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Faculty & Students Rally/Speak-out As AFT 2121 Leaders Make Major Concessions On Salaries
by Labor Video Project
Monday May 10th, 2021 5:18 PM
San Francisco Community College faculty, students and supporters rallied at SF City hall on 5-8-21 and the leadership announced that they had made major economic concessions demanded by the administration and Board of Trustees which they called a "bitter sweet victory".
After pushing a massive concession proposal contract by AFT top officials, AFT 2121 faculty, students and community members spoke out and rallied on 5/8/21 at SF City Hall against the ongoing attacks on the community college by the administration, Board of Trustees and other politicians.

They also marched through part of San Francisco.

SEIU 1021 which represents the staff boycotted the rally and march and their leadership have supported the administration a
nd also supported the closure of the Fort Mason CCSF art school. The administration and Board of Trustees threatened to lay-off 160 faculty members unless the union made major economic concessions and also withheld financial information on the financial information which is an unfair labor practice.

Faculty members and students are angry about the shutdown of classes including ESL, Ethnic studies, nursing, music, vocational training, SFO maintenance training center and many other programs. The State Democrats iincluding San Francisco Democrats have have also pushed through a funding formula pushed by Lumina that punishes Community Colleges and pushes privatization of education.

The union leadership had also previously opposed a resolution of no confidence on the administration although it has nearly 2500 signatures arguing that it was not the right time.The concession contract will also be used by other community colleges to attack their faculty although tens of millions of dollars of covid funding is coming to the colleges.

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Production of Labor Video Project

AFT 2121 Union Leadership Pushes Concession Bargaining & Contract Language

Do you accept the Temporary Impacts Bargaining Agreement?

To view the temporary impacts bargaining agreement click here.

A yes vote means a temporary salary reduction to rescind the 163 FT layoff notices and keep part time faculty jobs.

A no vote means giving the Board of Trustees permission to lay off full time faculty, and further reduce the Fall/Spring 21/22 schedule.

Select exactly 1 of 2 options.


Comment: The union position is that we should vote yes. Notice the language and put it in the context of what has recently happened. Some 250 part-timers lost their jobs for this school year so there are now a little over 500 part-time faculty working at CCSF. "A yes vote means...keep part time faculty jobs." The number of jobs is not specified -- 5 jobs?, 50 jobs? 500 jobs?

FYI: Under the temporary agreement, there is an allowance for up to a 12% reduction in classes from this year for the 2021-2022 school year. Part time jobs will be determined on how far the cuts go and how many full-time faculty retire--presumably freeing up their classes and having at least some of them taught by part timers.

Specified is that a no vote gives the board "permission to lay-off full time faculty" and reduce the schedule further. More part-timers are likely to be laid off whether there is a yes or no vote--that is not clarified. Would the board approve reducing the schedule by more than 12% compared to the schedule for this year?

Bargaining to save jobs – Spring 2021
After a grueling week, our bargaining team has reached a tentative agreement! This TA will save jobs and educational opportunities. It rescinds ALL pink slips and protects FTEF to keep part-timers and full-timers employed.

This is not a perfect agreement, but it’s also far better than what we were facing just days ago. This is a short-term solution that protects jobs and courses while giving us the space we need to continue advocating for a long-term budget solution to our college.

So please vote, and know that this is a first step in a much larger fight. Instructions for voting below.

Read more about our agreement on our bargaining team’s FAQ

Join your bargaining team on May 8, 4pm for an Emergency Member Meeting to review the details of this agreement.

How to Vote!

Open Your Ballot: Check your CCSF email ( account to open your ballot email. The email will be from “AFT Local 2121 ”
Either click on the link in the email or copy the link and paste it into your browser’s address bar. Both methods will automatically take you to the ballot for the election.
Vote: You will see instructions to vote Yes or No on the agreement.
Verifying your ballot takes you to a second page, where you must click “submit” for your vote to be counted.
— You can only vote once and your ballot link cannot be shared with anyone else.

— Voting will close on Monday, 5/10, at 2:00.

— For questions and support, please contact aft2121 [at]

Impacts Bargaining: May 8th Tentative Agreement
(updated 5/8/21)

After a grueling week, our bargaining team reached a tentative agreement (TA) early Saturday!

