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11/3/20 Election: The Stakes; The Cal & S.F Propositions
by 30 Days to Go
Friday Oct 2nd, 2020 7:21 PM
What is at stake in this election are the very existence of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, food stamps, the right to abortion and birth control pills, funding Planned Parenthood, funding the Violence Against Women Act, the existence of all environmental regulations, all consumer protection laws, all gun control laws, all civil rights laws, all labor laws, an efficient, patronage-free mail system, federally funded affordable housing, public school education, federal funds for state governments and raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. Further, all progress we have made in abolishing the death penalty, legalizing drugs and ending the prison pipeline will end.
What is at stake in this election are the very existence of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, food stamps, the right to abortion and birth control pills, funding Planned Parenthood, funding the Violence Against Women Act, the existence of all environmental regulations, all consumer protection laws, all gun control laws, all civil rights laws, all labor laws, an efficient, patronage-free mail system, federally funded affordable housing, public school education, federal funds for state governments and raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. Further, all progress we have made in abolishing the death penalty, legalizing drugs and ending the prison pipeline will end.

Nazi Billionaire Trump’s major accomplishment on behalf of himself and the ruling capitalist class he represents was his Tax Scam of 2017, lowering the personal tax rate to 37% for individual incomes over $510,300, down from 92% in 1952 for the top 1% of incomes and the corporate tax rate to 21%, down from 52% in 1952, when labor was much stronger. It is filled with loopholes encouraging manufacturing overseas. The only reason a billionaire has to run for office is to enrich himself and his wealthy cronies by stealing from the National Treasury. The Congressional Budget Office stated on 9/2/20 that the federal budget deficit will hit $3.3 trillion this year, more than 3 times the deficit of 2019 and the largest deficit as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product since 1945. One reason the deficit is growing is due to the loss of revenue caused by the 2017 Tax Scam. See

From: “The ugly numbers are finally in on the 2017 Trump tax rewrite” by David Cay Johnston, 9/7/20 at :

“The first data showing how all Americans are faring under Donald Trump reveal the poor and working classes sinking slightly, the middle class treading water, the upper-middle class growing and the richest, well, luxuriating in rising rivers of greenbacks. More than half of Americans had to make ends meet in 2018 on less money than in 2016, my analysis of new income and tax data shows. The nearly 87 million taxpayers making less than $50,000 had to get by in 2018 on $307 less per household than in 2016, the year before Trump took office, I find. That 57% of American households were better off under Obama contradicts Trump's often-repeated claim he created the best economy ever until the pandemic.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated on the 2017 Tax Scam "It is a sign of President Trump's disdain for America's working families that he has spent years abusing the tax code while passing a GOP Tax Scam for the rich that gives 83 percent of the benefits to the wealthiest 1 percent." See her press release of 9/27/20 at

Nazi Trump is a swindler and lied in 2016 when he said he could not release his tax forms due to an audit. Now, 20 years of tax returns were released to the New York Times as of 9/27/20, and they show that Nazi Trump only paid $750 in US taxes for 2016 and 2017 and none for 10 of the previous 15 years, has a debt of $421 million and owes perhaps $100 million to the IRS. His outstanding debt is a conflict of interest since his decisions will be made on what is good for him, not on what is good for the country, if he is again allowed to sit illegally in office. Nazi Trump also claimed his awful millionaire older daughter, Ivanka, as a consultant, while she was also a member of a company. Nazi Trump’s golf courses are operating at a loss while he was flying around in luxury jets prior to becoming president. Now he charges the taxpayers for everything while he rakes in revenue in his hotels and at his golf courses and resorts, all a conflict of interest. See ,, and

Nazi Trump is the illegally installed phony president with a tax write-off of $70,000 for his fake hairdo for his bald head for his garbage TV show. A simple wig costing much less would do the job. As we can see on TV, his brown color is also a fake as it is clearly make-up on a fair-skinned person. Without the hairdo and make-up, he is even more obviously a very old man. See

For more details on Nazi Trump’s broken promises, better known as a phony sales pitch by an outright Nazi, see Ralph Nader’s excellent article, Let us remember that Nazi means National Socialist German Workers Party as Hitler knew he had to cater to the workingclass to at least sound pro-worker, in a country where the German Communist Party was the third largest electoral party. Nazi Trump’s economic policies have only enriched the rich, especially those making over $10 million a year. See

The deaths in synagogues, churches, immigration prisons and in the streets caused by Nazi Trump’s racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, misogyny and homophobia have left a trail of tears of the survivors of the victims of his fascist campaign slogans meant to divide and conquer the workingclass, guaranteeing more profits for Nazi Trump and his wealthy cronies.

