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In opposition to PG&E’s Time-Of-Use rate plans during the covid-19 pandemic

by Lynda Carson (newzland2 [at]
Corporate Mobsters Attacking Us In The Age Of The Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic:
In opposition to PG&E’s Time-Of-Use rate plans during the covid-19 pandemic

By Lynda Carson - February 20, 2021

Oakland - On January 23, 2021, I received a notice from PG&E stating that in May 2021, my account is scheduled to transition from my current rate plan to the Time-Of-Use (Peak Pricing 4-9 p.m. Every Day) rate plan, as part of California’s statewide initiative to ensure greater power reliability and a better energy future.

This PG&E scheme is not something that I have agreed to, or requested. The notice does not mention that the elderly, those with disabilities, or people on a fixed income are exempt from this Time-Of-Use utility rate scheme.

The notice does state that if I mail a form back to PG&E by April 18, 2021, that I can retain the present rate plan that the weasels have me on. Lucky me!

Additionally, this notice from PG&E is so obscene that it does not even bother to mention how much more that someone will have to pay during the peak pricing hours, in contrast to what they pay currently.

This sounds more frightening than finding myself at Lucky grocers surrounded by a bunch of hungry shoppers who wear their face masks below their noses, or below their chins, during the midst of a covid-19 pandemic that has killed around 500,000 people across the nation during that past year.

Heads Up From Texas Utility Rate Rip Off

In recent days it has been reported that the power did not shut off for a person in Texas where there were massive power outages last week, and reportedly he now owes $16,752 as a direct result, to the utility company.

Is this a heads up in regards to what we can expect from the planned PG&E peak pricing Time-Of-Use rate paying schemes we received a notice about in January from PG&E?

Energy Rip Off Schemes In Texas

According to CNN, a Dallas resident named DeAndre Upshaw claimed it was “very Shocking” to open his latest electricity notice to learn that he owes $7,000, to the utility company where he resides. What a luck man!

Indeed, as millions of people in Texas struggle with a lack of water and food, and have been freezing their ass off because of a lack of heat in their homes during the past week because of power outages and freezing cold temperatures, reportedly many residents have already received extreme electricity bills as high as, or higher than $17,000, because of the surge in energy pricing during peak needs in Texas recently.

What is happening in Texas lately sounds exactly like something that the mobsters at PG&E are planning to do to us here in Northern California with its Time-Of-Use utility rate scheme during the peak hours of 4-9 p.m.

A scheme that fails to mention how much you will have to pay between the hours of 4-9p.m., which is like inviting the crooks at PG&E to rob your bank accounts with impunity, if you agree to their terms.

From my experience, PG&E never does anything to bring my energy rate utility bills lower, but always does exactly the opposite, and creates situations that results in my monthly bills always being higher.

In recent months in 2020, my utility bills increased from PG&E. In March 2021, we shall receive another rate increase from PG&E. In recent years, those of us in Oakland, and cities along the coast have been charged more by PG&E, to cover a rate decrease for the energy hogs residing out in the hot areas of Alameda County and Contra Costa County who use air conditioning. There were not any exemptions for the elderly, poor, or those with disabilities, and those on a fixed income, when PG&E decided to give favor to the wealthy energy hogs, in contrast to the poor folks residing in Oakland.

The murderous criminal corporation called PG&E has been turning the screws on us without any mercy for years, and has been ripping us off with impunity on a daily basis.

During June of 2020, PG&E confessed to killing 84 people in a wildfire in the town of Paradise, California, and none of the murderous bastards running the company went to jail for murder, or were convicted of a crime. This was because the crooked politicians are beholden to PG&E, and look the other way as people die.

The Age Of The Pandemic, Crooked Politicians, A Murderous PG&E, Robber Barons, And A Failed Coup

We live in an age of the pandemic, crooked politicians, a murderous PG&E energy company, robber barons, a recently failed coup in Washington, DC, and wild weather extremes leaving millions without power as a direct result of climate change.

And now PG&E is trying to sell us on its scheme called the Time-Of-Use utility rate plan during the peak hours of 4-9 p.m.

PG&E claims that I can make a choice in what plan to sign up for, as though I am supposed to believe that this is all voluntary no matter how far I bend over, and take it up the wazoo from these corporate pricks.

I am speaking out in opposition to the schemes of PG&E, and fear that what is happening in Texas at the moment, is only a preview of what we can expect from PG&E in the near future here in California.

I believe that they plan to stick us with utility bills that will cost thousands of dollars a month, resulting in more deaths and homelessness in the age of the never ending covid-19 pandemic.

-Lynda Carson may be reached at newzland2 [at]

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No More PG&E
Thu, Feb 25, 2021 8:01PM
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