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Current Animal Rights And Environment News

by Pass It On
The consciousness of people everywhere is expanding.

Fed'l Senators, reps work to end prisoner murder.
Rep Ayanna Pressley: "State sanctioned murder is not justice"
Former gov Jesse Ventura:
"Thou shalt not kill is not asterisked with exceptions."
Sr. Helen Prejean: "The Bible belt has been the death belt."

Pescatarians, fisheaters, create fish suffocation suffering. Fish flesh includes radiation, brain destroying mercury and other heavy metals, uric acid, Alzheimer's generating homocysteine
Fish can't scream. Their flesh is neurotoxic, carcinogenic

All fishing is overfishing. Canadian seals are clubbed, Japanese dolphins are knifed, whales
are murdered by Norwegians partly because
these beings eat fish whom humans want for

Tobacco ads on public airwaves have been banned because of health risk. Animal products
cause many more annual deaths. It's time to
ban meat, fish, dairy and egg ads.. for the animals, human health, climate protection, energy conservation, higher food yield

Norman Schwarzkopf was given
an award by the Safari Club for
having killed 300 Kinds of animals.
He coordinated with McCaffrey,Powell, George H W Bush the
Highway of Death, the carpetbombing
murder of 250,000 people, children,
donkeys and dogs and the bulldozing of many of them alive.
Grocery stores which unnecessarily wrap produce in plastic
such as polyethylene, PVC, and PVDC
are polluting the world. Sticky labels, nonbiodegradable, on fruits and vegetables annoy millions and their adhesive can harm ocean fish.

New York requires vegan meal option at all hospital meals.

The US has a much higher rate of Caesarian sections than
other countries. C sections generate much higher income for doctors.
MD's impatient at waiting for a natural delivery. Uterus
damaging C sections also leave scars. Some die under anesthesia. Women gynecologists are less likely to do unnecessary surgery

Many mouthwashes and toothpastes contain animal derived glycerine.

Since Mitch McConnell refused to vote on Obama SCOTUS nominee and jammed through a prolife executioner, it is
time to make SCOTUS a 15 member court, 6 GOP and 9 Dems

Buy vegan dog food to prevent cancer, heart disease, kidney problems, arthritis etc in pets, and to
avoid killing some animals to feed others. It's time for
Nestle, owner of Purina, Rachael Ray and others to stop killing millions of
animals in dog foods.

Aldi's is an international grocery chain and should
accommodate vegans and those transitioning to it
by offering vegan icecreams and pastries. Neither are part of an ideal diet, but both are better than the animal product versions.

Leo Tolstoy was vegetarian. The Doukhobors had some connection with him
... they became vegetarian and emigrated from Russia to Canada.
Between 1899 and 1914, thousands of Doukhobors left their homeland of Russia to settle in Canada. ... In total, 7,500 Doukhobors arrived in Canada during the four voyages.,
Why Doukhobors Are Vegetarians
Current veganism in Russia

S Africa slowly embracing veganism
Vegan Australia

Covid-19: Single-use plastic impact 'will last forever'
Plastic pollution experts say the pandemic is making it hard for people to cut down on single use plastics. (Hospitals
.. always huge nonrecyclable trash generators... even worse now)

Is this the first time in its 66 year history that McDonald's will offer
a vegetarian sandwich to its US customers?

NY Mayor's office urges people to cut down on meat consumption for the sake
of climate protection.

Volvo commits to all electric cars by 2030 and to phasing out of animal

Chile slaughters around 15.4 land-based animals per person / year, which is much higher than the global average of 9.7. The country’s dependency on farm animals is relatively high, with around 5 farm animals per person (compared with a global average of around 4). Factory farming is widespread throughout the country, particularly in dairy, pig and poultry production.
Vegetarians and vegans are taxed to provide health care for those with meat, fish and dairy diseases, some of which are multiple types of cancer, animal fat based heart attacks, strokes, and aneurisms, animal protein generated Alzheimer's (animal fat and homocysteine), food poisoning, kidney dysfunction (carnivores have 5 times our kidney size per lb), arthritis from uric acid or pre-urine in meat muscle cells, addiction (the trioxypurine in meat is more addictive than dioxypurine (caffeine), impotence (animal food residue blocking penile arteries) etc.

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