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Vegan And Other Nonviolence News

by News Spread
Smithfield pollution, chicken rights, Supreme Court and other news
Smithfield, perhaps the largest pig murder co. in the world, has continued polluting the Atlantic and its neighbors with manure lagoons since bought by a Chinese co. Smithfield workers have had high incidence of covid

Senator Markey has asked for the appointment of 4 additional Supreme Court justices, but there are 6 Democratic senators who do not support his attempt
to offset the Supreme Court theft by Mitch McConnell. The 6 'prolife' unelected GOP justices presently
serving for life have the power to quash the will of the
majority of the American people. These 'prolife' justices are executioners of prisoners, rubber stampers of illegal wars, ignoring animal rights altogether. 2 of them hunt. Who is guilty of contempt for the US Supreme Court?
Virtually the entire world. While only 4 states murdered prisoners in 2020, the 6 'prolife' injustices denied previous SCOTUS rulings that executions were cruel and unusual as they supported those 4 state GOP governor killings.
Dr Greger: Hydrogen sulphide may play a role in ulcerative colitis. Meat causes an increase in colonic levels of hydrogen sulphide.Foods High in Toxic Hydrogen Sulfide |
Cooked beef has about 0.6 mg of hydrogen sulfide per lb, cooked lamb has closer to 0.9 milligrams per lb. Some amino acids have sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide amts tend to be higher in anaerobically packaged meat.
A progressive govt would a. tax meat b. ban meat ads on public airwaves, c. turn food stamps into vegan stamps d. end all subsidies to animal, bird and fish killing
industries Vegan Sen. Booker could speak more often about why he made the change.
1. Both through deforestation and cattle flatulence ranchers are adding to climate
extremes. 2. Nonvegetarian diseases make health care more expensive. 3. A compassionate society does not encourage animal agony and genocide. Brazilian, American and Australian ranchers have caused catastrophic
forest *
In 2009, Russia banned the hunting of harp seals less than one year old. Hopefully Russia will ban all seal hunting
Why doesn't American Heart Assoc ever run public svc spots about meat's dangers, American Cancer Society never run them about many carcinogens in meat.. the Arthritis Foundation never run them about trioxypurine (uric acid) in animal bird and fish flesh.crystallizing in needle formation around joints?
Tom O'Connor
writes that more than a third of Millennials have a strong desire to go meat-free and 15% already have.
EU proposal to require vaccination for travel is opposed
by many civil libertarians, vegans, pregnant women,
those with allergies to antibiotics, journalists who expose
vaccine profiteers in the meateating 'public health' field etc
The Alzheimer's Assoc. pays for tv ads. It does research on animals but never informs the public that the #1 cause of Alzheimer's is the homocysteine in animal protein which metabolizes into amyloid plaque blocking brain and other arteries.
If s/he eats free range eggs
1. You wouldn't think of lifting a cardinal egg out of a nest... chickens want to keep their eggs
2. Some eggs r fertilized with
beaks and claws inside
3. How many mothers of free range eggs are allowed
to die naturally
4. 99.99% of male chicks killed
Male baby chicks are killed through 1. machines which crush them into paste 2. eviscerators.. barrels of swirling knives into which they are thrown 3. gassing 4. strangling.
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