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SF Emergency Solidarity action with the people of Chile!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Event Type:
Solidarity With Chilean People
Location Details:
Consulado Chileno de San Francisco 870 Market Street San Francisco, Flood Building

10/22 SF Solidarity action with the people of Chile!
Public · Hosted by Elizabeth Milos Rieloff

Today at 12 PM

Consulado Chileno de San Francisco 870 Market Street San Francisco, Flood Building

Photo by Oscar Navarro

The Chilean people have been living under an economic system that was imposed upon them with blood during 17 years. A dictatorship which not only disappeared, killed, imprisoned, tortured and exiled thousands of people, it instituted an economic neoliberal model and an antidemocratic constitution that assured the continuation of its power to the present day. Over half of Chile earns minimum wage, and a transportation hike literally means not eating. Electricity went up, poverty pensions leave elderly without being able to buy medicine, sacrifice zones leave children poisoned from toxic emissions of unregulated industries and water....yes....WATER is privately owned too. So youth, the eternal dreamers, those who feel the world in their bones decided that enough was enough and started jumping the fare gates and letting in the tired workers too. Then came the police with their billy clubs and tear gas...Then CHILE WOKE UP. Pinera declared a State of Emergency, and after 30 years of pseudo democracy, of deep inequality, of corruption, he plans on keeping the privilege of ransacking the country by sending the dogs of war, the military, out into the streets. Throughout Chile, the unions, the student organizations, teachers, healthcare workers, business owners, musicians, actors, miners and port workers are calling for Pinera´s resignation and to SEND THE MILITARY BACK INTO THEIR BARRACKS. JOIN US! BRING POTS and PANS! BRING SIGNS!

The Port Workers Union calls for a National Strike to confront the Social Crisis in Chile
October 19, 2019

The port workers unions thoughout the whole country, at their assemblies have decided to start a Total Work Stoppage starting Monday October 21, 2019.

This is in response to the broad-based and deep social discontent of the Chilean people who yesterday expressed themselves in the streets of Santiago exercising their rights to rebel and protest.

All of the governments from the dictatorship to the present day governments of Chile have left the vast majority of the people subject to an economic model that imposes a never-ending structural inequality with a high cost of living yet low wages, lack of labor protections against employer abuse, miserable pensions, very poor coverage and quality of healthcare and medicine.

Chile needs to awake from its lethargy and if today Santiago has awoken, all of the regions must join actively to confront the problems facing our country.

We denounce the MILITARIZATION and the REPRESSION against the students, workers, shantytown dwellers and pensioners. The people have a right to defend themselves against the attacks.

We demand that the State of Emergency be lifted and that those politicians whom are responsible for the violence against the Chilean people be held accountable.

Port Workers of Chile
Never again alone
Not one step back!

Original in Spanish:

19 de Octubre de 2019

Los sindicatos portuarios de todo el país, mediante sus asambleas, han decidido comenzar una *PARALIZACIÓN TOTAL* de actividades a partir del día *Lunes 21 de Octubre de 2019.*

Las razones detrás de esta movilización tienen relación con el amplio y profundo descontento social del pueblo chileno que, el día de ayer, se reflejó en las calles de Santiago a través del ejercicio del derecho a protesta y rebelión.

El costo de la vida contrastado con los bajos salarios, a la vez que la indefensión ante los abusos laborales, las miserables pensiones, paupérrima calidad y cobertura de la salud y los medicamentos, así como el sinfín de desigualdades estructurales a los que este modelo económico y todos los gobiernos, desde la dictadura hasta acá, no han tenido voluntad de resolver en favor de las grandes mayorías.

Chile debe despertar de su letargo y si ayer comenzó Santiago, hoy las regiones deben sumarse activamente para hacer presente los problemas de todo el país.

*Rechazamos la MILITARIZACIÓN y la REPRESIÓN* a los estudiantes, trabajadores, pobladores y jubilados. El pueblo tiene derecho a defenderse de estas agresiones.

