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Emergency Daytime Rally to defend NE Syria
Date Sunday October 13
Time 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Event Type Protest
Organizer/AuthorKurdish Community Center and BALB
Location Details
Union Square NW corner, Post and Powell
On Sunday Oct 6th, Trump gave Turkey the green light to attack Northeast Syria, thus abandoning the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), which played an indispensable role in the fight against ISIS, and opening the way for the ethnic cleansing of the region that Erdogan has openly prepared. On Wed Oct 9, Turkey launched a full-scale invasion, deploying ground troops and conducting airstrikes on both civilian areas and military targets. This escalation will lead to nothing but destabilization and destruction in Syria, and increased repression and autocracy within Turkey. It’s not only in our security interest but a moral imperative that we stand up to it.

Let’s come together to:

- Demand a No Fly Zone over Rojava
- Oppose Trump’s capitulation to Erdogan
- Show support and solidarity with the people of Northeast Syria

Union Sq, Post/Powell corner, 12-2 pm.
Added to the calendar on Saturday Oct 12th, 2019 12:42 AM

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by The Truth about US Imperialism
Sunday Oct 13th, 2019 7:46 AM
Whenever the capitalist class attacks Nazi Trump on US foreign policy, you can be sure it is from the right in that he thinks he is not bellicose enough! The latest outrage concerns Syria. Liberation News Service has the scoop at:
"The Turkish invasion and bombardment of northern Syria is patently illegal and must be opposed. So too is the U.S. military occupation of Syria. The sovereign government of Syria has not invited U.S. or Turkish troops into its country. Rather it has condemned their presence as a violation of its sovereignty and international law. In just the first day of this operation, dozens of civilians have reportedly been killed and tens of thousands displaced."

"The Pentagon will, for the sake of damage control, distance themselves from the Turkish invasion, and Trump will deny he gave Erdogan the green light. But there is no doubt that this was coordinated. In essence one NATO power has turned over military control of a strip of northern Syria to another NATO ally."

"But it is not theirs to give. Neither the U.S. nor Turkey have any right to be in Syria. Nearly all the mainstream opposition to Trump and the Turkish invasion is obscuring this central fact."

"From Ilhan Omar to Mitch McConnell, MSNBC to National Review, all are now pounding away at Trump for leaving an opening in Syria to “enemy states” — implying the far-flung U.S. Empire is a force for good and stability, with unlimited global police powers and exempt from international law. Even some of those who said “Bring the Troops Home” for Iraq and Afghanistan now find themselves echoing the neo-conservative talking points, defending a long-term illegal occupation of northern Syria in the name of “protecting our allies.” "

"Despite the sizable territory they control, Kurdish forces have been wrongly excluded from the Astana peace process which aims to produce a new Syrian constitution. Notably, they have been excluded not by Russia, Iran or the Syrian government but by Turkey, who refused to participate or allow the Free Syrian Army to participate, if the SDF/YPG were present. The only other proposal to head off a larger confrontation is Russia’s idea of reviving the 1998 Adana Accord between Syria and Turkey. But this is highly unlikely, as it would require Turkey, the largest sponsor of terrorism and mercenaries in the Syrian conflict to normalize its relations with the Syrian government. It would likewise require, as the original 1998 agreement stipulated, that the Syrian government would use its own military to work jointly with Turkey to contain the Kurdish national movement and it could still give Turkey a right to cross the border."

"So at this point, the options are for the SDF/YPG to fight alone against a much larger Turkish military, or to make an agreement with the Syrian government. "

The Communist Party of Turkey has this to say at

"AKP is committing a great crime for the last eight years. AKP disregards the sovereignty of another country."

"Syria has been suffering for eight years."

"About eight years ago, anti-government demonstrations commenced in Syria. These demonstrations soon turned into an armed uprising and clashes in certain cities. Then together with the involvement of foreign forces, the civil war and the occupation of imperialist powers led by the US, started."

AKP is the reactionary dominant party in Turkey. See:
by blues
Monday Oct 14th, 2019 6:35 AM
Do these protesters know what a 'no-fly zone' really is? It is an act of war against Russia. If the U.S. sends fighter jets over northeast Syria, those jets will encounter Russian fighter jets there, and there will be a shoot-out. Then...
The Russians are not going to let Turkey attack the Kurds in northeast Syria anyway. Even though Turkey is nominally NATO.
Things are bad enough without having WW-III.
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