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Green Party local, state, and national Endorsements
by Green Party
Tuesday Oct 6th, 2020 3:56 PM
In addition to the San Francisco Green Party and the Green Party of Alameda County endorsements that are listed below, the Green Party of Santa Clara County endorsements can be found here:
San Francisco Green Party Endorsements
(See: ):

President and Vice President: Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker (nominated at our national convention in July)

SF Board of Supervisors:
D1: no endorsement
D3: no endorsement
D5: Dean Preston (#1 ranked choice), Daniel Landry (#2 ranked choice)
D7: no endorsement
D9: no endorsement
D11: John Avalos

School Board: Matt Alexander, Kevine Boggess, Mark Sanchez

College Board: Aliya Chisti, Anita Martinez, Geramye Teeter

Local Ballot Measures:
No on A: bond to fund Mayor's slush fund
Yes on B: split Sanitation and Streets department off from Public Works
Yes on C: Allow non-citizens to serve on City commissions
Yes on D: Sheriff oversight
No on E: ineffective police staffing proposal
Yes on F: makes business taxes more progressive
Yes on G: Youth voting (16 year olds in local elections)
No on H: Neighborhood gentrification districts
Yes on I: Increase real estate transfer tax on most expensive properties
No on J: repeal and replace parcel tax for SFUSD (we like the current parcel tax for teachers)
Yes on K: Permit 10,000 units of social housing
Yes on L: tax on companies where executives make 100x as much as workers
No on RR: regressive sales tax for Caltrain (should be free to riders, paid for by state or local budgets)

State Ballot Measures:
No on 14: regressive bonds for stem cell research (should be part of state budget)
Yes on 15: Split tax rolls for commercial and residential property
Yes on 16: Repeal prop 209; allow affirmative action
Yes on 17: Voting rights for people on parole
Yes on 18: Youth voting (17 year olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 by the general election)
no position on Prop 19: Allows transfer of property tax basis to all counties in CA, changes taxes on inherited properties
No on 20: fascist proposal to lock up more people and collect DNA from people convicted of misdemeanors
Yes on 21: More rent control
NO on 22: Allows Uber and Lyft to continue classifying their drivers as "contractors" in order to avoid taxes and regulations
Yes on 23: dialysis regulation, to help SEIU-UHW West
No on 24: water down consumer privacy laws
Yes on 25: keep laws eliminating cash bail (but we call on Democrats in the CA legislature to do this in a less racist way)


**** Green Party of Alameda County Endorsements ****

Please consider reading the 20-page "Green Voter Guide", with articles about all of the races and measures below, at: (On that page, click on the letters "pdf"). In addition, completed candidate questionnaires can be read at:

*** Green Voter Card ***
Translations of this Green Voter Card are at:

Federal Offices
President and Vice-President -- Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker
U.S. House of Representatives, District 13 – Boycott: please see write-up

State Offices
State Senate, District 9 – Boycott: please see write-up
State Assembly, District 15 -- Sara Brink, with qualifications
State Assembly, District 18 -- Boycott: please see write-up

Superior Court Judge
Office #2 -- Elena Condes

Special School Districts
Peralta Community College, Area 1 -- Jeffrey Heyman

County Supervisor
District 1 -- Vinnie Bacon

City Offices
City Council – Trish Spencer, Gig Codiga, and Amos White; Don't vote for Oddie or Vella
City Auditor – Kevin Kearney
City Treasurer – Kevin Kennedy
School Board – Jennifer Williams

City Council – Preston Jordan and Aaron Tiedemann
School Board – No Endorsements, please see write-up

Mayor -- Aidan Hill; Don't rank Arreguin or Hsiung
City Council, District 2 – Cheryl Davila; Don't rank Sharenko!
City Council, District 3 – Ben Bartlett*; Don't rank the other candidates
City Council, District 5 – #1: Sophie Hahn*, #2: Paul Picklesimer*; Don't rank Todd Andrew!
City Council, District 6 – Richard Illgen; Defeat Wengraf!
School Board – Ana Vasudeo and Laura Babitt
Rent Board – Dominique Walker, Xavier Johnson, Mari Mendonca, Leah Simon-Weisberg, and Andy Kelley
* = Ranked, but not endorsed

