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Vaccines Neither Vegetarian Nor Vegan
by SNS
Saturday May 2nd, 2020 11:47 AM
Vaccines are developed using animal blood, gelatin, eggs, and countless other ingredients
Many vaccines are neither vegetarian

nor vegan. They are developed using

bovine (from cows) blood, gelatin (animal bone

product) etc. Others are grown in eggs.

Polio vaccines are developed on cells of monkey


Truth about the dangers of vaccines

is being suppressed. Increasingly, the right

to refuse certain treatments and vaccines

is being violated. Some Liberians were forced at

gunpoint to submit to ebola treatment.

Search engines, Facebook etc are

calling research into these dangers

'fake news', 'disinformation', etc

and censoring content. This is proof of

both the increasing power of the CDC,

NIH, and 'health' establishment to control

the population. It is also proof of

the financial power of the multinational

drug companies who profiteer from vaccines

which run the gamut from ineffective to lethal.

Trillions of animals have been made to suffer and die

in the development of vaccines in laboratories.

During G W Bush's administration, a bill exempting

vaccine makers from liability for causing deaths or injuries

was passed into law. The effort was spearheaded by then senator Bill Frist

of Tennessee, a member of the billionaire family which owns

United Health Care.

Smallpox vaccine and spread of AIDS article by Pearce Wright, former science editor of

London Times

Court says Pfizer must pay for death of African children

US court orders 6 million be paid to victims of Merck's Gardasil

Texas legislature blocks Gov Perry's attempt to make Merck's Gardasil vaccines compulsory

by ...jj....
Saturday May 2nd, 2020 6:06 PM
Please! Get some scientific understanding and care for all humanity...vaccinate!
by Science Means Knowledge
Saturday May 2nd, 2020 9:14 PM
Thank you for the latest information on vaccines. In a country that promotes private profit medicine, vaccines cannot be trusted and the evidence of serious problems with vaccines is as tall as Mt. Everest. You can find more on the vaccine nightmare at:
and on Bill Gates' greasy palms on the latest vaccine quest at:

by get a clue
Wednesday May 6th, 2020 6:47 PM
Anti-vaxxers are danger to humanity and should be locked up.

They're a product of an anti-science, anti-intellectual society. They lack sufficient education and critical thinking skills. They live in fear of their own shadow because they aren't educated or intelligent enough to understand it, and yet most of them a religious nuts who believe in invisible sky-beings, magic, and think airliners are "spraying us".

Lock them up - along with the rest of the Trumpies.
It was G W Bush who signed into law
a bill exempting vaccine makers from liability for deaths and injuries caused by vaccines. GOP Senator Bill Frist, member of the billionaire family which owned United Health Care steered the law through the Senate, a law which protected his medical insurance co. Instead
taxpayers and not drug companies must pay the victims of lethal vaccines
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