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Protest To Stop Destruction of CCSF Through Elimination of ESL, Shuttering of Campuses
by Labor Video Project
Saturday May 16th, 2020 9:38 AM
Rallies, protests and a car caravan was held in San Francisco to oppose the destruction of CCSF ESL program with the layoff of faculty and the closure of the Ft. Mason campus as well as other campuses. The management of CCSF with the Board of Trustees are shuttering campuses and want to sell off land to developers including at the Ocean campus and the Balboa reservoir which they support privatizing. The destruction of the college also comes after the people of San Francisco passed an $845 million dollar bond to refurbish and build new campus building. The elimination of faculty students and staff according to protesters will destroy the college.
Protest To Stop The Destruction of CCSF Through Elimination of ESL, Shuttering of Campuses, Privatization & Union Busting

Rallies by faculty, students. and supporters of public education were held at the Mission Campus of San Francisco City College and at Ft. Mason to protest the elimination of ESL classes and the management's plan to shutdown and sell off community college campuses.

The action took place on May 15, 2020 after the new interim chancellor Diane Gonzalez pushed to continue destruction of classes and shuttering of campuses.

She was appointed by the CCSF Board of Trustees and supported by Board President Shanell Williams who also supported the previous appointment of college wrecker Mark Rocha as chancellor.

Thousands of immigrant and refugee non-English speaking students would be shut out of these classes which are critical for their survival and protecting their families.

Rocha was removed last month without going through a proper process and paid over $400,000 by Shanell and the rest of the board without following the Brown Act public rules.

The $400,000 cost would also have covered renewing the lease of the Ft. Mason site. The developers who really run CCSF also want to privatize Balboa reservoir for Avalon and other developers and build more million dollar condos.

This is also supported by Mayor London Breed who is controlled by the same speculators and developers.

Classes being cut are also funded but the policy of the Board and management is to downsize the college and are destroying one program after another.

They now demanding that the faculty take pay cuts to "save" classes and the AFT 2121 union leadership is discussing more. concession bargaining which has gone on for decades as management moves to weaken and destroy the union.

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This rally was sponsored by Higher Education Action Team HEAT. and endorsed by the
CCSF Collective
Production of Labor Video Project

Caravan rally calls on CCSF to save Fort Mason campus

May. 15, 2020 5:50 p.m

About 30 people gathered in a parking lot on Friday near the shuttered Fort Mason to protest a proposal for the City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees to end a lease for the college’s Fort Mason campus, which primarily provides art classes and older adult programs.

The rally was preceded by a caravan outside the Mission campus to call attention to the potential loss of classes for ESL students.

The CCSF board is expected to vote on the Fort Mason campus lease later this month.

Mayor London Breed seals deal for 1,100 new homes near Balboa Park BART

“It’s crazy. The city is buying land for affordable housing in places like the Haight and we have 17 acres of public land right here being sold off to private developers,” she said.

J.K. Dineen April 28, 2020 Updated: April 28, 2020 8:11 p.m.

San Francisco has struck a deal with the developers of the Balboa Reservoir site.
Photo: Santiago Mejia / The Chronicle 2018
San Francisco Mayor London Breed has finalized an agreement with the developers of the Balboa Reservoir, a key milestone in winning approvals of a controversial plan that would add 1,100 homes to the 17-acre parking lot next to City College.

The development agreement includes a commitment that the developers — Bridge Housing, AvalonBay and Mission Housing — make 550 of the units affordable. It will also include 4 acres of open space, a large child care center, a community center, and $10 million in fees to the city for transit and infrastructure improvements.

Legislation detailing the development agreement and a special use district needed to rezone the property were introduced at the Board of Supervisors Tuesday by board President Norman Yee, who had not previously taken a public position on the development.

Jen Low, a legislative aide to Yee, said that the details of the project would continue to evolve before final approvals, which are likely to happen this summer. Yee considered delaying the introduction of the legislation because of the shelter-in-place order, but ultimately decided to move the process along, Low said.

“He really wanted to shine a light on it so that members of the public could start weighing in,” said Low. “He is excited about he child care and the affordable housing. Those are elements he fought hard for. I’m sure a lot of people will give him feedback and we will have more changes.”

