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State Of Mayhem: The Not So Perfect Days
by Michael Lupa Jr.
Wednesday Feb 17th, 2021 8:07 AM
This material was taken from the book " Memories Of Oblivion", written by Michael Lupa Jr.
In the early days, the overall condition of social communities was insinuated by moral attitude of the people, they appeared to contemplate on decent behaviours of human action. People in general capitulated to social prescriptions that were imposed on them, aside of course from few others who were radical enough to dissent or create rebellion at that time. In the former era, communism fell along with the Berlin Wall, folks assumed solidarity in exchange of a divided nation. Also it was the time where countries coordinated to find response about the disappearing ozone layer, in the fresh days of the late 19th century where new innovations were starting to develop it’s capabilities. Kids went to school sent by parents, driving them by cars or by busses, kissing and hugging them at the bus stop. It was the salad days of the 80s and 90s era when pornstars were still moderatist’ and values were somehow modern yet traditional, while significance of reverence on that era were appreciated as formal although becoming unique at the time. Researchers were assuming that humanity will come to a point where values are no longer moralistic and people will become terrorists. Before, writers and philosophers tend to use the word “future” as a term to describe up coming generations at years in the 20th century, but since then and up to now the term itself did not fully described what is happening as an ultimate destination of humanity. Some thought that “future” would hold opportunities for them, some others assumed a wealthy world to everyone due to high technology, but still many rural places globally in 2020. Many people wrongfully interpreted that anarchy is a chaotic display of human interactions, then they were assuming that such an idea would be an excellent employment of craftsmanship as a future in typical conclusions. Now we say that today is the future, a perfect day to die. Still we hold responsibility for every action we generate, every progress we proceed should be the basis of our normalcy but behold that the day has come to an end where mankind must face the reality of terror. A terror created by man’s greed and corrupt integrated schemes, where dog eats dog and man eats man,... sometimes literally. It was seen some time ago when military troops standing alongside the barricade of the Capitol Hill in the United States in January 2021, that was the day those punks attacked the Capitol Hill. Experts feared it was the beginning of series of violence in the country. In such predicament, locals were incriminated about the confusion that has taken part in the area, perhaps many folks were credulous of the monstrosity. The reason why this kind of mishap occurs is that their government was hacked by itself and critics were watching this political phenomenon in response to the enervated executions that their surveillance has served them.

Imagine a bunch of frontliners marching on the streets protesting against the ill practices, processes imposed by some government unit. In this scenario, the protesters seem so martyr that the political ideal their fighting for can not be granted by the government. Then here comes the anti-riot police that aims their desideratum by using rubber bullets at the assembly targeting the crowd, on the other side were giant hulks who works for a special action force group that are equipped with high calibre machine guns. At it was a taciturn, a scene of melancholic substratosphere where activism were appealing to trust. Suddenly, one of the personnels fired a gun on them and killed atleast five people and hurts more. Call it irregularities if you’re some kind of bourgeois criminology student from a top university in the United States, or call it bizarre if you’re a macho insecured entrepreneur working for the wallstreet. In reality, it was a social disorder that is divulged to dispute a corrupt practice by a system of a nation that is confronted by atrocities and trials, a stimulating function that is implanted upon the surface of a nation’s integrity and resistance. Society is having downfall coping with their lives because the system structure is so harsh that they couldn’t afford a better brand of milk for the infants, or couldn’t afford a decent meal in a restaurant. Fascist ones are staring at these people, their trying to find the weaknesses in their faces or in the voices of the weaked ones, sometimes in the eyes of the insane. It is believed that once a fascist conceives exasperation, they try to sabotage a person’s decorum if he or she is not oriented to a high level of virtue, even to a lower class that is adapted to conform with the low life scheme. What if a government authority is a fascist one? He might shoot a layman in the head because of his trashy appearance, or a spit on the face would epitomize a conviction that a neophyte’s honor is under his swastika, that he is the heavyweight and an outsider is a slave to his glory. Such divination is a lie, and a so called fascist is an insane person according to some proof, because that such a clown would have been so cowardly petrified by a fact that he may face annihilation on a certain point, or may be in contempt in a group of people or in a community, that’s why he uses mendacity to generate some sense of false purification. It is to determine, whatsoever, whether a fool is a hardcore or just a pseudo nazi, whether he is a real bastard or an imitation, because if we determine a fact it would be for precise conviction if a man is real evil. Then we come to a conclusion in order to discipline such person, or perchance abuse him physically or mentally. Dreadful people tends to intimidate the infatuation for savagery, thus a man engage in violence which gratifies his immoral well being and fraudulently speculate himself to be of competent persona, or a clown in a collage and consider life as a masquerading bigotry. Some encourage themselves to be indignant as a childish pigeonhole crass nazi who always anticipate enmity. A basic example of an ignorant individual that is pretending to be violent yet afraid at the same time. See there’s a man out there that seems to confront everything even his proponent. Every steps he take acclaims his potential as a superintendent of superiority. One day he encountered an anti-christ, an interloper that is always postulating benefits from patrons. The poor man asked the superior if he could walk through this road where the fascists house is located. The superior disagree and deprive the poor man away. So the poor anti-christ saunters away from the premises, implying something leery in his manner. An hour later, the poor man came back with a bilbo in his right hand and beheaded the superior. In this mythology, it is conveyed that a man’s prodigy is nothing but a ludicrous misconception, and that the real value of his gallant manner is mensurated in the inner virtue.

Many people settle in cities, they consider living in a troublesome environment because they assume that they can grapple with the dilemma in the urban areas. Today is the future as they say, suddenly there’s a vandalism on a wall upon reaching the second street in Manila saying “no future”. What does it mean when they say that? What about the aspirations in the 80s and 90s about the future which is today? Expecting college then work for the stock market in the days to come, or save money to purchase a nice condo within 10 years or so. Moments later I approached a lady in her early 50s and ask her about the writings on the wall, she was confused and seemed inebriated. Finally I was briefed that the slogan was there since 1986, still it is written on like a memorial of rebellion from the past. So I continued hiking along the boulevard and left turned to Adriatico Street, and some Pakistani men were also skulking opposite to my direction while two other folks from my behind parading along with me, when abruptly in a second one of the Pakistanis threw a bottle at the folks behind me. He hit a folk in the face spilling blood from the forehead. The two retreated as they ran back to the corner street while the Pakistanis chased them. Eventually, they confronted each other at the corner street as I glanced my head abaft my behind because I was heading toward the opposite location. When I twisted back my head affront, I finally heard a shot from a gun, so I glanced back behind and I saw one man laying on asphalt full of blood as well. Blood is so thick, it is significant as a compulsory element of human body, it is relevant that it is withheld inside the veins as it runs into the heart and back to the periphery. In this age of disorder, society is endangered with violent aversions implicated by norms such as thieves, cops, drug addicts, and other elements of society. It is a blood for blood encounter when one decides to face an antagonist, so blood is thicker like agony or vengeance.

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