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Why the Left Must Reject and Elect Biden at the Same Time
by Norman Solomon
Thursday Aug 6th, 2020 10:27 AM
We have to get rid of Trump

In the next three months, a dozen states will determine whether Donald Trump wins another four years as president. Those swing states should be central to the work of progressives who are determined to prevent that outcome.

With so much at stake, we can’t afford the luxury of devoting time and energy to endless arguments about whether progressives should vote for Joe Biden if they live in California or New York, or Alabama or Alaska, or other states where the electoral votes are sure to all go to Biden or Trump.

What will matter are the swing states, generally understood this time around to include Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin. (Also in play are “swing districts” in two states where the statewide winning candidate doesn’t automatically get all of the state’s electoral votes: Maine’s second congressional district and Nebraska’s second congressional district.)

There’s no point -- or honesty -- in pretending that Biden is a decent guy whose public service has overflowed with compassion. Whether provided by the New York Times days ago or The Nation last year, the grim evidence of Biden’s callous political career is profuse.

During the primary campaign, the organization where I’m national director,, supported Bernie Sanders and widely distributed documentation of Biden’s decades-long record of serving corporate greed, racial injustice and the military-industrial complex. I’ve denounced Biden’s political record in one article after another after another after another after another after another after another .

But the choice ahead, Trump or Biden, is painfully real. Magical thinking has its literary value, but in politics it’s delusional and dangerous to evade the realities of binary choices when they arise. All too often, discussion of voting can fall into a kind of self-absorption that focuses on a voter’s emotions about voting rather than on the impacts of election results on other people.

“It doesn't matter whether you like Biden or not, that's your personal feelings, irrelevant, nobody cares about that,” Noam Chomsky said in a just-released video . “What they care about is what happens to the world. We have to get rid of Trump, keep pressure on Biden, just as Sanders and associates have been doing.”

Chomsky added: “Politics is activism, not taking five minutes to push a button. Look what's happening in the streets of the country. One of the greatest social movements that has ever developed, led by Black Lives Matter. Take Sunrise Movement, managed to put the Green New Deal on the legislative agenda. This generation is going to decide whether organized human society can survive. And the crucial part of this decision is to get rid of the major barrier to survival, which happens to be in the White House. Get rid of Trump, then we have opportunities.”

My colleague Jeff Cohen, who co-founded RootsAction, told Common Dreams that the “ Vote Trump Out” initiative that RootsAction launched with the Chomsky video is “a two-step campaign: First, vote Trump out. Then challenge Biden from day one. . . It's easier to persuade ‘swing voters on the left’ who live in swing states to vote for Biden despite their hesitancy if they know we're serious about step two.”

Like it or not, the imperative of defeating Trump is directly in front of us. To make a progressive future possible, beating Trump is absolutely necessary while very far from sufficient. To organize against a government headed by Trump is to push against a thick stone wall. To organize against a government headed by Biden holds out the real potential of progressive breakthroughs.


Norman Solomon is co-founder and national director of He is a Bernie Sanders delegate from California to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Solomon is the author of a dozen books including “War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death.”

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by Retired Union Worker
Thursday Aug 6th, 2020 1:50 PM
How low will the liberal Democrat stoop to keep the youth, alienated, and disgruntled from looking for a revolutionary alternative? So bankrupt that they choose a 77 year old lifetime hack to run the country and sell it as a must. The crisis of leadership is real and until the youth and those dedicated for change get it together the parties of capitalism are playing Russian roulette with our futures. Build a fighting workers' party - struggle for a workers' government that will usher in a socialist government!
by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Thursday Aug 6th, 2020 8:59 PM
Norman Solomon has no business telling anyone how to vote after promoting the Sheepdog Sanders staged routine for 2 elections in a row as the Democrats must have a sheepdog in every presidential race where there is no incumbent to have a large enough party to challenge the Republicans. Sheepdog Sanders was a proud supporter of military contractors in Vermont, denounced "dead communist dictators" in Venezuela, and among many other things, proclaimed that he is for "democratic" socialism when socialism can only be described as democratic and by definition necessitates the abolition of the profit motive which only a labor movement capable of carrying out a general strike can do. His efforts to cut the military by 10% had no possibility for success and were just to maintain the Sanders section of the Democratic Party. Every word Sanders uttered in his 2 campaigns was carefully constructed to make sure people vote Democrat instead of socialist or Green, the only way the Democrats can have any party at all since they are fundamentally the same as the Republicans when it comes to their support of the war machine abroad and the police state at home, and are paid by the same large corporations as the Republicans to promote capitalism.

