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More Anti-Democratic Nonsense By KPFA LSB Board Majority & KPFA LSB Secretary Carol Wolfle
by Repost
Thursday Sep 17th, 2020 12:01 PM
The KPFA LSB board majority and their LSB secretary Carol Wolfley are working to prevent democratic participation in the LSB meetings. Their corporatist operation of the station local board is connected to their failure to do any evaluations of the manager Quincy McCoy or Program Director They have been rubber stamps to the unilateral of programs at KPFA and support by the station management.
More Trump Politics At KPFA By LSB Majority
More Anti-Democratic Nonsense By KPFA LSB Board Majority & KPFA LSB Secretary Carol Wolfley

September 17, 2020 admin

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting: New Special Process for Public Attendance & Comment at Open / Public Meeting

Wednesday morning, on 3 days notice, the KPFA Local Station Board Secretary changed the notice for Saturday’s bi-monthly meeting to one that requires those wanting to attend or to make Public Comment, to send an email request to do so BY FRIDAY 9/18/20.

Prior to that, there had been place-holder language promising meeting participation details on Wednesday. The LSB had been meeting via Zoom since May and those coordinates were expected.

From many perspectives, there are problems with this “new” approach to a public meeting, attendance at which does not require persons to identify themselves:

1. To require specific advance admission action by the public is a violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting regulation.

2. To not provide for those without email access is discriminatory.

3. Giving 2 days notice of the very questionable demand regarding a meeting that requires at least 7 days notice is beyond unreasonable.

This is the wrong-headed note:

“Address: To request info to observe and/or to make a public comment, email outreach [at] by 9-18-20.”

Although in recognition of the COVID pandemic, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) relaxed rules around open / public meetings, they have not thrown them out and unless there’s a desire to continue to force the network to do without CPB funds*, the officers should post the Zoom info. (The Maestro system that many committees use is not suitable for LSB meetings as the board membership is 25 and the system’s service capacity is 25 persons, so neither listening nor public comment can be accommodated.)

It should be noted that although they had been allowing telephone participation for years, the KPFA LSB deciders became so confused by the need for all members to participate remotely on March 21, that they cancelled the meeting. But in fact, they’d also not called a meeting in February, and would not meet in April. Only after the LSB minority tried to hold a meeting in late April, did the majority finally hold a Zoom LSB meeting in May.

Limited thinking / controlling / exclusionary conduct that may also be CPB-illegal but is definitely violative of Pacifica’s commitment to transparency, is not limited to “free speech” Berkeley. The behavior is alive and well in Houston** and New York***.

–Cerene Roberts

* Eligibility for CPB funds require current audits. The only overdue independent audit — Fiscal Year 2019 — is underway despite what certain recent communications suggest.

It is also a lie that the Interim Executive Director and PNB officers can take money from KPFA bank accounts.

It is also a lie that the majority of the KPFA LSB voted to approve the Bylaw Replacement proposals presented in 2019.

It is also a lie …

** Houston reportedly has a new LSB chair. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, having to call or email to get selected admission to committee meetings needs to stop, yesterday. The CAB and Committee of Inclusion are notable exceptions to the foolishness being practiced in Houston.

KPFT needs to keep its arms open wide.

*** In NY, we’re accustomed to a periodic management “Report to the Listener” and to LSB Radio Reports, when it suits the majority, but at least they happen. (D.C. provides a more-or-less regular on-air LSB report.) Lastnight on the Governance Committee call, there was discussion of systematizing the process so that all network members have an equal opportunity to not just give up their time and their money, but to hear from and speak to the people we’ve elected to the LSBs and to the people who manage our stations. A NY delegate – clearly missing the point that national committees help shape policy by helping the national board fulfill its network-wide responsibilities – reduced it to whether he as a member of the local majority thought it would serve his group well.

(Turns out that being elected through Standard Transferable Voting doesn’t indicate an understanding of or commitment to sharing power.)

Michael White calculated that monthly 1-hour reports from the LSB, monthly 1-hour reports from the management, and twice-yearly 1-hour reports from the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer would constitute 26 hours per year, per station. And since half of that time would be for member calls – without including the 30 minutes Public Comment at the monthly LSB meetings which could total 6 hours – it would mean 13 hours of hearing from people who weren’t elected to anything.

Yup. Those unelected simpletons only provide the $11 Million that makes the operation run.–CR

Here’s the info on how to apply to listen or comment during the KPFA LAB meeting.
KPFA Local Station Board
Saturday, September 19, 2020
11:00 AM PT
To request info to observe and/or to make a public comment, email outreach [at] by 9-18-20.
Agenda ViewText
Posted Monday, July 13, 2020 Archive After Meeting”

Here’s a link to comparisons between Trump’s maneuvers and some of the anti-democratic goings-on at Pacifica:
by and more crickets ..
Friday Sep 18th, 2020 9:34 AM
anybody get an answer from outreach [at]
on the LSB meeting attendance procedure ??

from the website:
KPFA Local Station Board
Saturday, September 19, 2020
11:00 AM PT
To request info to observe and/or to make a public comment, email outreach [at] for info to join meeting.
This meeting may include an Executive Session to discuss personnel issues.
by of things to come
Friday Sep 18th, 2020 10:12 AM
here is the Station General Manager Evaluation
from Carol Wolfley and the Evaluation Task Force
that was/is being submitted to the KPFA LSB

“Below are evaluation questions.
If you have specific short comments on any question, please send them.
We on the LSB will appreciate the help -- but may not acknowledge them.
Please avoid long comments - think KISS
Pease read other RP comments before sending yours so you don't duplicate.
If you agree with another's comments - just state that - don't repeat.
Please avoid emails that pat people on the back in order to keep the email manageable.

1. The GM has maintained the fiscal integrity of the station through on- and off-air fundraising, website fundraising, membership acquisition and through grants and development projects.
2. The GM has maintained the physical plant and transmitter functions and ensured that public safety measures are in place.
3. The GM has worked to ensure that programming conforms to the Pacifica Mission.
4. The GM ensures that all local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations are followed and all required reports are filed in a timely fashion.
5. The GM attends Local Station Board meetings on a quarterly basis, make reports to the board and cooperates with the LSB election process.
6. The GM has afforded staff the guidance and training needed to best perform their job duties.
7. The GM has developed a budget planning process, implemented the existing budget throughout the year.
8. The GM has followed Pacifica procedures and pertinent laws in personnel actions, and followed the Pacifica Employment Handbook and Union Contract.
9. The GM has enhanced community relations through a well maintained website, social media, community events and other outreach efforts.
10. Please indicate if you are a Listener or Staff Local Station Board Member.”

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions
( since you have the crayons .. )
by Akio Tanaka
Tuesday Sep 22nd, 2020 7:44 AM
Bylaws say one of the ‘powers and duties’ of LSB is to evaluate the GM.
“C. To prepare an annual written evaluation of the station's General Manager.”

The Bylaws do not prescribe how the LSB is to carry out the GM evaluation, i.e. who generates the evaluation, whether staff members are asked, or whether outside entity are consulted,

The LSB has the right of course to debate and vote on any of these items.

The Bylaws only require that LSB do an annual written evaluation.

The Bylaws also say ‘powers and duties’ of the PNB is” Subject to … these Bylaws relating to action required or permitted to be taken or approved by the … Delegates of the Foundation...

So, PNB is proscribed from interceding in the LSB’s GM evaluation.
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