If approved, work on the $30 million of required infrastructure improvements — parks, roads, utilities, sidewalks, landscaping — will likely start in 2022. The first four buildings — two affordable and two market rate — will open in early 2024.

Phase one would include 154 units of educator housing and 123 apartments that would be affordable to a family of four making between $37,000 and $98,000 a year. City College faculty and staff would have first preference for the educator housing.

Brad Wiblin, executive vice president with Bridge Housing, which is developing the project along with AvalonBay and Mission Housing, said the city has “really stepped up to keep this process moving in the middle of the coronavirus shelter in place.”

“There is no doubt in our mind that we are committed to a project that is 50% affordable,” Wiblin said. “This is a 50/50 deal. There is no question, and the city is holding our feet to the fire to make sure that is the case.”

The Balboa Reservoir property is an approximately 17-acre parcel that the city and county of San Francisco owns under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

“Our housing shortage did not go away during this pandemic, and now more than ever we need to continue to do the work to build more homes throughout our entire city,” said Mayor Breed.

Supervisor Yee established the Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee in 2015, which included representatives from the Westwood Park and Sunnyside neighborhoods and an Ocean Avenue business owner. Yee said he hoped the committee “will serve as a model for what community-led planning can look like.”

But strong opposition persists. Breed is the fourth San Francisco mayor to attempt to build on the parking lot. Previous projects have been met with fierce resistance from residents and college students and faculty.

Tomasita Medál, a former City College music student, said, “This disaster should not be allowed to go forward.

“It is simply too large and inappropriate for the land parcel,” he said.

Christine Hanson, a City College student whose husband is a professor there, said the parking lot is a “public resource” that should not have any market-rate housing.

“It’s crazy. The city is buying land for affordable housing in places like the Haight and we have 17 acres of public land right here being sold off to private developers,” she said.

J.K. Dineen is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: jdineen [at] Twitter: @sfjkdineen

§Rally At Mission Campus Of CCSF
by Labor Video Project
Saturday May 16th, 2020 9:38 AM
The layoff of ESL faculty is targeted against Latino, Chinese and other immigrant students who need this program to survive and take care of their families. The CCSF BOT and management talk about equity but are frontally attacking minority communities in San Francisco in their drive to privatize the college.
§City College Death Watch
by Labor Video Project
Saturday May 16th, 2020 9:38 AM
The destruction of entire programs and the threatened closure of the Fr. Mason campus has been going on for year. The high paid. administrators under BOT president Shanell Williams and the Board of Trustees are representing the privatizers and developers who are butchering the college and have contempt for the students, faculty and staff.
§Ft. Mason Art Program Threatened
by Labor Video Project
Saturday May 16th, 2020 9:38 AM
The CCSF art program at Ft. Mason built up over decades are being destroyed by the interim Chancellor Dianna Gonzales with the support of BOT president Shanell Williams and the Board of Trustees. They also voted to illegally give former corrupt Chancellor Mark Rocha $400,000 to leave after he lied to the students, faculty and staff and spent millions on consultants and developers instead of the college. He did the same thing at his past position at Pasadena Community College yet this board supported his appointment.
§Kids Supporting The Arts Program
by Labor Video Project
Saturday May 16th, 2020 9:38 AM
The children of an art instructor at Ft. Mason want to keep the art classes.
§CCSF Board Of Trustee President Shanell Williams
by Labor Video Project
Saturday May 16th, 2020 9:38 AM
CCSF BOT president Shanell Williams calls yourself a "progressive" and is supported by Jane Kim and other Democrats. She is now colluding with management to liquidate and destroy San Francisco City College.
§City College Not For Sale
by Labor Video Project
Saturday May 16th, 2020 9:38 AM
City college students are angry about the sale of the college to developers and speculators. The present board is turning over roads and land to the developer Avalon for their project of 1100 condos near all of which will cost $1 million dollar each. This privatization of public land is part of agenda of the union busters and privatizers who now run the Community College Board.
§ALEC and Privatizers Running CCSF
by Labor Video Project
Saturday May 16th, 2020 9:38 AM
The rightwing ALEC is running CCSF and the California Community College system. Their program is supported by San Francisco politicians Phil Ting, Scott Weiner and David Chiu who supported ALEC legislation that corporatizes community colleges.
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