City Council and School Board – Not on ballot, please see write-up

City Council, At Large -- Rebecca Kaplan
City Council, District 1 – #1: Tri Ngo, #2: Dan Kalb, with reservations; Do NOT vote for Walton
City Council, District 3 – #1: Carroll Fife; Sharing #2 and #3: Seneca Scott* and Meron Semedar*
City Council, District 5 – #1: Richard Raya, #2: Zoe Lopez-Meraz
City Council, District 7 -- #1: Aaron Clay, #2: Marchon Tatmon
City Attorney – Eli Ferran, with reservations
School Board, District 1 – #1: Stacy Thomas, #2: Sam Davis*; Do NOT vote for Austin Dannhaus
School Board, District 3 – Sharing #1 and #2: Cherisse Gash and VanCedric Williams; Do NOT vote for Maiya Edgerly or Mark Hurty
School Board, District 5 – Mike Hutchinson; Do NOT vote for Leroy Gaines
School Board, District 7 – "Coach" Ben Tapscott; Do NOT vote for Clifford Thompson
* = Ranked, but not endorsed

Union City
Mayor -- Sarabjit Cheema
City Council, District 1 – Sandra Holder-Grayson*
New Haven School Board, Area 1 – Jatinder Sahi
New Haven School Board, Area 2 – Melissa Shuen-Mallory
New Haven School Board, Area 3 – Michael Gonzales
* = Preferred, but not endorsed

Special Districts
A.C. Transit, At-Large -- Chris Peeples
A.C. Transit ,Ward 1 -- Jovanka Beckles
A.C. Transit ,Ward 2 -- No Endorsement, please see write-up
BART, District 3 -- Rebecca Saltzman (Unopposed and not on ballot, please see write-up)
BART, District 5 -- John McPartland
BART, District 7 -- Lateefah Simon
EBMUD -- Not on ballot, please see write-up
EBRPD, Ward 1 – Norman LaForce
HARD -- Peter Rosen and Josh Kelton; Rick Hatcher, with reservations

Local Measures
V -- Extends unincorporated area’s 6.5% Utility Users Tax -- Yes, with reservations
W -- Countywide half cent sales tax increase for homeless services, etc. -- Yes, with sales tax reservations
Y -- Oakland School Bond -- Yes, with bond reservations
Z -- Alameda -- Repeals Measure A (Article 26), for multi-unit housing -- No, with reservations
AA -- Alameda -- Clarifies prohibition against meddling by city council members -- Yes
BB -- Albany -- Ranked Choice Voting -- Yes
CC – Albany -- Real Property Transfer Tax -- Yes, with reservations
DD -- Albany -- Utility Users’ Tax-- Yes, with reservations
EE -- Albany -- Paramedic, Fire Engines, and Ambulance Special Tax -- Yes, with reservations
FF – Berkeley -- Fire, Emergency Services and Wildfire Prevention Tax -- Yes
GG – Berkeley -- Tax on Transportation Network Trips -- Yes
HH – Berkeley -- Utility Users Tax-- Yes
II – Berkeley -- Police Accountability Charter Amendment -- Yes, Yes, Yes!
JJ – Berkeley -- Mayor and City Council Compensation -- Yes
KK – Berkeley -- Administrative Provision and City Attorney -- Yes
LL – Berkeley -- Gann Limit Spending Authority -- Yes
MM – Berkeley -- Rent Stabilization Ordinance Amendment -- Yes
QQ --Oakland -- Allows 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in school board elections -- Yes
RR -- Oakland -- Allows for new misdemeanor fine limit after public hearing -- No position, please see write-up
S1 -- Oakland -- Strengthens the Police Commission -- Yes
WW -- Union City -- Utility Users Tax -- No

State Propositions
14 - $5.5 Billion in Bonds for Stem Cell Research Institute -- No
15 - Funding for Schools and Local Governments by Fairly Taxing Large Commercial Properties -- Yes, Yes, Yes!
16 - Allows Diversity and Affirmative Action -- Yes, Yes, Yes!
17 - Restores Right to Vote after Completion of Prison Term -- Yes
18 - Primary Voting for 17-Year-Olds who will be 18 for the General Election -- Yes
19 - Changes Certain Property Tax Rules -- Neutral, please see write-up
20 - Restricts Parole for Non-Violent Offenders and Authorizes Felonies for Some Current Misdemeanors -- No
21 - Expands Local Governments' Authority to Enact Rent Control -- Yes
22 - Exempts Some App-Based Companies from Providing Employee Benefits -- No, No, No!
23 - Establishes Requirements for Kidney Dialysis Clinics -- Yes
24 - Amends Privacy Laws and Establishes Privacy Protection Agency -- No
25 - Approves Replacing Money Bail with Algorithm-Based System -- No

If you have questions about registration, your ballot, or voting, please call the Registrar of Voters at: 510-27 2-6973 or the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights at: 1-866-OUR-VOTE, or view the Secretary of State's website, here:

by Green Party
Wednesday Oct 14th, 2020 1:08 PM
Sonoma county Green Party endorsements can be found here: (besides the SF and Alameda county ones listed above, plus the link to the Santa Clara county Green Party endorsements there too).
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