No party can represent both labor and capital.

The Democratic Party is the graveyard of all social movements, the latest being the Medicare for All struggle. A good example is the 1973 Supreme Court decision on abortion, Roe v Wade, where the majority opinion was written by Justice Blackmun, a Republican Nixon appointee, while Justice White, a Democratic Kennedy appointee, dissented. We won this milestone decision because we had a broad peace movement against the American War Against Vietnam, which was the umbrella for all other worthwhile causes.

About half the adult population in this country never votes and that half is overwhelmingly workingclass. Most have sufficient education to mark a ballot but the Democrats are missing in action constantly, especially in the big cities. All politics are local and it is at the local level that we see the Democrats do their sell-out corporate routine every chance they get. The Democrats and Republicans are the twin parties of war and the police state (fascism).

Those of us who are registered Peace & Freedom or Green will proudly vote for our candidate for president because (1) we did the research on these 2 parties and their candidates and (2) we know that only these 2 parties, which do not receive corporate funding, have anything serious to offer the workingclass. You can register online at
For more information, see

by Knowledge is Power
Friday Aug 7th, 2020 9:49 AM
It appears Norman Solomon has failed to do his homework.

Let's start with the obvious winner for the Democrats, Medicare for All, HR 1384, which currently has 118 sponsors, waiting for another 100 sponsors to pass the House. There are 232 Democrats in the House. See Missing from the supporters is San Francisco Democratic millionaire Rep. Nancy Pelosi. See{%22search%22:[%22HR+1384%22]}&r=1&s=1&searchResultViewType=expanded
If the Democrats supported and passed HR 1384, they would EASILY win the presidency as now all Americans know that socialized medicine makes possible a thriving economy. HR 1384 has 69% support among voters. See

Then we have the 2016 election as a reference. Out of 137 million votes cast and counted for someone for president, the Green Party won 1.4 million votes and Peace & Freedom Party's Gloria La Riva won 74,000 votes, mostly in California. There were a few other socialist candidates in other states who won around 20,000 votes total nationwide. The Republicans claimed to have 62 million votes, less than the Democrats' counted 65 million votes, with the Republicans only winning by tossing the black vote in the contested states to have enough Electoral College votes, the same as they did in 2000 and 2004, as that is the only way a Republican presidential candidate can win since 1992. The Green Party led the way in demanding a recount of votes. The Democrats could have and should have challenged the Republican Party in court, but failed to do so, because after all, capitalism won and that is all they want to win. We had Democratic millionaire Senator Feinstein babbling that perhaps 70 year old fascist moron Nazi Trump with an intellect of a 3 year old will "grow into his job." After all, Nazi Trump was a former lifelong Democrat who gave thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party and the Clinton Foundation so Senator Feinstein did not object loudly and clearly to his obvious election fraud, and in fact voted for some of his cabinet appointments.

Meanwhile, 44% of the voting age population in this country of 332 million people (less 25% children), 109 million people, did not vote for anyone for president.

Norman Solomon's shameful plea comes at a time when Democrat Biden is widening his lead in all states, including the contested states, and some figure that Biden has the 270 Electoral College votes need to win. See, and

In addition, we have Norman Solomon's shameful alliance with Noam Chomsky, who (1) opposes the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, a major milestone in history that advanced the needs and interests of the workingclass worldwide, (2) supports the government lies on the President Kennedy assassination instead of the reality that the CIA killed JFK which has been verified in court (see Plausible Denial by Mark Lane), and (3) supports the government lies on the 9/11 Inside Job. Noam Chomsky has spent his life attacking socialists and everyone else who questions the government propaganda machine.

It is clear that Norman Solomon, Noam Chomsky and the Democratic Party, care only about preserving capitalism and can hardly wait to destroy all socialist and Green Party opposition to the Democrats' reactionary policies. We certainly are not interested in being a party to this fascist downward spiral to oblivion.

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