Que se levante el Estado de Emergencia y se hagan valer las responsabilidades políticas de quienes resulten responsables de la violencia contra el pueblo chileno.


"To paralyze all mining in Chile": Union No. 1 of Escondida supports demonstrations throughout the country

"A paralizar toda la minería de Chile": Sindicato N°1 de Escondida apoya manifestaciones en todo el país

Through a statement released on Sunday, October 20, the workers of the largest private mining company in the country called "paralyze miners and miners, to paralyze all mining in Chile along with other productive sectors."
Sunday October 20 | 21:28

During this Sunday, October 20, the traditional media issued exclusively images of looting, "vandalism", fires, among other situations, with the aim of strengthening the criminalization line of the Piñera government, which seeks to divide the mobilizations, generate fear in the population, and ignore the underlying problems that cause the outbreak.

You may be interested: Popular rebellion in Chile inherited from the dictatorship

However, the mobilizations continue to have enormous strength at the national level, despite the fact that the Piñera government has decreed a State of Emergency in different cities of the country. This is how sectors of workers, through their organizations, have been expressing their full solidarity with the struggle and, in addition, proposing proposals for stoppage and general strike.

In this sense, through a statement released on Sunday, October 20, the workers of the largest private mining company in the country called "paralyze miners and miners, to paralyze all mining in Chile along with other productive sectors."

We are going through the general strike until the State of Emergency is broken down, the military is taken from the streets, defeating the Piñera government and achieving each of the demands of the working people, popular sectors, youth, pensioners and women!

Then we leave the full statement:

"Partners and colleagues. Today the country is going through difficult and critical moments, there has been a legitimate and social explosion, an accumulation of rage contained in outrages, inequalities, hopelessness and uncertainty in the future. The workers are an integral part of this society and even more we are the central axis that conforms to the working class, and in the face of the serious events that have occurred, we cannot remain silent and cannot remain motionless before our people who are fighting.

This anger contained you know it well and live it every day, some to a greater extent, but it is there alive, latent in each of our families, close friends. This explosion of rage was not due to the increase in tickets of the subway transport system, which was only the trigger for this cancer of injustices that the workers live daily. It is important to see clearly how this governmental and capitalist system oppresses us. Sometimes we are not able to see it because we are accustomed to the political and business yoke and disguise our obvious needs with family indebtedness.

We have an AFP system that is a robbery; their money is used by banks and companies and then you borrow it with high interests, the profits are received by the AFPs and their owners, but the losses are assumed by the workers who, when we are old, tired and sick, will receive pension miseries.

They know perfectly well that health has a price and that who has no money dies. They pay monthly important money figures in quotes and insurance, and even so when they get sick they must pay. Look to the side, companions and partners, break your individual bubble and clearly see how many of your parents, children, brothers, nephews, uncles, grandparents and friends are indebted for not being able to heal; how many have died in miserable hospitals for not having how to pay to live.

Companions and classmates, you think about what education or what legacy your children are leaving. Their children and relatives study in a mediocre educational system that prepares them to be cheap labor. You pay to educate your children, but the children of the rich and powerful study in even better schools, unattainable to their pockets, and even with the benefits granted by the company. The children of the rich and powerful go to the best universities in Chile, the same ones that our working and working fathers raised with their effort and work and that today others take advantage of and the children of the humble and workers.

In view of this harsh reality, what will we do companions? We will close our eyes and turn a blind eye. How many of our children are in these social manifestations and on the street, how many of our parents are fighting, our wives and husbands, our nephews, our brothers etc ... let's see clearly what is happening. Unfortunately, you very well know the history and what it means that the armed forces are on the street.

We will then become aware when they kill one of our neighbors and there we will regret it and there we will understand the importance
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§Chilean Dockworkers Going On Strike To Stop Government Repression
by Solidarity With Chilean People
The Chilean dockworkers struck on October 21, 2019 to protest the military going into the street.
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