Nazi Trump has already revived the federal death penalty, repealed many environmental regulations since he does not believe climate change exists, filed another lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, promoted private schools with an anti-public school Secretary of Education, illegally tried to abolish the payroll tax for Social Security and appointed anti-abortion Supreme Court justices so we now have an anti-abortion majority on the Supreme Court. Even with the death of Justice Ginsburg, there is still have a 5 to 3 anti-abortion majority. Two of the anti-abortion justices were appointed by Nazi Trump, whose Republican Party platform explicitly opposes abortion. He is now openly promoting the US police forces as death squads in his call for “retribution” instead of innocence until proven guilty in a court guaranteed by the due process clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, one of the anti-slavery amendments. See

Most members of the Republican Party dismiss the deaths from COVID19 as acceptable. That can only mean that the Republican Party is a death cult, a Nazi party. Anyone who votes for the Republican Party candidate for president is knowingly voting for a fascist party. See

Nazi Trump promoted the Republican Party’s death cult agenda by stating in that regard to the COVID19 death count in the US, “If you take the blue states out, we’re at a level I don’t think anybody in the world would be at.” This is a mass murder agenda since the blue states constitute the majority of the population and include most of the heavily populated states. It is the red states, which are mostly poorer states, which have the higher COVID19 rates. See For maps of the blue, red and other states, see and (both maps).

Since the failing American school system has not taught the generations under age 40 (Millennial 1981-1996, Gen Z after 1996) much of anything about the Holocaust, when 6 million of Europe’s 9 million Jews, then the center of the world’s Jewish population, were murdered by Nazi Germany in the Holocaust, a lesson of history that must never be forgotten or forgiven, and since the lessons being taught in this article are by definition for the young, under age 40, here is your Holocaust lesson to be read and memorized as it defines most of the American and world political scene today and for many decades to come. This horrifying lack of Holocaust education was reported on 9/16/20 at and is documented at from which this article quotes:

“Nationally, there is a clear lack of awareness of key historical facts; 63 percent of all national survey respondents do not know that six million Jews were murdered and 36 percent thought that “two million or fewer Jews” were killed during the Holocaust. Additionally, although there were more than 40,000 camps and ghettos in Europe during the Holocaust, 48 percent of national survey respondents cannot name a single one.”

Since the readers of this article are most likely in California, please look at the interactive map of the US on the Claims Conference article, and you will find that of the under age 40 Californians: 59% did not know that 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, 53% did not know what Auschwitz was, and 37% cannot name a single concentration camp. Here is a good map of the thousands of concentration camps and death camps throughout Europe erected by Nazi Germany, a reminder of the necessity of stopping fascism before it stops you. See

Some of the better known death camps were Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sachsenhausen, Ravensbruck, Mauthausen, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Sobibor, Chelmno, Belzec and many more. The Jewish community did resist when possible, and the battle cry of the Warsaw Ghetto Resistance was Never Forgive, Never Forget!

The Nazis stated at their trials at Nuremberg that they got their ideas of genocide from the US treatment of Native Americans and African Americans, being repeated today in immigration detention centers against mostly poor Latin American immigrants, including forced sterilizations. As the below article states, "The Holocaust did not begin with the mass killings," notes one observer. "It began with the rhetoric of hate." In other words, racism’s goal is genocide. See

Social Security, formally known as Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance (OASDI) is not only survival for most people over age 65, it also provides lifelong Social Security disability payments to those permanently injured and unable to work, and to child dependents of a retired or disabled worker. In other words, the promise of Nazi Trump to his ruling, capitalist class patrons to abolish the payroll tax which funds Social Security will cause most Social Security recipients to drop dead if they do not receive their Social Security check. With no payroll tax funding Social Security, Social Security Disability will end in 1 year and Social Security Pensions will end by 2023. The lowering of the life expectancy age to 50 or less, the same as the 19th Century and before, is guaranteed with the destruction of Social Security and the abolition of Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.

