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Stop Union Busting Bullying Attacks At SFUSD Against UESF Teacher Margaret Reyes

Monday, July 29, 2019
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Event Type:
Press Conference
Defend Public Education NOW!
Location Details:
San Francisco Superior Court
San Francisco Court Building
400 McAllister St/Polk. St.
San. Francisco

Stop The Union Busting Attacks At SFUSD Against UESF Teacher Margaret Reyes SFUSD & Vicent Matthews-Hands Off Margaret Reyes

SHUT DOWN The Corrupt Racist PAR Program

Press Conference & Rally
Monday July 29, 2019 8:30 AM
San Francisco Superior Court
400 McAllister St/Polk. St.
San. Francisco

The San Francisco Unified School District has been using the Peer Assisted Review PAR program which was supposed to help improve teacher’s profession to bully, coerce and terminate senior teachers, African American and Latino teachers. UESF member Margaret Reyes who was a grammar school teacher was being bullied by her principal.

The district then said she had to be placed in the PAR Program and one of the “coaches” was the same principal who was bullying her. She refused to go into PAR and was harrassed and illegally terminated without a Skelly hearing which is required under the law.

She will be having a hearing on this illegal action by SFUSD Superintendent Vincent Matthews which has been backed up by the school board. Vice President of the school board Mark Sanchez has said that it was ok to use PAR to fire teachers because the district lawyers approved it.

The SFUSD also with the support of the UESF supported a parcel tax to fund the PAR program with over $1 million a year and in the parcel tax initiative allowed the district to place teachers in PAR without agreement of the union.

The district is spend tens of thousands of dollars to fire, bully and terrorize senior teachers and also demanding that they sign non-disclosure agreements that prevent these teachers from speaking out about this unjust and illegal program.

Former Berkeley Federation of Teachers steward and teacher Brian Crowell was also investigating program and he was retaliated against and discovered the union president Nancy Cambell was also on the payroll of PAR while she was terminating teachers.
This program needs to be exposed and shutdown.
Margaret Reyes has also spoken out at the school board meetings about these attacks. It’s

Stand With Teacher Margaret Reyes
Stop Bullying &. Harassing Teachers Using the PAR Program
End The Corruption and Conflicts of Interest at SFUSD

Sponsord by
Defend Public Education Now

Additional media:
The Fight Against PAR, The Attack On Teachers & Worker Rights With Educator Brian Crowell
Educator and former Berkeley Federation of Teacher BFT steward Brian Crowell talks about the systemic corruption and illegal retaliation in the California Peer Assisted Review program.

He reports that he has obtained documents that show that the president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers BFT Cathy Cambell was in collusion with the Berkeley Unified School district to retaliate against senior teachers, African American and Latino teachers as well as whistleblowers.

He reports that as a result of his complaint he has obtained documentation of systemic discrimination and workplace bullying by other districts including SFUSD and LAUSD.

He also reports that there is now a PERB complaint against Cathy Cambell for this conflict of interest. She was also receiving a stipend from the district while she was helping to discipline and terminate teachers which is illegal under the. California Education Code. This interview was done by WorkWeek radio on May 14, 2019.

Additional media:
Berkeley's Unequal Punishment of Teachers
The school district disproportionately disciplines black teachers and older educators with higher salaries. Are students paying the price?
Another Voice for Teachers
The Berkeley Schools Labor Caucus, formed to pressure the teachers' union to take a tougher stance on protecting workers' rights, is feeling more emboldened in light of a recent Supreme Court decision.

PAR As A Kangaroo Court

Voice For Teachers
Berkeley High Retaliation Case Results in State Complaint Against School District

Berkeley High Teacher Brian Crowell On Peer Assisted Program PAR & The Attack On Public Education
"Unparalleled Chutzpah" The SFUSD Frame-up Of UESF Member Margaret Reyes

Peer Assisted Review for Better Evaluation and Labor-Management Relations Being Pushed By CA School Board Chair Linda Darling-Hammond “Let’s beef it up"
WorkWeek Radio
Production of Labor Video Project

Discriminatory PAR Program Targeting Teachers Challenged At SFUSD
The discriminatory Peer Assisted Review PAR program was challenged at the 4/24/18 San Francisco Unified School District SFUSD. UESF teacher Margaret Reyes and Steve Zeltzer with Defend Public Education NOW! reported on the discrimination of the program which targets senior teachers, African American and Latino teachers.

It has also been used to bully and force teachers into signing illegal non-disclosure agreements that prevent them from discussing the workplace bullying and harassment within the program.

The former president of the UESF Dennis Kelly said that the program "......PAR has a bad reputation: That is where you put a teacher when you want that teacher dead,....."
Additionally, union officials have been on these PAR teams and have been compensated by some districts.

The PAR program in San Francisco has also spent nearly $1 million on the program from the Parcel tax A instead of being spent on teachers, counselors and school staff. San Francisco Parcel Tax A also included a appendix F allowing the school Superintendent to unilaterally put a teacher into the discipline program.

This appendix in Proposition A was hidden from the UESF membership by the union leadership which did not explain the full ramifications of this clause.
For more media:
The Fight Against PAR, The Attack On Teachers & Worker Rights With Educator Brian Crowell
Crowell on PAR & Discrimination
SFUSD PAR, Workplace Bullying, Mobbing At SF Fairmount Elementary School and UESF

For more information:
Production of Labor Video Project

"Unparalleled Chutzpah" The SFUSD Frame-up Of UESF Member Margaret Reyes

"Unparalleled Chutzpah" is what UESF teacher Margaret Reyes was accused of by SFUSD Human Resources after she challenged some of her evaluations that were being used to target her for retaliatory discipline and termination.

Some of this harassment took place after she spoke at the SFUSD school board meeting where she pointed out the the PAR program was not being properly administered.

Using the racist anti-labor program Peer Assisted Review, the SFUSD in collusion with the UESF leadership is allowing the bullying, harassment of frame-up of long term teachers, African American and Latino teachers.

This disciplinary hearing was held on 5-11-18 to proceed with continuing the harassment and bullying of teacher Margaret Reyes who refused to participate in the PAR program because the very people in the program management were themselves involved in bullying her and the program is not being properly run.

The SFUSD Superintendent and SFUSD school board is also pushing the destruction of the Malcom X Academy by trying to secretly place a KIPP charter school on their campus. The school chain run the the Fisher family which owns the GAP corporation are using charters to destroy public education in California and the country. KIPP billionaire owner Doris Fisher is on the San Francisco KIPP School board and is using her charter chain to bust up the African American Malcom X Academy to push her charter school.
Additional media:

For more information
Defend Public Education NOW!
United Public Workers For Action
Production of Labor Video Project
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§Stop Using PAR To Terrorize SFUSD Teachers
by Defend Public Education NOW!
UESF Member Margaret Reyes speaking at SFUSD board meeting about the illegal PAR program and bullying of teachers.
§SFUSD Superintendent Vincent Matthews On Right
by Defend Public Education NOW!
While SFUSD Superintendent who was trained by privatizer Eli Broad said he was concerned about the traumatization of students because of the Victor Arnautoff murals at George Washinton High and supports their destruction he has been personally involved in helping to destroy the Malcom X Academy school in Hunters Point Bay View by co-locating a Doris Fisher run KIPP school and stealing rooms from the public school.
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