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Biden Didn't Steal The Election From Trump!
by Lloyd Hart (lloydhart2008 [at]
Sunday Nov 22nd, 2020 10:43 PM
The US military and it's faithful corporate minions stole the election from the American people
Biden Didn't Steal The Election From Trump!

By Lloyd Hart

The US military and it's faithful corporate minions stole the election from the American people with Electronic Jim Crow Voting and Vote counting machines. With an 8% gap between the tallied vote and the exit polling in the state of Massachusetts' democratic presidential primary, it was just one example out many that set the alarm bells off in my head. We can safely say the last presidential election in the United States wasn't rigged for Biden or Trump. It was rigged by the generals and the billionaires against the American people.

The first time Electronic Jim Crow showed up in my field of view was in the 1988 municipal election in Toronto. That year I was a scrutineer or election observer for the New Democratic Party (NDP) of Toronto and the New Democrat Party of Canada as we had a national election going on at the same time as a municipal election. That year it looked as though the NDP we're going to dominate City Council but nobody even thought to look at the machines even though we caught the liberals submitting fraudulent registrations for nonexistent people whose address was an empty warehouse.

The reason I am talking about the 1988 Toronto municipal election is because there was also an election south of the border whose out come didn't make any sense either, the election of George H.W. Bush as president. Bush's election defies logic because Americans punish politicians and parties for corruption exposed by the press, at the polls. Ford didn't escape Watergate and Bush didn't escape the Iran Contra scandal. It has been proven since that Bush was working directly on Iran/Contra from the vice President's office. I was sitting in Toronto watching the results come in from US election. I remember thinking to myself that does not make any sense whatsoever but if you look at the deployment of electronic Jim Crow vote counting machines by the Secretaries of State in states friendly to George HW Bush in the 88 election it begins to make sense that George H.W. Bush stole the 1988 election.

By 1992 I was living in Brookline, Massachusetts with my wife and three kids. I volunteered full-time for the Clinton campaign's New England office in Boston. In that election George HW Bush lost the election by one percentage point to Bill Clinton not because the election was stolen but because the League of Women Voters who managed the presidential debates allowed Ross Perot onto the debate stage as a third-party presidential candidate. Almost the entire libertarian contingency in the Republican Party voted for Ross Perot, giving the very unpopular Bill Clinton a 42% win over Bush's 41% of the vote in an election where just barely 50% of population participated. When one goes back and examines the 1988 election one can find many examples of repressing the minority vote but the one that goes overlooked is the one that shows an illogical voting pattern appears amongst Blacks in Republican held states where Electronic Jim Crow voting counting machines were deployed by republicans. The irony with Republicans becoming election thieves after Democrats invented Jim Crow is that it set up the complete corporate controlled and rigging of the 2020 US presidential election.

This is why Gore pursued a state wide recount. Of course it helps that a couple of machines were found to be miss counting ballots. This was a perfectly legitimate reason to call for a state wide hand recount of the ballots in Florida in 2000. They didn't just steal it in Florida, they stole it in Tennessee and New Hampshire as well. I was in New Hampshire pulling to vote with governor Gene Shaheen and every indicator was telling us Gore won New Hampshire by a landslide but when the final tally came in it was Bush by hair. And this is exactly how Carl Rove organizes the election theft. He always organizes his election thefts to show that the outcomes are close. “Too Close To Call!” is Rove's criminal tell. Criminals always display a pathology, a pattern in their criminal enterprise that identifies as the individual criminal involved or his or her associates. “To close to call” is a psyop designed to have voters that voted for the losing candidate, say to themselves and others “Wow, it was close but oh well, we did our best” having those voters walk away from the election not suspecting anything untoward. Rove cut his teeth in state wide election theft in the Texas election that removed governor Anne Richard's from office and installed George HW Bush's idiot son W in the governor's office. Governor Anne Richard's was the most popular governor the state of Texas had ever seen. She told me when she came to campaign for Al Gore in New Hampshire exactly how Rove stole the election in Texas. What you saw in Texas was taken nationwide with George W Bush's help America vote act which spread Electronic Jim Crowe vote theft nationwide. No matter who wins the presidential election they were put there by the US military and the billionaires, not by the American people.

From the corporate controlled media totally miss leading the American public to controlling the actual outcome of your vote in the polling booth with a machine, the corporate sector enabled by the US military and intelligence agencies have erased what little semblance democracy there was in America. It's not like this is the first time something like this is ever happened. American colonial slave owners decided to revolt against British crown because the British Slavery Abolitionist Movement had been voted into Parliament and had joined the House of Lords by 1776. As soon as the colonial American slave owners could, with their new gotten independent nation, was to vote in a bill that declared Africans as being 3/5s of a man and therefore not entitled to the rights and freedom's enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America allowing the American slave owners to keep their slaves and the free labour they provide.