Nazi Trump, an aspiring dictator who has admitted on the Woodward tapes to mass murder by not disclosing that he knew by January 28, 2020 that the COVID19 virus is 5 times worse than the flu and he did nothing to mitigate the virus, who has stated that he will not allow protests of a second stolen election which is a threat of police state terrorism and who just proclaimed he wants a 12 year rule by his family, the same as Hitler whose reign of terror lasted from 1933-1945, and the Republican Party, represent the sector of the ruling, capitalist class that is outraged at the gains labor made in the entire 20th Century and 21st Century and can hardly wait to eliminate all of them so as to even further maximize the profits of the ruling capitalist class. They apparently do not fear a socialist revolution because 62 million people, far more than the 11 million millionaires in this country, voted for Nazi Trump and his openly anti-labor Republican Party. Here is the story of one of them, an unemployed home caregiver who by definition barely survived on her former paycheck:

“"When I figured out that executive order wasn't going to mean squat for me, I cried," Stephanie Hightower, an out-of-work home caregiver in Indiana, told the Post. Because Hightower is currently receiving just $75 per week in state unemployment benefits, she does not qualify for the $300 federal supplement.
Hightower said she supported Trump in the 2016 election but is now undecided.” See

Not to be missed are the teachers who voted for Trump. A Pennsylvania teacher now opposes Trump to the extent that she is featured in a Youtube video ad against Trump by her union, the American Federation of Teachers, wherein this college educated person, with a computer to research the lifelong fascist background of Trump available instantaneously, stated “In 2016, I voted for Donald Trump. I thought he was going to shake up the system.” See

She must have heard from her own union that the Republican Party’s platform is openly anti-labor and she must know that a president does not wave a magic wand; he/she must have the votes in Congress to do anything.

In California, we have the luxury of choosing one of the 2 small, radical parties on the ballot because all of California’s Electoral College votes go to the Democratic candidate since 1992 in our winner-take-all system. In 2016, Clinton received 61% of the vote, and it is expected Biden will do at least as well in California. In most states, the voters do not have that luxury and the polls are close or within the margin of error in the following contested states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. See and
You can follow the polls daily at

The presidential race is always a referendum on the economy, which is in a serious state of collapse with a 31.40% drop in the Gross Domestic Product in the Second Quarter and a 28% real unemployment rate. See and The federal trade deficit for July 2020 is the worst since July 2008. See

The United States has been in a recession since February 2020, before the late March 2020 pandemic spike, which means that Trump’s reactionary economic policies are the primary cause of the disaster the American economy now faces. The pandemic, which Nazi Trump knew about in January 2020, has accelerated the decline, while he insisted on doing nothing. See

Without federal funding and taxing the rich at the federal level and in the states, such as California which, exceptionally, have lots of rich people, all state, county and local governments will collapse very soon. As it is, if California does not tax the rich this year, all county governments will be trimmed this year to a bare skeleton operation. Every state depends on federal funding for its existence. San Francisco has to take a large portion of its General Fund and Reserve Fund to balance the budget in FY 2020-21 and FY 2021-22. See

The Republican controlled US Senate has refused to even consider the $3 trillion HEROES Act, HR 6800, passed by the Democratic controlled House of Representatives on May 15, 2020, which would give federal funds to state governments and much more. See Clearly, Nazi Trump and his Republican Party want the American economy to be Nazi Trump’s 7th bankruptcy.

The Tax Scam of 2017 alone should have caused Nazi Trump’s support to plummet to 3%, the 11.8 million millionaires in the USA. Now we have a collapse of the economy due in part to the pandemic, which is waking up some people. Yet, Nazi Trump still has a 44% approval rating. See

In this election, he should receive the same resounding defeat Republican Barry Goldwater received in 1964, namely 52 Electoral College votes out of 538 available, winning only his home state of Arizona, plus some of the Southern states, namely, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. See To keep track of the progress of the campaign, see

Let us remember that the 2016 presidential campaign started with Nazi Trump uttering racist epithets about Mexicans that were so terrible that Macy’s cancelled their ad for his garbage TV show and pulled Trump-branded merchandise from its stores. See

Nazi Trump is an admitted rapist, socialized with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex trafficker and has a long, horrifying history of cheating on all of his wives and engaging in lewd and leering behavior proving he is a criminally insane anti-women thug. He was also owner of the viciously anti-women Miss Universe beauty contest, which included Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, from 1996 to 2015. Since beauty can only be in the eye of the beholder, all beauty contests are by definition commercialization and objectification of the human body, the core of male chauvinism. Yet we had female teachers voting for Nazi Trump claiming he would “shake things up” and now we still have a 44% approval rating. This is a sign of a profound backwardness and a very weak labor movement. For the anti-women actions, see

