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Sacred People, Sacred Earth: Global Day of Action for Climate, Racial & Poverty Justice

Thursday, March 11, 2021
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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GreenFaith International Network
Location Details:
Global livestream event; and virtual actions & SF Bay Area actions by zip code

Sacred People, Sacred Earth: Global Day of Action for Climate, Racial & Poverty Justice

Join us for one of the biggest multi-faith, world-wide day of climate action the world has ever seen because the Earth and all people are sacred and at risk.

A global, multi-faith coalition of established and emerging climate leaders in faith communities - across 14 countries - has come together to create an ambitious statement “Sacred People, Sacred Earth” and an accompanying day of action that reflects our deepest values and beliefs.

WHEN: Thursday, March 11, 2021


Watch as recording here:

FIND virtual and SF Bay Area actions here:



GreenFaith (USA and global coordinator)
Australian Religious Response to Climate Change
Instituto de Estudos da Religião (ISER – Brasil)
Faith & the Common Good (Canada)
Alianza Interreligiosa y Espiritual por el Clima (Chile)
GreenFaith India
GreenFaith Indonesia
GreenFaith Kenya
GreenFaith Nigeria, hosted at Nigerian Conservation Foundation
Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute
Inter-Religious Council of Uganda
Faith for the Climate Network (United Kingdom)
GreenFaith Zambia
GreenFaith Zimbabwe
And numerous co-sponsoring organizations


CALL TO ACTION: Join in signing the Position Statement & 10 Demands at the following link:

We are united by a fundamental belief that all people, all living things, and the Earth
are sacred.

As we consider the state of the world today, our hearts overflow with concern.

We are frightened and frustrated by the damage that COVID-19 is inflicting on our communities. The pandemic has revealed cruel injustices. The vulnerable suffer the most severe impacts.

We know about this injustice. We have seen it before. These same communities are disproportionately and catastrophically affected by the accelerating climate emergency.

Grave threats are at our door as the world shelters in place. We see the rise of increasingly unaccountable or authoritarian governments, exploitive economies, and extremist cultural forces which pit us against each other, target women and oppressed communities, and foster doubt about the science required to save life on Earth. This is a world of widespread poverty, racial and gender injustice, massive income inequality, and the devastation of nature. This version of civilization is unsustainable at every level. Worse impacts lie ahead if we do not act now.

A far better future is possible if our collective response to the pandemic and the climate crisis is guided by compassion, love and justice at a scale that meets this moment. We must not only provide the relief that so many need to survive. We must create a new culture, politics and economy of life that heals people and planet.

We envision a world transformed, in which humanity in all its diversity has developed a shared reverence for life on Earth. Together, we are building resilient, caring communities and economies that meet everyone’s needs and protect the planet. The era of conquest, extraction, and exploitation has given way to cooperation and community. The good life is one of connectedness—with each other and all of nature. It is a world of flourishing life that replaces despair with joy, scarcity with shared abundance, and privilege with justly distributed power.

The work to create this future begins now.

In the months ahead, governments and financial institutions will spend massive sums in response to the pandemic. Governments will present climate commitments at COP26 in November 2021. These actions must not perpetuate an outdated economic system that relies on fossil fuels and the destruction of the very forests, waters, oceans and soils that make life possible. Instead they should accelerate renewable energy development; ensure universal access to clean water and air, affordable clean energy, and food grown with respect for the land; create jobs paying family-sustaining wages to workers in safe conditions. Wealthy countries must take responsibility for a larger share of emissions reductions to support a global just transition. We must also prepare ourselves to welcome those who will be displaced by COVID and climate change.

Compassion, love and justice require no less of us all.

LANGUAGES: Statement also available in Arabic, Bahasa, Danish, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish

Go to:


CALL TO ACTION: Join in signing the Position Statement & 10 Demands at the following link:

As a global, multi-faith, grassroots alliance, we stand for equity and compassion for all, and we deplore injustice. We know that we cannot afford to wait for governments and financial institutions to act first; we understand that change starts with us. We are organizing grassroots people of diverse religions in support of the following demands, and we are leading by example.

We call for:

--100% renewable energy for all: Sustainable, affordable power for everyone - especially the 800 million people without access to electricity

--Global finance aligned with compassionate values: Increased financing - in COVID recovery and beyond - for renewable energy and sustainable food systems

--Jobs and healthcare for all: A just transition for workers, migrants, and communities impacted by climate change and the energy transition through healthcare, job training and placement, and other necessary support

--Respect Indigenous rights: A strong defense for the legal rights of Indigenous communities and environmental protectors

--Welcome for migrants: Generous hospitality and opportunities for climate and environmental refugees to migrate and establish new homes

--No more climate pollution: Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in wealthy countries by 2030; accelerated finance/technology transfers for global net zero before 2050

End the planet’s desecration: No new fossil fuel exploration or infrastructure, industrial agriculture, or deforestation; no more habitat or biodiversity loss

--Eliminate immoral finance: No further financing or COVID bailouts for all fossil fuels, industrial agriculture, or deforestation

--Just contributions from wealthy countries: Leadership by wealthy countries in climate financing and technology transfer, in recognition of these countries’ colonialist and environmental debt

--Bold faith community leadership: Sustained, united action guided by the teachings of our diverse religions, ushering in an equitable, peaceful life for all
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