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Flash! Pacificagate Tapes Of Jan Gooddem Revealed
by Pacificagate
Friday Oct 16th, 2020 3:26 PM
New Pacificagate Tapes Exposing Plan To Take-over Pacifica By "New Day Pacifica"

Los Angeles. October 16, 2020
Wikisqueaks has released a tape of a secret conversation between Jan GoodDem, Pacifica National Board member (KPFK, Los Angeles) and a person referred to as "Greg." The transcript follows.

Hello, Greg?

Hi, Jan. Bill! Bill! Will you turn down that Country n' Western music? It's too damn loud!

Greg! I have a meeting coming up with JFC, the Loan holders. You know, the 3.2 million dollar loan to Pacifica that's due in April?

Of course. I suppose you want to consult my Litigious, Intelligent and Enlightened mind?

OK. Here's what I'm going to say to them: "I'm sidestepping the rest of the Pacifica National Board so I can take the credit and..."

Take out "side-stepping."

Oh, good point. "I'm on the PNB and I'm in the minority faction that illegally took over WBAI and lost the last referendum that was voted down by Pacficia members 2 to 1 because they were undemocratic bylaws so we tweaked them and now we're going to make Pacifica spend another hundred 'n fifty grand on a second referendum so our faction can get control.



I'm meditating, goddamit! Give me a sec.

(Sound of clock ticking)

Jan, I think you should take out the Coup at WBAI. You have no excuse because you're a Litigious, Intelligent and Enlightened lawyer, so you knew cutting off the mics of WBAI directors and not letting them vote in the PNB meeting was ILLEGAL.

So you think if the Loan holders knew I did stuff like that it might make them SUSPICIOUS of the motives for our newly re-branded brand of brand new New Dawn Day Pacifica Bylaws?

Shorten that to "New Day Pacifica." There's something about "New Dawn..." I forget what...

I think it's a dishwashing soap.

Carol, Carol! Is New Dawn the brand we use? It is? Carol said it works well. Leave it in.

Thanks, Greg. No wonder everyone calls you Litigious, Intelligent, and Enlightened.

It's a new dawn, Jan. We all have to re-brand ourselves. Oh, one more thing.


After your meeting with JFC, spread it all over the internet. JFC will probably extend the loan for a year, easy, because that damn do-gooder interim Executive Director has her act together. So pay attention: You and I are both lawyers, right? We know we can't say "The Loan holders said they would only extend the loan IF our New Dawn Pacifica Bylaws PASS." SO, you have to IMPLY it. Get it? It's psy-ops 101, Jan. I learned it from Ian Masters.

I just realized---we could USE this to DEMORALIZE the other side!

Greg and GoodDem

End of tape.

The Crew Supporting This Scheme

We're Signing the New Day Bylaws Petition. Please join us.

Sonali Kolhatkar
host of Rising Up with Sonali heard on KPFK, KPFT and KPFA

Teresa Allen
Long-time KPFT volunteer, former member of the Pacifica National Board, and co-author of the current Pacifica Bylaws

Ian Masters
KPFK host of Background Briefing

Sharon Kyle
publisher and co-founder of the LA Progressive

Aileen Alfandary
KPFA News Director

Brian Edwards-Tiekert
KPFA, Co-host of UpFront, former member of the pacifica National Board

Jonathan Alexander
KPFK Network Administrator/Security Analyst/Engineer, former Chair of the Pacifica National Board.

Jerry Sumrall aka Larry Winters
KPFT host of Spare Change

Miguel Paredes
Creator and Executive Producer of Soul Rebel Radio, KPFK.

Mitch Jesserich
Host of Letters and Politics at KPFA, also heard on KPFK.

Kiyana Williams
KPFK Audio Engineer / Editor / Producer

Mimi Kennedy
TV co-star of Mom and frequent KPFK guest

Harvey Wasserman
KPFK host of California Solartopia.

"These proposed bylaws hugely help democratize and simplify what’s now a convoluted, paralyzing and outdated governance structure."

Mansoor Sabbagh
Co-producer and Engineer of KPFK's of "Something is Happening" and former member of the Pacifica National Board.

James and Colleen Nagel
KPFT hosts of Howlin' the Blues

Nancy McAfee
Long-time KPFT co-host of "Blues on the Move", also former host of "Roots Radio" that she had to leave because of family Illness.

Cary Harrison
Former / Periodic host on KPFK, Air America and CBS

Adrienne Lauby
KPFA, Co-host of "Pushing Limits"

Roy Tuckman (Roy of Hollywood)
KPFK host of Something's Happening

Philip Maldari
KPFA, host of "Sunday Show"
Additional endorsers include:
Henry Slucki
35 Year Co-Host of "Access Unlimited" on KPFK

Teddy Robinson
Host of KPFK's A Stairway of Heaven
Terry Guy
KPFK Membership Director
Suzi Weissman
Host of KPFK's Beneath the Surface
by Akio Tanaka
Saturday Oct 17th, 2020 9:57 AM
We are lucky that there is at least one adult in the room.

