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Mayor Breed Sign The Ordinance For $2.7 Million & Supervisors Support It

Tuesday, February 04, 2020
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Event Type:
Press Conference
Location Details:
SF City Hall Polk St. Entrance Near McAllister

2/4 Rally Press Conference-Mayor Breed Sign The Ordinance For $2.7 Million
& Supervisors Mandelman, Yee, Peskin & Stefani Change Your Vote To Back CCSF Students, Faculty and Staff!

Press Conference/Rally On Tuesday 2/4 1:00 PM
SF City Hall Polk St. Entrance Near McAllister

The San Francisco Community College is facing a massive attack by Chancellor Mark Rocha enabled by the CCSF Board of Trustees.
The most recent cut of 300 classes virtually eliminated the Older Adults Program which helps seniors survive and grow. In a union-busting move, Mayor London Breed and her supporters on the Board of Supervisors, including Mandelman, have announced plans to outsource the classes to non-profits instead of CCSF.

The vote by 7 SF Supervisors to provide emergency funding to restore these classes is a lifesaver. It is supported by the San Francisco Labor Council. We call on SF Mayor London Breed to sign this funding ordinance.

WE need this money NOW to stop the liquidation of our college
which is resulting in shutting down vocational education classes, ethnic studies classes and classes students need for graduation. The cuts are destroying the lives of our students and part-time faculty who are losing their jobs and healthcare. This is an Emergency!

We also want an independent forensic audit to verify our tax money for the college is being properly spent.going. We also favor the repeal of the State legislation written and pushed by the Lumina Foundation and ALEC that reduces funding for the education of working-class and students of color, which is based on a so-called student-centered funding formula.

The City and County of San Francisco have a budget of $12 billion. The $2.7 million emergency funding is a small amount to restore these critically needed classes.

While cutting classes, Chancellor Rocha has also been increasing the salaries of executives. We are supporting his immediate removal for cause that includes his discouragement of this emergency funding.

In order to be successful, we need support on Tuesday at 1 PM in front of City Hall.

Join the Rally and Press Conference

May Breed Support the Restoration of 300 Classes & Sign The Ordinance

Supervisors Vote To Back The City College Students, Faculty and Staff: This Is Our Community College!

Sponsored by Higher Education Action Team with support of students, faculty, and staff.

CCSF emergency funding faces opposition
Jan. 31, 2020 5:50 p.m

The Board of Supervisors voted 7-4 Tuesday to provide City College of San Francisco emergency funding to restore hundreds of hastily canceled classes.

The budget supplemental, which would allocate $2.7 million to the college for reinstating classes, goes before the Board for a second and final vote Feb. 4.

However supervisors Norman Yee, Rafael Mandelman, Catherine Stefani and Aaron Peskin voted in opposition. At the meeting those in dissent deemed it financially irresponsible expressed concern about the college’s oversight and transparency.

Moreover, Mayor London Breed is widely expected to veto it. The funding would require an eighth supervisor’s support to become veto-proof.

“The mayor said she is going to veto it and not spend it,” said CCSF Trustee Alex Randolph at a meeting Friday of the Joint City, School District, and City College Select Committee, held to discuss how the cancellations impacted low-income and communities of color as well as high school students.

The mayor’s press office did not return requests for comment.

CCSF canceled 345 spring classes on Nov. 20, 2019 to ameliorate the college’s budget deficit amid concerns that more spending could spark a second accreditation crisis for the college. The cuts, which were made abruptly and without consulting academic chairs, prompted an outcry.

Some students saw their final classes for graduation eliminated. Dozens lost the only affordable arts education in the Bay Area. Teachers saw their classes and health benefits disappear overnight. And more than 2,000 older adults lost classes known to provide community and stimulation and prevent isolation and deterioration.

“I’ve been taking classes at Evans Center for two years now,” said Brenna Stroud, a former student of the auto body program, which lost five out of six certificates. “My education abruptly stopped because the only two courses I need to graduate have been cut.”

College administrators have previously said the cancellations intended to prioritize the graduation of students of color. But school advocates and city officials took issue with that claim Friday.

“You cannot say that you’re focused on equity and cut hundreds of classes, without having conversations with faculty, without having conversations with students, without having conversations with other leadership in San Francisco,” Supervisor Shamann Walton said at a press conference before the hearing.

CCSF Acting Vice Chancellor of Facilities Torrance Bynum presented the administration’s case to the Joint Education committee, but provided only three bullet points of data. The lack of preparedness for the discussion bewildered the committee.

“Numbers is something I would like to see. I would like to see numbers by group; I would like to see numbers over time; I would like to see numbers by location,” School Board member Alison Collins said. “I’m hearing from Supervisor Walton the whole point of this was to understand how decisions were made.”

If the budget supplemental does pass, it would go before the college’s Board of Trustees at its Feb. 27 meeting. Board President Shanell Williams has stated her support for potential funding and Board member Ivy Lee also said she would support the supplemental if it came to a board vote, but stressed the need for more long-term funding to address the college’s budget woes. It is unclear where other trustees stand.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Mark Rocha has spoken in opposition to city funding in a letter to the Board of Supervisors and other city partners, saying the cuts were part of a long term plan to adjust classes to changes in state funding models.

Administrators declined to comment on what the school’s plan is if the funding is approved. A query to the administration about which classes could return or what the process would be to get teachers back returned one reply.

“The college continues to be in favor of long-term sustainable funding measures, such as the Community Higher Education Fund (CHEF), rather than one-time funding measures that do not help the college overcome its structural budget issues,” college spokesperson Rachel Howard said.

The Board of Trustees is holding a study session at CCSF’s Chinatown Center in Room 201 on Saturday at 9 a.m.

1/31/20 SF BOS Joint Education Meeting On SF City College Crisis
Joint Meeting:

Stop The Cuts! Hundreds of CCSF Students & Faculty Protest 300 Class Cuts AT BOT Meet-SF & CA Demos Lead The Attack On Public Education
Hundreds of faculty and students rallied, protested and spoke out at a SF City College Board of Trustees meeting on December 12, 2019. Chancellor Mark Rocha had announced the 300 class cuts and then sent a letter to SF Mayor London Breed and the Board Of Supervisors arguing against a $2.7 million funding appropriation to stop the cuts. Rocha said the cuts were “part of a long-planned restructuring of the academic program to prioritize the graduation of students of color” in preparation for the state’s new method of funding community colleges. Rocha was backed up by the Board of Trustees who are part of the City's Democratic party power structure and have supported the massive corporatization, privatization, and downsizing of the community college. Additionally, San Francisco and California politicians in the legislature have passed the "Student-Centered Funding Formula” that punishes working-class students that cannot graduate in two years. This legislation has been pushed by the reactionary rightwing Lumina Foundation and ALEC nationally and the California Democratic Party has put this into legislation which will destroy all community colleges in California.
Virtually the entire Older Adults Program as well would also be destroyed by the cuts putting many seniors who need these programs in health danger.
California Democrats with a $21 billion surplus and San Francisco with many billionaires and a $12 billion dollar budget are at the same time intent on San Francisco Community College.
Rocha whose wife is a developer is also moving to sell-off campuses of the college for speculators and developers and are pushing an $800 million bond measure that would be a slush fund for the corrupt administrators and billionaires. Former UESF president Dennis Kelly has also joined the bond committee to push this corrupt scheme.
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CCSF Chancellor Mark Rocha with the support of the CCSF Board of Trustees is destroying the community college
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The start time for the rally/press conference has been changed to 12:30 PM on the steps of SF City Hall
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