. Somebody was not monitoring these purchases.

4. "A locker at the rail yard believed to be the gunman’s contained “materials for bombs, detonator cords, the precursors to an explosive."" This indicates long time planning.

5. "The shooter appeared to to have a timer or device to set his home on fire 13 miles away from the VTA scene." This indicates not just insanity, but some military training. We have yet to hear about Cassidy's military background.

6. At, we learn that Cassidy was married for 10 years, then divorced in 2009, so there is a court record of a divorce although we do have no fault divorce in California. His ex-wife says he had anger management problems and had talked about killing co-workers. His ex-girlfriend had to get a restraining order (court document) because he raped her and was very volatile, especially when drunk.

So far, he sounds an awful lot like the seditious insurrectionists at the January 6, 2021 fascist attempt to overthrow the US government by force and violence. Most of the participants were minimally educated white men ranging in age from 30 to 60. A significant percentage had military training. By definition, since they all falsely believed in Nazi Trump's obvious lie that he thought he won the election, they were mentally ill, as was Cassidy.
by Fact checker
The US Customs is part of the "Homeland" Security Agency created by Bush #2, after the 9/11 Inside Job, obviously a decision made long before the 9/11 Inside Job which was perpetrated to promote fascism at home and war abroad to maximize the profits of the oil and munitions makers, the only reason the military exists. In addition to terrorism manuals from the Philippines and no explanation given as to what Cassidy was doing in the Philippines, Customs found a notebook by Cassidy describing his grievances against various fellow workers and FAILED TO NOTIFY Cassidy's employer. This was FIVE YEARS AGO, when 9 lives could have been saved. This should make it very clear that we have no security from the warfare state. The munitions industry is part of the war machine.

Cassidy's father, who must be over 80 if Cassidy is 57, stated Cassidy was "bipolar" which is a mental illness. Cassidy's fellow workers complained about Cassidy's mental state and his racism, yet management DID NOTHING.

Cassidy's house was filled with Molotov cocktails, 12 more guns and 22,000 rounds of ammunition yet somehow NO ONE NOTICED and NO ONE DID ANYTHING. This is not credible.

Apparently, there was no disciplinary hearing scheduled.

When a government fails to do the elementary tasks of protecting its people, it loses all credibility. We now have daily reports of mass shootings in this country, a sign of mass insanity and a refusal on the part of the government at any level to stop the sale of weapons.

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