We’ll vote this weekend. On Monday, the Board of Trustees meets to decide on the layoffs of full-timers. This agreement, if AFT 2121 members ratify it, will cancel all of those layoffs of full-time faculty and guarantee FTEF in Fall and Spring to protect part-time faculty, students, and the future of our college.

Saving Jobs: Salary & FTEF

• A one-year deal, for the 21-22 school year only.
• Save PT and FT jobs. Rescind the FT layoffs and guarantee close to the same level of FTEF in 21-22 as we had in 20-21.
• Keep 86% PT pro-rata unchanged
• Implement our step increase before any wage concessions. Step increases are a progressive measure, generally more valuable to those at the bottom of the scale.
• After step increases, make a progressive cut to wages, from around 4% at the low end of the scale to 11% at the high end. (You’ll see the number 14% being thrown around -- that is not the cut! 14% is some backend math we used to make this progressive.)
• FTEF in the Student Services Division (Counseling, Library, and more) is guaranteed to be equal in 21-22 as we had in 20-21. The only exceptions will be in cases where state categorical funding is reduced.
• FTEF in instruction in 21-22 is guaranteed to be at least 88% of what we had in 20-21. This is less than we would like but still a big step -- we don’t know of a time when we’ve ever had guaranteed FTEF at all.

Read the TA here

This calculator can show your individual salary under this proposal. Please copy or download before using it, so you have your own version.

To see the progressive range of how salary will be affected, please see the last two tabs of the calculator. They are called “percentage change with step increase” and “percentage change without step increase”. Take a look at whichever one applies to you.

More provisions on the next page…

Other provisions of this TA

• No cuts to the Office of Online Learning for Summer or Fall
• Administration will post a PDF or other static version of the class schedule. For Fall this will happen but possibly after registration starts. For Spring 2022 it will be before registration.
• No overload where PT faculty are available
• Re-employment rights for part-time faculty for 6 semesters instead of 4
• Administration must report faculty demographics to AFT
• Administration must report HEERF documentation to AFT
• AFT and the District will work together on legislative efforts to bring in more money.


• Members eligible to vote will receive a ballot from in your email. Details here.
• Voting closes at 2 pm on Monday, 5/10
• For questions and support, please contact aft2121 [at]
• This is a secret ballot, so your name cannot be linked your choice
• ElectionBuddy provides an audit allowing voters to be sure their vote was cast.

What happens after this agreement?

• Our one-year agreement does not get written into our contract. When we come back to negotiating our next contract, we work from our full contract, not from this agreement.
• We continue to bargain over the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Our budget analysis shows the financial situation isn’t nearly as bad as the District has been telling us. But there is still a gap between what the state provides our CCSF and what San Franciscans need our college to provide. We need to bring in ongoing, stable funding to protect our classes and programs.
• Contact the Mayor & Your Supervisor: Tell Them to Stand Up for City College

What happens if our members don’t ratify this agreement?

• The Board of Trustees will implement layoffs of full-time faculty.
• Administration will implement FTEF cuts that will throw thousands of students out of school and hundreds of faculty out of work.
• Administration will attack the tenure system and the rights of workers by trying to convert full-time positions to part-time.
• Those of us remaining will continue to fight. We would go back to the bargaining table and try again. But we would be doing it in a much smaller, sadder school.

§Supporters of SF City College marched in front of SF City Hall
by Labor Video Project
Monday May 10th, 2021 5:18 PM
Supporters of SF City college after the rally marched by SF City Hall. They called on SF City Supervisors and the Mayor London Breed to provide more funds to CCSF but the administration has said they are downsizing no matter how much they get since they are following the new funding formula passed by the legislature.
§Students Spoke Out After Picketing CCSF Bd Trustee Tom Temprano's Home
by Labor Video Project
Monday May 10th, 2021 5:18 PM
The students reported at the rally that after picketing the home of CCSF Board of Trustee member Tom Temprano he wanted to meet with them to talk about the issues. The AFT leadership has opposed going to the homes of these union busters and privatizers.
§Marchers Demand An End To The Education Cuts
by Labor Video Project
Monday May 10th, 2021 5:18 PM
Participants are angry that there continue to be massive cuts of classes and programs at CCSF. The AFT 2121 leadership has supported concession bargaining for more than a decade which has helped accelerate the destruction of the Community College.
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