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The Deterioration of the United States
by Troy Prouty*
Wednesday Apr 29th, 2020 3:11 AM
COVID-19 is just a Virus. Propaganda is the Disease.
The Deterioration of the United States

I knew it was bad, but over the last four years, it became clear we can no longer save the United States from itself. We ignored wealth inequality, justified questionable behavior, enabled worse behavior and fell off the “Sane” scale.

We watched the Financial Collapse, Mortgage bubble burst and had to painfully watched name calling at elections. We watched interference into elections and mud slinging not only from two parties, but their supporters as if the North meets South again.


All of a sudden; a Virus caused a new layer of insanity... “political ploy”

“They are just trying to control us”

“It's a political hoax”


Minimization.. Well the Flu kills more people..

I have watched Trump supporters make excuse after excuse of their great leaders mistakes over the last three years, why I watched the opposition offer criticism without solutions.

I would like to know how over the last forty years both parties have dismantled not only what we could have been, but what we were? The answer Propaganda. Let's not take responsibility for our part, let's point fingers that them !

It's a disgrace.

The thinking of both sides is lost on me, because it does nothing to solve problems, it creates worse problems over time. When it's all gone and lost, who will be blamed?

Simple math doesn't matter I guess....

For example.

One will say we have great unemployment numbers (Prior to Covid-19). Or the economy is doing well. (Stock Market). But those things are not the economy.

Part of it yes.

Stock market might see like ten percent doing something why most doesn't. It probably doesn't help that 10% owns 84% of it.

Low Unemployment also has it's demons... called inflation.


GDP Growth doesn't matter unless income growth is equal across the board (which it's not) and (Hasn't been) for a long, long time.

Debt should always be less than GDP.. but that's not happening as well.

Why can't any of them be honest. Why do they fail to recognize simple things like how social economic mobility keeps decreasing?

Propaganda.. and Power and Control ?

They feed things like this:

So the United States people are receiving Stimulus checks.

Let the slinging begin......

The right. “If you don't support, Do not CASH THAT CHECK !”

The Left. “IF YOU don't like socialism – Do not cash that check !”

It's as if we all became crazy with their agenda to separate us on their behalf.. And they are not worthy of it.

Truth is.

We wouldn't need those checks if income growth was equal to GDP across the board over the last 30 years. Our savings could easily be ten percent of our income. Small and Medium businesses would have less debt and be able to sustain down times, more people would be able to afford health care and higher education and wages would be at least $15,000 more per year on average for middle class.

“Two ways to enslave a nation, one is by sword, the other debt.” Sometimes to be honest Both.

But we would rather argue about who and who shouldn't get a damn check or at least cash it.

The there is the virus itself.

Are we really going to keep this divide caused by propaganda for something like a Virus? “Yes” I guess we are.

“This is just a plot because the Democrats failed to impeach the President”

You mean the person that has never admitted to ever making a mistake, that lies on the smallest things and is vindictive at every turn, that has worked more than any person in history on dividing us, rather than bringing us closer. But let's set this person aside for a second.


Bill Gates does not want to rule the world, nor does he have the vaccine in order to create mass wealth. In case Marvin from “RED” is out there, this isn't some plot to take over the world (No pinky. It's not..)

I promise.. Stop your insanity.

Stop comparing and minimizing... STOP !

We went from well the H1N1 killed 12,000. oh shoot .. We topped that.. To this isn't has bad as the flu. The flu kills more people.

Once again.. Facts. Yes the Flu might kill more people (Today), because more people have been exposed.

REALITY... Again .. UGH...

If the same amount of people were exposed to COVID – 19 as the flu (which we are trying to reduce). The death would be more than twice of those killed by the flu. - that's why... – SAY IT.. Quarantine.

We do not feel we have the necessary medical services for an impact of everyone at once getting it.

Get out of the “I'm crazy” phase and ask this:

Is our death rate lower because the virus is less?


Is it less because of the quarantine?

Data would suggest it's less because of social distancing measures.

Think about this; in five months with social distancing measures we have lost over 50,000 people and the numbers of people dying are around two percent over all, but in certain groups above fourteen percent. Of course the Crazy might say.. “It's fake news” Gee, I wonder where we got that?

Propaganda is killing not only the truth, but us. It will either kill us with the virus, economics or politically. Propaganda is the disease we have.

“I saw the enemy, and it is me”

How can we save the United States from self destruction?

I'm not sure we can. In order to do that, we would have to want to work together and allow different views but with one goal – Each Other. We seem way off on doing that from two sides pointing at failures done from the other side. When it's both.

We have people protesting their freedom being taken why others see their actions being dangerous to life for others.

I would suggest we do this. Let's understand the world is not perfect. But let's stop with the B.S. And face reality, besides if you can't have reality, what is the point. Let's deal with facts, stop social media lies and half truths and look at reality.

Let's demand our leaders stop pointing fingers at others and ask them what they are doing. I think it's fair to ask them if they would have done somethings different, but don't let them side step their responsibility by attacking others.

I think we need to look at the economy and be honest, something that hasn't happened in a very long time. I would suggest wages starting at standard of living for example and most of all, I would try to put myself in others shoes (A simple how to win friends and influence type of thing), I would also put myself in check. Life isn't just about me, it's about my neighbors as well. If I work on improving community, doesn't that include me?

I would stay away from left and right talk, Social Media that promotes it and news and personally I would find a different party to vote if they failed to do any of this.

Troy Prouty*
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