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Issues Involving Current And Other Vaccines
by Article Writer
Thursday Jan 14th, 2021 7:37 PM
Why does 50% of the population want to be avoid vaccination injections.
Issues Involving Current And Other Vaccines

There are myriad reasons at least half of the population wants no covid vaccine.
The Physicians' Committee For Responsible Medicine has 150,000 members, 12,000 of whom are vegan, vegetarian, or vegan-supporting physicians,. The group has done several articles on animal ingredients in vaccines, vaccine safety etc.

"In 1976, the swine flu vaccine caused cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a condition of weakness caused by an autoimmune reaction to the vaccine. The syndrome is fatal in about 5% of cases and disabling in others. There were 362 cases during the first six weeks of the vaccination program, leading to its discontinuation." PCRM source

Animal origin ingredients are not as safe as plant ingredients. "All batches of injectable drugs, including vaccines, are tested for pyrogenicity, that is, their tendency to cause fever as a result of bacterial contamination.." says PCRM. Squalene can be made from olive oil. It doesn't need to be manufactured from shark bodies. Many vaccines contain lipase, made from the severed tongues of calves, luciferase from fireflies, of whom there are fewer every year because of insecticides, blood serum from cows, human albumin, kidney cells from African green monkeys, pulverized mouse brains, animal fat from pigs and cows, etc. All of these animal sources (xenotransplantation) are fraught with contamination danger and violations of ethics, say other vegans. What is the source of the human albumin. The desperately poor who sell their blood and plasma to commercial groups are often drug users, people with STD's and other diseases.

Substituting nonanimal tests for the caging of hundreds of millions of animals annually would be faster, more ethical, and less expensive. (Re the testing of vaccines on horseshoe crabs who are becoming extinct) "The crabs are taken from the sea, bled, and, in theory, returned to the sea. The test is nonetheless traumatic and as many as 30% of the animals do not survive. A newer method, called the recombinant factor C assay, uses proteins like those from crabs but produced in the laboratory. It appears to be as accurate as the crab-based test, with fewer false positives. A second test, the monocyte activation test, is based on human blood cells. Unfortunately, in contrast with the "warp speed" of vaccine development, regulatory acceptance of the newer pyrogenicity tests has been at a horse-and-buggy pace. Vaccine manufacturers so far have not revealed their pyrogenicity testing practices, and continued use of the horseshoe crab test is likely."

Pfizer maintains no animal ingredients are in their vaccines, but their vaccines were grown in a medium using cow's milk components. Lactose intolerance is a commonn reaction to cows' milk in nondairy cultures.

"Meat and dairy industries fuel the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related diseases (as well as heart disease, cancer, food poisoning, kidney dysfunction, etc) that make COVID-10 a killer.

J. K. Andrus, P. M. Strebel, C. A. de Quadros, and J. M. Olivé in an astract published by NIH reported that there were 6,043 cases of polio resulting from polio vaccines between 1989 and 91 in Latin America. The authors said this was a rate of 1.5 to 2.2 per million doses. 1 to 2 serious incidents per 1 million is a frequent fraudulent equation reported by NIH and CDC. In reality approximately 2 per million serious incidents would imply that 3 billion people were vaccinated in Latin America which is obviously an absurdly high figure. Vaccine data
researchers with no financial ties (as CDC and NIH have) have found the incidence of death or serious injury from vaccines to be 2.6%.

A number of groups criticize the lack of peer review, or accepting what profit motivated Pfizer, Moderna and other companies tell the public were their results, a sloppily hasty trial period of unprecedentedly short time, the corruption of the personal patents of NIH, CDC, FDA and HHS employees, the lack of transparency, the ineffectiveness or dangers of the vaccines etc. The British government has warned that anyone with an allergy to any food, medication, antibiotic, vaccine, any immune suppression condition, or pregnancy should avoid the vaccines.
There is massive opposition to the CDC and NIH overriding of legislative bodies.
Some scientists including a retired Pfizer VP have warned that covid vaccines damage the placenta of pregnant women rendering them infertile. In addition there is no transparency re CDC and Johns Hopkins reports of covid cases and deaths. The network news report that flu had dropped 98% this season is attributed to the reclassification of flu as covid. HIPAA, the medical nondisclosure law, has become a blanket under which the vaccine pushing authorities hide.

Many others are concerned about the mRNA, nanoparticles and other properties of the vaccines. Moderna failed in its first 9 trials. This is the 1st time a Moderna vaccine has been approved. The human population appears to be the guinea pigs for these vaccines. Bill Gates has patented the datamining subdermal microchips that some say are in the vaccines. Others express reservations about the billions of mosquitoes he is releasing and what their needles might contain.

The Associated Press reports that 50% do not want to take a covid vaccine. The vaccine industry term for this is 'vaccine hesitancy' when in reality it is vaccine refusal. In some states 50% of caregivers are refusing the needles, in others 30%.
PCRM staff
Doctors are wary of rushed vaccine
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