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Rule changes to SNAP Program will take food away from the poor & elderly
by Lynda Carson (tenantsrule [at]
Tuesday Dec 3rd, 2019 8:46 PM
In California the SNAP Program (food stamp program) is known as CalFresh, with 3,912,714 food stamp recipients in California during July 2018, including 100,430 food stamp recipients in Alameda County during 2018 according to
Rule changes to SNAP Program will take food away from the poor & elderly

By Lynda Carson - December 3, 2019

As a result of the Republican’s massive tax breaks for the rich and greedy, the Trump Regime is always trying to take resources away from the poor and elderly to make up for the lost revenues to the treasury. One of the latest schemes to make up for lost revenue is to take food away from 3 million poor and elderly persons all across our country.

Living in Oakland CA, it is clear that it is a tale of 2 or 3 cities going on in this town. You have the rich, the poor, and those just barely surviving month to month. I am one of those people living in the poor house, and am just barely surviving month to month.

As I waited in front of Lucky Grocers at 3rd Avenue and E. 18th St., the other day, waiting for a taxi ride to take me home with my bags full of groceries, I observed numerous wealthy persons pulling up in front of the store in their shiny expensive cars. Some appeared to be dressed in their finest clothes, as I observed many people trying to ignore the poor people in front of the store asking for some spare change so they can get some food. It was cold outside. The ground was wet from the latest rain storm passing by, and it was breezy with cold air blowing across Lake Merritt.

One of the persons asking for spare change who was competing with a poor fellow in a wheel chair who was also asking for spare change, was a woman wearing only a short sleeved top, with holes in her pants. Then I noticed that she did not have any shoes on her feet. She only had socks on her feet that had holes in them, and I gave her a dollar to help her out. I could smell alcohol on her breath as she came close enough to me to accept my dollar.

As I watched the people quickly pass her by and try to ignore her pleas for assistance as they rushed into and out of the store, I wanted to scream out to the heavens and yell, “Will someone please help this poor woman out who is standing outside on this cold rainy day without any shoes on her feet? For some reason it really shocked me to see this poor woman out in the cold without any shoes on her feet. It made me feel blessed to have shoes on my feet, as I waited for a taxi to take me home with my groceries. At times I tried to get the attention of people and tell them that this woman really needed their help, and pointed out that she did not have any shoes on her feet. What a world…

Rule changes to SNAP Program will take food away from 3 million poor & elderly persons:

Reportedly, after being criticized for making proposed rule changes to the SNAP Program (food stamp program) that will take food away from the poor and elderly, Sonny Perdue, the wealthy overweight Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture told the Washington Post yesterday that the rule change proposals “will save money and preserve the integrity of the program, claiming that SNAP should be a temporary safety net.

According to NPR, the proposed rule changes to SNAP would eliminate food stamp benefits for more than 3 million people, and the plan would mean that around a million children would no longer qualify for free school lunches.

In California the SNAP Program (food stamp program) is known as CalFresh, with 3,912,714 food stamp recipients in California during July 2018, including 100,430 food stamp recipients in Alameda County during 2018 according to

According to a new study from Health Affairs, more people will die as a direct result of the Trump/Perdue scheme to take food away from the poor and elderly in California, and all across the nation.

According to Health Affairs, “The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the largest food assistance program in the United States. Although participation in it has been shown to reduce food insecurity, there is comparatively less clear causal evidence of positive health effects of participation, particularly among adults. We examined the relationship between SNAP participation and premature mortality using data for 1997–2009 from the National Health Interview Survey, linked to data for 1999–2011 from the National Death Index. Results from bivariate probit models found that participation in SNAP led to a population wide reduction of 1–2 percentage points in mortality from all causes and a reduction in specific causes of death among people ages 40–64."

Additionally, according to the Urban Institute in regards to the proposed rule changes, “As the nation’s primary food assistance program, SNAP delivered more than $60 billion in benefits to 39.8 million people in 2018. We estimate that if the proposed regulatory changes to BBCE, ABAWD time limit waivers, and standard utility allowances had been implemented in 2018, the average monthly number of participating households would have fallen by 2.1 million, 3.7 million fewer people would have received SNAP, and annual benefits would have fallen by $4.2 billion. While some states would be minimally affected, others would experience caseload and benefit reductions of 15 percent or more. Nearly a quarter of households without children, elderly, or members with disabilities would lose eligibility. Twelve percent of households with elderly members would lose eligibility as would 7 percent of households with children. Sixteen percent of households would have lower benefits, for an average monthly loss of $37 and 13 percent would have higher benefits, with an average gain of $14.”

Comments on Twitter against proposed rule changes and cuts to SNAP Program.

Rep. Barbara Lee‏Verified account @RepBarbaraLee

Rep. Barbara Lee Retweeted The Black Caucus
Trump wants to cut 3 MILLION people from food stamps, including children, seniors, veterans, persons with disabilities and working families with children. I stand with @TheBlackCaucus to protect our nation’s most vulnerable. #1MillionKids #HandsOffSNAP
11:07 AM - 26 Nov 2019

Carolyn B. Maloney‏Verified account @RepMaloney

.@realDonaldTrump wants to cut 3 million people from food stamps, including people with disabilities, veterans, seniors and #1MillionKids. American families rely on SNAP. #HandsOffSNAP
11:05 AM - 27 Nov 2019

Rep. Stacey Plaskett‏Verified account @StaceyPlaskett

It is unacceptable that @USDA continues to move forward with its SNAP proposal even after data showed it would cause nearly #1MillionKids to lose automatic access to free school meals.
11:52 AM - 26 Nov 2019

Yvette D. Clarke‏Verified account @RepYvetteClarke

.@USDA wants to punish poor people simply because they are poor. This is unacceptable. Children need access to nutritious foods both at home and during the school day. #1MillionKids #HandsOffSNAP
12:24 PM - 26 Nov 2019

Rep. Marcia L. Fudge‏Verified account @RepMarciaFudge

Read my op-ed with the Chairwoman of @TheBlackCaucus, @RepKarenBass, on how the CBC is working this Thanksgiving to protect children and families that would be devastated by the Administration’s proposals to take SNAP away from hungry people. #HandsOffSNAP
12:16 PM - 27 Nov 2019

Rep. Barbara Lee‏Verified account @RepBarbaraLee Nov 24

From decriminalizing cannabis to stopping Trump's cruel migrant detention policies and cuts to #SNAP, @HouseDemocrats are hard at work on the issues that the American people care about. #ForThePeople #HandsOffSNAP #WeWantMORE
1:49 PM - 24 Nov 2019

(((Rep. Nadler)))‏Verified account @RepJerryNadler

(((Rep. Nadler))) Retweeted NPR Health News
As families gather for Thanksgiving, it’s unconscionable that the President is pushing forward with his attempt to sabotage SNAP for low-income families and cruelly subject over #1MillionKids nationwide, including over 20k NYC children, to food insecurity. #HandsOffSNAP
1:31 PM - 26 Nov 2019 from Manhattan, NY

As the holiday shoppers are programed by the media to spend a fortune in the malls or on-line, and the food pantries are struggling to find enough food to feed the poor, if Trump and Sonny Perdue get away with the proposed changes to the SNAP program, it will result in the deaths of many people, and the loss of food to 3 million people, and more.

Lynda Carson may be reached at tenantsrule [at]


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