The September 29, 2020 “debate” between Nazi Trump and Joe Biden was filled with constant vicious interruptions by Nazi Trump wherein he rambled hateful statements, making it very difficult to hear anything. By age 5, we learn to raise our hand when we want to talk. In San Francisco, when a person’s time has ended at all government hearings, the microphone is shut off so that everyone concerned has an opportunity to speak in equal time. Nazi Trump’s pale face was a horror to see; he constantly tilted his head in a snide manner instead of facing the TV audience, he never smiled but instead had a horrifying angry scowl on his face and spoke with a vicious sneer while he pointed his finger in the air in a threatening manner; he never spoke with any concern to the TV audience, the voters, as Nazi Trump was insistent on diverting attention from the answers to any questions to promote lies as he clearly had no program whatsoever and is only concerned about himself as he is in legal trouble over his taxes and debts. He told the fascist group, Proud Boys, to " stand back and stand by" when asked by the moderator if he would condemn white supremacists. Joe Biden stood calmly, often with a winning smile, always with self-assurance, providing thoughtful, informed answers and spoke directly to the TV audience, the voters, with sympathy, concern and appropriate instructions on the necessity to vote as well as providing all kinds of useful information on his presidential program. It is hard to comprehend how anyone, much less any teacher, could even think of voting for such a completely deranged, hateful and rude fascist thug as Nazi Trump. This election is not only a fight for our lives, it puts on trial the voters for Nazi Trump to the point we must ask them, which side are you on?

There is now concern about election fraud by Nazi Trump. The easiest and best way to stop election fraud is for everyone to vote as a massive voter turnout guarantees that Trump is defeated. Some 100 million people, overwhelmingly American citizens, did not vote in 2016. They need to be registered and pushed to the polls as they are overwhelmingly the workingclass, making less than $80,000 a year, who have everything to lose if Nazi Trump remains in office.

One possible source of Nazi Trump’s COVID19 infection is his reactionary anti-abortion, anti-Affordable Care Act, pro-religion before Constitution, anti-labor Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, who had COVID19 earlier this year. She was sick with “mild symptoms.” Her nomination was 9/26/20, attended by Nazi Trump. Neither she nor anyone else at the Rose Garden ceremony was wearing a mask. See of 10/2/20. Barrett actually believes that life begins at fertilization! See

To describe the Republican Party as the Super Spreader Party is to be polite. The campaign to end any Republican rule must continue as the Republican Party is an openly fascist, anti-labor, anti-women, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-science, pro-death penalty, pro-concentration camp prisons thug party. Unlike the mythical Midas, whose touch turned everything to gold, the actions of the Republican Party turn everything to ice cold death.

The single most important question the voters must ask in every presidential election is whether they are better off financially than they were 4 years ago. If the answer is no, they have to vote the incumbent out of office simply to move forward. An election is not a revolution; it simply confirms the class struggle that has preceded it, which is to say, it is an economic referendum.

STRONGLY SUGGESTED to everyone is to walk your Vote by Mail ballot to your Voting Center or your polling place since Nazi Trump has illegally tampered with the mail system, removing sorting machines and mail boxes. ALSO STRONGLY SUGGESTED is that you complete your ballot, put it in the envelope, sign the envelope and walk it to the Voting Center as quickly as possible if you are voting before Election Day. On Election Day, hand-deliver your Vote by Mail ballot first thing in the morning to your polling place or Voting Center.
No one is required to vote by mail in this election or any other election. We have had no-excuse-needed vote by mail for decades in California, starting 29 days before election day. The polls will still be open and we can always vote at the Vote by Mail Center in your County if you prefer that poll instead of the field polls or vote by mail. We are having a universal vote by mail ballot mailed to all registered voters to encourage them to vote by mail instead of a crowded polling place during this pandemic. San Francisco already votes up to 71% by mail in some elections. You can read all about California's vote by mail orders for this election at the Secretary of State's elections page at
As you can see in the following Executive Order at
there will be at least 1 polling place per 10,000 voters the 3 days before election day (Oct 31-Nov 1) and on election day (Nov 3)
there will be at least 1 vote by mail ballot drop off place per 15,000 voters open from October 5 through November 3 which in San Francisco is at the Vote by Mail Center outside the Civic Center Auditorium, diagonally across from City Hall, on Grove and Polk Streets. See

The hours the main San Francisco Voting Center at 99 Grove Street is open are:
Every weekday, October 5-November 2, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Two weekends, October 24-25 and October 31-November 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (same voting hours as polling places).
Other San Francisco Voting Centers, open Sat/Sun Oct 31-Nov 1 or Mon-Tues Nov 2-3, are:
Bayview Library, 5075 3rd Street, Open Weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Chase Center, 1655 3rd Street, Open Weekends 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Excelsior Library, 4400 Mission Street, Election Day Nov 3, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The California Voter Handbook arrived in our mailboxes on September 12, 2020. The County Voter Handbook is expected to be mailed by October 5, 2020 with the vote by mail ballots. If you do not receive your Vote by Mail ballot by October 13, 2020, contact your Registrar of Voters at 415.554.4375 or go to a San Francisco Voting Center. Your polling place will be stated on the cover of your County Voter Handbook.