An exchange between Jan Goodman, Arthur Schwartz and Christina Huggins.
Subject: [KPFA LSB Open] Re: One year extension of FJC loan--offer

On Oct 16, 2020, at 1:29 PM, Christina Huggins wrote:

My understanding of the role of an attorney is to advise- not instruct, which ironically you are doing in this email remonstrating Jan and telling her how to comport herself. Do you talk down to every woman like this or just those who are clearly more honest than you are?

The language Jan used was "suggestions", not "instructions". As an attorney, you must be cognizant of the importance of the words you use to make your point, not to mention the meaning. You also present yourself as knowing what is in the mind of the FJC representatives, to wit, "I am sure that they will not appreciate you using the agreement which you negotiated as an endorsement of the new bylaw proposals". Do you represent their interests at this time?

In addition, although I have nothing to do with the new Bylaws proposal I am aware (I read the emails that are exchanged about this) they are not the "Spooner" bylaws that were recently voted down. They are a new and different iteration. Nowhere in Jan's email does she state there is an endorsement by the FJC of the new Bylaws proposal. You should get your facts right.

For those who are excited about the opportunity to come up with new bylaws, what have you done for the last 3 years? On March 1, 2017 a letter was sent to the Pacifica Foundation from the California Department of Justice with a demand for documents. One of the requests was, "A written plan for either establishing Pacifica's financial stability or dissolving the organization". In response to that the iED and CFO put together a "Financial Recovery and Stabilization Plan". One of the main provisions is a promise for "comprehensive Bylaws revisions". This promise has not been accomplished by the PNB to date. The PNB has had three years to come up with this, and although there are numerous PNB committees it is notable that none have been working on a bylaws revision.

It is easy to attack Jan, but at least she is doing something constructive in an effort to comply with the promise made to the California Deputy Attorney General, Julianne Mossler on March 30, 2017.

On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 4:41 PM Arthur Schwartz wrote:

The lender was not giving "instructions". They applauding our good work to date. It would be entirely inappropriate for you Jan, or anyone else, to say that FJC was endorsing the Spooner et al proposed changes to the bylaws as a condition of extending the loan. I have been in communications with them about this - since legal documents will be required - and I am sure that they will not appreciate you using the agreement which you negotiated as an endorsement of the new bylaw proposals.
Arthur Z. Schwartz

On 10/15/2020 1:54 PM, Jan Goodman wrote:

CC: Pacifica Interim ED Lydia Brazon
Local Station Boards
CFO: Anita Sims
Counsel: Arthur Schwartz

Dear Colleagues:

As a result of the financial position in which we, Pacifica, find ourselves, i.e. the inability to repay the FJC loan when it comes due in April, I considered what course I, as a fiduciary, could follow to help Pacifica in our current situation. I contacted FJC and spoke to the President of the Board and the Chief Legal Officer. I clarified that I was calling as a Board Member, and not as a representative of the Board. The purpose of my call, I explained was to explore whether there might be a possibility of extending the loan directly, between FJC and Pacifica.
They told me about FJC and its role and mission. They also made it clear that they were familiar with Pacifica, its background and especially, the Empire State Building situation. They expressed their concerns about Pacifica, its finances, changing leadership and governance, and that they were happy that FJC has been able to help us survive. They also told me that all the loans which they provide under the program we are involved with carry the same interest rate: 3% over prime.

I also brought them up to date a bit about Pacifica, and a tad about myself, including the fact that I have been involved in numerous political and Non-Profit organizations, including Pacifica Governance for about 16 years and that in my “off hours” I’m a lawyer who has been involved in helping structure numerous business deals, including the “Pacifica Bridge Loan” in 2018, etc.

During the course of that conversation I explained the progress that Pacifica had made in getting its Audits more current, the fact that there was a Bylaw amendment process underway which had the potential of changing the governance structure of Pacifica, but made it clear that the PNB was divided on the subject. I also explained that Pacifica was not currently in a position to pay back the loan on its current maturity date, and that we were pursuing various financial options. I also answered whatever questions they asked, to the best of my ability.

As a result of that conversation, Pacifica’s progress towards getting its audits current, and the fact that there is serious discussion and potential Bylaw Amendments relating to reducing the Board size and structure to enable Pacifica to become more stable and more able to face the financial and other challenges that it faces, they were encouraged enough that FJC is willing to tentatively offer to extend the loan to Pacifica for another year, with the same terms, without interruption and without additional financing costs.

I asked them about whether this tentative offer needed to be kept confidential, and they told me that that was not necessary. They are pleased to let people know about the services that they have provided to Pacifica and that they offer others.

Hopefully the Pacifica National Board will take this opportunity to extend the loan quickly so that we can concentrate on helping Pacifica move forward. Of course I will be happy to help facilitate this.

Being of service to Pacifica so that it can flourish has always been my goal. I hope that this is another step in that direction.

Respectfully and with great hope for the future

Jan Goodman
Pacifica National Director, KPFK

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