It is no surprise that America wants to cover up it's past with propaganda saying that it is the only hope for democracy in the world, because it has never actually been a democracy. It was president/general Grant that solidified the relationship between the military and the corporate sector which was just reinventing itself from companies in the British model to a new corporate American model who's fortunes were fueled by the almost total distruction of First Nations societies, a genocide the American press called the “Openning of the West” and tagged on “Go West Young Man!” for cheap labour pouring of the ships from Ireland and newly freed slaves. It was a rather cozy deal Grant made with the British. The British purged Irish labour out by starving them and the British press cooperatively called it a famine, an act of God and therefore all you Irish must leave and go to America. You didn't see the British welcome the starving Irish to it's shores nor did the British provide any relief food for the starving in Ireland. It was a deliberate act of ethnic cleansing to provide near slave Irish labour for the construction of the American railroad primarily built by Irish, Chinese and African labor.

The British were the main benefactors of American military and corporate corruption. Famine and disease are an old weapons of the British Empire and became one in the New World with the newly weaponized smallpox after the Arabs taught the British how to inoculate for it in the 1500s. Smallpox was first deployed as a weapon against First Nation's people in America by Lord Amherst in the 1600s and then President Grant signed an executive order deploying small pox as a weapon against First Nation's tribes to clear the land in the west. All these ruling class crimes were in pursuit of one thing and one thing only, absolute dictatorial power over everyone and everything else.

By 2000 I was living on Martha's Vineyard and traveling to New Hampshire to work on AL Gore's presidential primary run as he had the best environmental plan and no intention of going to war. I convinced Al Gore and his campaign manager Donna Brazil that if Al came out for the decriminalization of marijuana we could see a serious uptick in votes that normally stay home as a result of cynicism created in the electorate by the drug war. This is why I know Al Gore won election 2000.

H.W. Bush did not count on AL Gore tapping into the non-voting electorate. I was absolutely convinced we could not win the election unless we increased voter participation. Donna Brazil and Al Gore both agreed with me and called press conference in April 2000 for Al Gore to declare his support for the decriminalization of marijuana. Well, I was right. We got participation in the election seriously rising above 50% for the first time in decades. It is my firm position that because of that increased participation, the Bush campaign's corporate theft of the election, the republican party organized repression of the Black vote was forced out into the open and exposed for all to see. But so desperate were the corporate bosses and US military to install Bush in office that they launched a specious lawsuit against the Gore campaign in the supreme court which criminally suborned SCOTUS to violate the Constitution of the United States by overruling the State Supreme Judicial Court of Florida's ruling calling for a state wide hand recount of all of Florida's ballots. The Bush campaign didn't just steal Florida in Miami Dade County, they stole it in every other county. Which is why the Bush campaign stopped the recount by suborning the Supreme Court of the United States. Had the state wide hand recount been done, it would've shown that the machines were flipping votes into Bush's column.

Fast forward to election in 2020 with the formation of the Lincoln Project, a disguise to hide America's main masters of Electronic Jim Crowe election theft, coming in behind and supporting Joe Biden's presidential run, the criminal enterprise to steal election 2020 was afoot but instead of using but of using a mental like mental cripple George W. Bush the Lincoln project chose a puppet President who is clearly suffering from dementia and is not mentally competent enough to hold the job of president.

Electronic Jim Crow has spread into Canada with the phoney 2018 election of Doug Ford in Ontario. Read the latest covid-19 news on this guy and you can see why American bosses installed him with a phony majority in the legislature of Ontario. Not only is Doug Ford not distributing earmarked money to deal with with the pandemic but he is also moving to privatize Ontario's health care system which the United States has been trying to do for quite some time. It was Bill Clinton's NAFTA negotiator, Mickey Cantor that proposed the idea to the Canadian side that Canada end it's universal single payer healthcare system and adopt Americas privatized healthcare insurance system in order to harmonize the Canadian and American economies.

The same goes for Mayor John Tory of Toronto, an Electronic Jim Crow vote counting machine installed mayor. But because we have successfully kept Electronic Jim Crow Machines out of the federal elections in Canada, the CIA has resorted to stealing our federal elections through our early voting ballot boxes which are completely insecure and not counted in front of observers before the ballot boxes are removed from the polling stations which is a violation of Canadian election law as anything can happen to an early voting ballot box between the polling station and the Elections Canada offices and with the CIA, they'll just simply switch the stuffed ballot boxes with the old ones right in the Elections Canada's office, in the middle of the night probably with the help of Trudeau.

With the World Economic Forum dictating to the world's nations that there will be no new taxes on the rich and then politicians deliberately fight the raising of taxes on the wealthy? It's time to take a hard look at who is really attempting thwart democracy in this world. Besides a file loaded full of dirt that can be exposed to the public about a politicians but is radically costly affair and because the CIA and FBI are peopled basically by useful morons, that kind of spying gets exposed. Like Rupert Murdoch's corporate spying to shut celebrities up calling for an end to the Iraq war and for Prime Minister Blair's head. So why not simply choose who's going to get elected and who's not by flipping the electorate's votes to the candidate the World Economic Forum desires to be in office.

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