California Propositions
For the above, if you cannot immediately access the PDF, click on Official Voter Information Guide, mandatory reading, at and,

Proposition 14: Bonds for stem cell research.,_Stem_Cell_Research_Institute_Bond_Initiative_(202Yes on 14:

Proposition 15: Property Tax,_Tax_on_Commercial_and_Industrial_Properties_for_Education_and_Local_Government_Funding_Initiative_(2020)
A "yes" vote supports this constitutional amendment to require commercial and industrial properties, except those zoned as commercial agriculture, to be taxed based on their market value, rather than their purchase price.
Increases funding for K-12 public schools, community colleges, and local governments by requiring that commercial and industrial real property be taxed based on current market value, instead of purchase price.
Exempts from taxation changes: residential properties; agricultural land; and owners of commercial and industrial properties with combined value of $3 million or less.
Any additional educational funding will supplement existing school funding guarantees.
Exempts small businesses from personal property tax; for other businesses, provides $500,000 exemption.
Increased property taxes on commercial properties worth more than $3 million providing $6.5 billion to $11.5 billion in new funding to local governments and schools.

Proposition 16: Affirmative Action,_Repeal_Proposition_209_Affirmative_Action_Amendment_(2020)
Repeals Prop 209, the anti-affirmative action proposition of 1996.

Proposition 17: Voting. Returns right to vote to those released from prison on parole,_Voting_Rights_Restoration_for_Persons_on_Parole_Amendment_(2020) #FreeTheVote

Proposition 18: Voting. Allows people who will be 18 on the general election date to also vote in the primary.,_Primary_Voting_for_17-Year-Olds_Amendment_(2020)

Proposition 19: Property Taxes,_Property_Tax_Transfers,_Exemptions,_and_Revenue_for_Wildfire_Agencies_and_Counties_Amendment_(2020)
A "yes" vote supports this constitutional amendment to:
* allow eligible homeowners to transfer their tax assessments anywhere within the state and allow tax assessments to be transferred to a more expensive home with an upward adjustment;
* increase the number of times that persons over 55 years old or with severe disabilities can transfer their tax assessments from one to three;
* require that inherited homes that are not used as principal residences, such as second homes or rentals, be reassessed at market value when transferred; and
* allocate additional revenue or net savings resulting from the ballot measure to wildfire agencies and counties.

Proposition 20: Prisons.,_Criminal_Sentencing,_Parole,_and_DNA_Collection_Initiative_(2020)
A "no" vote opposes this initiative to add crimes to the list of violent felonies for which early parole is restricted; recategorize certain types of theft and fraud crimes as wobblers (chargeable as misdemeanors or felonies); and require DNA collection for certain misdemeanors.
Limits access to parole programs established for non-violent offenders who have completed the full term of their primary offense by eliminating eligibility for certain offenses.
Changes standards and requirements governing parole decisions under this program.
Authorizes felony charges for specified theft crimes currently chargeable only as misdemeanors, including some theft crimes where the value is between $250 and $950.
Requires persons convicted of specified misdemeanors to submit to collection of DNA samples for state database
Fiscal Impact:
Increased state and local correctional costs likely in the tens of millions of dollars annually, primarily related to increases in county jail populations and levels of community supervision.
Increased state and local court-related costs of that could be more than several million dollars annually.
Increased state and local law enforcement costs to be more than a few million dollars annually related to collecting and processing DNA samples
Former Officials
Jerry Brown (D) - Former Governor
Patty Quillin - Philanthropist
Lynn Schusterman - Philanthropist
SEIU California State Council
ACLU of Northern California

