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On Facebook Banning Anarchist and Antifascist Pages & the Digital Censorship to Come

by CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective
Today Facebook deleted a variety of far-Right militia and Qanon accounts along with anarchist and antifascist pages, including It’s Going Down and CrimethInc. The following is a joint statement in response.

Facebook has taken down multiple Facebook pages they believe to be connected with and, among other anarchist and anti-fascist publishing projects, officially on the pretext that they “support violence.” This has nothing to do with stopping violence and everything to do with cracking down on social movements and everyday people getting organized in their communities.

Facebook has always promoted itself as seeking to assist people in creating networks to meet their needs. Facebook representatives proudly touted their role in the Egyptian uprising. Their decision to ban social movement organizations shows that they are eager to play a role in ensuring that the only forms of activism that can emerge are the ones that are beneficial to the current authorities. For months, Donald Trump has demanded this crackdown in a series of social media posts explicitly blaming anarchists and anti-fascists for the countrywide wave of protests precipitated by persistent police violence in the United States.

The definition of violence is not neutral. The way Facebook defines violence, it is legitimate for police to kill a thousand people per year while evicting, kidnapping, and imprisoning millions—it is legitimate to drop bombs on civilians, so long as the aggressor represents an official government—but it is “violence” to prevent a white supremacist from assaulting a crowd or return a tear gas canister to the police who shot it. Suppressing the voices of those who seek to protect their communities from institutional and white supremacist violence is an intentional decision to normalize violence as long as the ones employing it hold institutional power.

Lumping anarchists and anti-fascists together with far-right militias who explicitly support the state and especially the current administration is a strategic move to muddy the issue. This is the same operation that William Barr performed in creating a Department of Justice task force focused on “anti-government extremists” of all stripes. In the case of the Department of Justice, it enables them to point to far-right and militia attacks in order to demand resources with which to crack down on those who are on the front lines of defending communities against such attacks. They are attempting to do the same thing to Black Lives Matter activists, associating them together with neo-Nazis and white nationalists as “racially motivated extremists.”

After a fascist murdered Heather Heyer during the “Unite the Right” mobilization in Charlottesville, tremendous grassroots pressure arose to remove fascists and white supremacists from social media platforms. This time, the push is coming from the very top of the hierarchy, at a time when protest movements have been essential to creating a nationwide dialogue about state violence and oppression. This is a counterattack from those in power against websites that published perspectives from those who mobilized against the fascists in Charlottesville. It is not a coincidence that it occurs after Trump mobilized federal forces to Portland, Oregon, precipitating weeks of street conflict. While far-right groups continue to organize on Facebook and millions spread dangerous misinformation about COVID-19, Facebook is actively cooperating with the Trump administration to suppress dissent.

Make no mistake, if this goes unchallenged, it will not stop here. The more it becomes normalized for governments to be able to determine which voices social media platforms permit to be heard, the further such censorship will penetrate into every sector of society, and the more it will shape what it is possible to think, what it is possible to imagine.

If you are concerned about this, please use all the means at your disposal to get this message out far and wide. Facebook should not get to determine for you what constitutes responsible speech. Together, in solidarity, we can create a better world, in which no one of good conscience need fear that fascists, governments, or billion-dollar corporations can suppress their freedom of expression.

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by Banned on FB
Screenshot via Sole.
"Lumping anarchists and anti-fascists together with far-right militias who explicitly support the state and especially the current administration is a strategic move to muddy the issue."
It indeed is intended to confuse the public and silence the truth. There are hundreds, at least hundreds of trolls who do this daily on Twitter. Some are mainstream journalists with blue checks (official Twitter verification)
Publishing the truth on Twitter is no longer allowed if it is disturbing to someone with more means than you have. Look for example at John Young, who was the original "wikileaks" and has maintained since the early 90s without any sucessful legal challenges against him. He acts openly and legally, but Twitter lifetime banned him.
(though you can find something at @Cryptome_org)
The banned grows larger every day. How will we be heard?
Certainly we need to be rid of centralized, corporate control of social media. In the early days of the internet, we had robust forums and they worked just fine. Today we are not even allowed the freedoms once available on AOL. We do have a problem, and creating new accounts within the enemy's fortress will not be the solution. The solution will not be the software, either. We have plenty of software with more features necessary than the tasks required. We need the attention of the masses. We need a positive feedback loop between our actions in the streets, and our actions online. Facebook and Twitter will only capitalize on "riot porn" and cripple the sharing of our news to negate it, or render it ineffectual. I have ideas on how to move forward on this, but you won't be contacting me via Twitter, at least not soon. You can see why here - @DaveIndyJones After verifying my phone and searching my computer under the guise of a "captcha" see the attached graphic of what I see if I am foolish enough to try to log in. That was supposed to restore my account. Ha.
Fuck corporate media, especially their "social media". It needs to be utterly dismantled, and we can build what we need overnight.
by Op-Ed Oregon
The chief problem with Facebook is that it has a lack of clearly marked features that would be obviously wanted in such a media, and there are lack of alternatives. It demands that users create accounts to browse freely.

A good alternative should have options for moderated discussion by single moderator, moderated discussion by appointed panel and moderated discussion by open panel (that allows experienced or after a certain time users chosen by current panel). Public and private settings, and public that is viewable browsably comfortably without an account. The chief problem with free speech on Internet is poor filtering and lousy search engines, results. This is an enemy to free-ness. Facebook is also reliant on advertising and this doesn't have to, but usually does, cause bad webpage scripting, multiple things loading, slow-downs, bottlenecks, and crappy browsing layout. This can make doing anything useful on a limited screen, i.e. phone computer impossible.

I would like to see quality forums, discussion, and newswires, pages of information, in a variety of superior layouts, but the availability of 'dumb' automatic web presence seems to have killed this off.

Internet Relay Chat also seems to have been co-opted and the power of Bulletin Board Systems (actually cork board... and electronic, by phone-modem, also digital, and radio transmission) was once glorious. You could find jobs, housing, supplies, engineering answers and collaborators in projects this way, as well as relay news in a 2nd way apart from commercial papers. If ever this was need, now is one of those times.
by An Other Guy
My chosen screen name on Facebook, An Other Guy, was recently challenged so rather than fix it I have quit Facebook. As soon as I get my business license set up in my new hometown of Winston Oregon I plan to start calling myself An Other Guy in my blogs on and

John Thielking
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