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Secret police in Portland violated human rights of peaceful protesters
by DLi
Tuesday Jul 21st, 2020 6:40 PM
Videos showing U.S. Federal secret police(with no badges and riding in unmarked vehicles)inflicting massive violence on mostly peaceful protesters are running viral across the Globe. Yet the Federal governing regime brazenly avows that this will be the "new normal" in major cities from now on...
After what happened in Portland last week--and with the half-hearted milque-toast response by the Democratic Party to this blatantly fascistic overreach by the Dept. of Homeland Security--is there any more doubt that the USA is fast becoming not only a rogue Failed State, but will soon slide seamlessly into a bi-partisan-supported Dictatorship of the Profitariat?

The totally-bungled mismanagement of the Covid19 pandemic and its aftermath of economic devastation to a vast section of the working class, has now revealed to the whole world that the USA Capitalist empire is crumbling under the weight of its self-inflicted debacles. But the ruling Wall Street-Pentagon elite--and its 2-party enablers--are now split into 2 warring camps. On the one hand, the T-Rump faction with its far-right base is leaning toward a militaristic repression of the justifiably-righteous mass protests across the country. On the other hand, the hard-lined Cold Warriors are joining hands with the Democratic party bosses to re-launch a new Cold War, targeting not only Russia, China and Iran(plus non-complying--to Washington's dictates--states like Cuba, Venezuela and N. Korea). And the mainstream "corporate-bin-Laden" media has compliantly joined this goose-stepping march toward the not-so-gentler Brave New World of a Dictatorship of the Profitariat.

What is to be done? Will the 99% manage to unite and forge a new revolutionary coalition to not only push back this fascist putsch, but in the process create a new alternative sustainable, Egalitarian, Collaborative and Transparent future for our 7.5 Planetary fellow citizens? That is the multi-Trillion $ question!

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