Proposition 21: Housing,_Local_Rent_Control_Initiative_(2020)
A "yes" vote supports this ballot initiative to allow local governments to enact rent control on housing that was first occupied over 15 years ago, with an exception for landlords who own no more than two homes with distinct titles or subdivided interests.
Amends state law to allow local governments to establish rent control on residential properties over 15 years old. Allows local limits on annual rent increases to differ from current statewide limit.
Allows rent increases in rent-controlled properties of up to 15 percent over three years at start of new tenancy (above any increase allowed by local ordinance).
Exempts individuals who own no more than two homes from new rent-control policies.
In accordance with California law, prohibits rent control from violating landlords’ right to fair financial return.
San Francisco Tenants Union:

Proposition 22: Business.,_App-Based_Drivers_as_Contractors_and_Labor_Policies_Initiative_(2020)
A "no" vote opposes this ballot initiative, meaning California Assembly Bill 5 (2019) could be used to decide whether app-based drivers are employees or independent contractors. (No on Prop 22) (No on Prop 22)

Proposition 23: Healthcare.,_Dialysis_Clinic_Requirements_Initiative_(2020)
A "yes" vote supports this ballot initiative to require chronic dialysis clinics to: have an on-site physician while patients are being treated; report data on dialysis-related infections; obtain consent from the state health department before closing a clinic; and not discriminate against patients based on the source of payment for care.

Proposition 24: Business.,_Consumer_Personal_Information_Law_and_Agency_Initiative_(2020) Text from this site is as follows:
In 2018, California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – landmark legislation to protect the privacy rights of consumers in California.  This law mandated that certain businesses must provide notice to consumers before collecting their personal information and must allow consumer to opt out of the sale of their personal information.  This law is now in effect.
 Now, a wealthy San Francisco developer has spent millions to qualify Prop 24, which would weaken California’s recent landmark privacy law and create a new $100+ million state agency to oversee privacy instead. 

Proposition 25: Replacement of Cash Bail.,_Replace_Cash_Bail_with_Risk_Assessments_Referendum_(2020)
A "yes" vote is to uphold the contested legislation, Senate Bill 10 (SB 10), which would replace cash bail with risk assessments for detained suspects awaiting trials.

San Francisco Propositions.
For all propositions, see
A good guide is from the San Francisco Tenants Union at

Proposition A: Bond 66+2/3 vote to pass. Health, Homelessness, Parks and Streets.

Proposition B: Charter Amendment 50% +1 vote to pass. Creates Department of Sanitation and Streets and Sanitation and Streets Commission, plus a Public Works Commission to oversee the Department of Public Works.

Proposition C: Charter Amendment 50% +1 vote to pass. Removing Citizenship Requirement for Members of City Bodies. They will just have to be of legal voting age.

Proposition D: Charter Amendment 50% +1 vote to pass. Sheriff oversight. Creates Sheriff’s Department Oversight Board overseeing an Office of Inspector General to investigate complaints of non-criminal misconduct by employees and contractors of the Sheriff’s Department and in-custody deaths.

Proposition E: Charter Amendment 50% +1 vote to pass. Police staffing. Removes the 25 year old contrived minimum staffing level of police and requires the Police Department to submit a report and recommendation every 2 years for staffing levels to the Police Commission which approves the Police Department budget.

Proposition F: Charter Amendment 50% +1 vote to pass. Business tax overhaul.

Proposition G: Charter Amendment 50% +1 vote to pass. Youth voting in local elections. Allows 16 & 17 year olds to vote in Municipal elections.

Proposition H: Ordinance. 50% +1 vote to pass. Neighborhood commercial districts and city permitting.

Proposition I: Ordinance. 50% +1 vote to pass. Real estate transfer tax. A higher tax on the sale of a property worth $10 million or more. See

Proposition J: Ordinance. 50% +1 vote to pass. Parcel tax for SF School District. Replaces tax of 2018. Does not raise current taxes.

Proposition K: Ordinance. 50% +1 vote to pass. Affordable housing authorization.
Proposition K, the Social Housing Act is a November 2020 ballot measure to authorize a pilot program for municipally-owned social housing in San Francisco. We need to pass Prop K to clear a legal hurdle added by segregationists in 1950, which otherwise bans this type of deeply affordable housing!

Proposition L: Ordinance. 50% +1 vote to pass. Overpaid Executive Tax.

Proposition RR: District measure. 66-2/3% vote to pass. Caltrain’s regressive sales tax on the workingclass. San Francisco already pays 8.5% sales tax. California has 1.1 millionaire households in California who should be taxed with the progressive income tax by the supermajority Democratic Legislature and Democratic governor to pay for a train system connecting San Francisco to commuters from the Peninsula.
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